Years are quiet and less disturbing

  Recently, I have often heard a sentence: “Help each other in times of crisis, and stay calm for a few years.” I don’t know where the point came from, but I quite agree with it. This is undoubtedly the most appropriate way of dealing with modern social relations. But reality is often not the case.
  If you talk about helping each other in times of crisis, it ’s okay. It is also common for strangers to give their own love to critically ill patients in dripping water. And years of calm are less disturbing, as if not so easy. Simply speaking, in public, everyone subconsciously thinks that my behavior is my own decision. No one can interfere, but ignore the impact on others.
  Once, I traveled on the high-speed rail. In order to ensure a quiet rest, I chose the business seat. The business man who was next to the car started the mobile phone speaker chat business as soon as he got on the bus. As the game yelled, several sleeping passengers were awakened. The flight attendant kindly reminded the man to wear headphones for the child, but the man refused because the child did not like to wear headphones. When the flight attendant indicated that his behavior would disturb other passengers to rest, the man retorted: “Why are you more sympathetic with your children when you are away?”
  Parents should not educate their children to disturb others in public. Is it rude?
  I went to Singapore last time to catch up with the opening of the Presidential Palace. Tourists were seated early to wait for the band to play. Usually, the audience who didn’t have a seat late would stand side by side in an orderly manner. But after the show started, a Chinese grandmother with her grandson was inserted horizontally between the two rows of seats, straightforwardly blocking the audience in the back, and from time to time raised the phone to shoot video. The audience in the back row could not watch, but had no choice but to leave the seat, but the Chinese grandma was totally unaware of it.
  Look, it ’s bad to disturb others without knowing it.
  Let’s talk about private networking. You are busy, a WeChat sent: the first in the circle of friends, please help vote. You will then stop your work and reply: “OK”, and then return to the work where your thinking is disturbed. Because the parents were far away and the phone did not dare to shut down, a message came out in the middle of the night: “Are you there?” Are you also insomnia? “Even more, there are video bombs that make you sleepless.
  The improvement of living standards will also bring some unnecessary disturbances. The real estate agent knows your number from nowhere, and the sales phone is overwhelmingly calling you. Whether it is needed or not, tout it and make you confused. The shopping mall is equipped with too many shopping guides, you have not yet entered the store, and have been surrounded by left and right, competing to sell, in fact, the items you need, the shopping guide can not help.
  You are disturbed again and again, but deeply feel that it is really unnecessary.
  Last year when I traveled to Finland, I booked a country apartment online. It was a small two-storey building. The key was hung in a letter bag. I picked it up by myself. I stayed with the landlord for many days. It is puzzling that the landlord never greets me and wants to ask someone for a travel guide. Pedestrians are far away from you. The park chairs are single seats. The queue distance must be one meter away on any occasion. Even if you buy food, the waiter will not recommend it. I complained to my friends that the Finns’ hearts are too cold.
  Even when it rained, I was drowning, and no one asked me if I wanted an umbrella. I was very disappointed in the city and rushed back to my place with annoyance. There was a small wooden box in front of the door with an umbrella in it. The note read: “I met you on the subway without an umbrella. I hope it won’t disturb you, landlord.”
  Another day, I wandered blindly and lost my way, but it was dark, my phone was out of power, and I couldn’t navigate. I had to ask passers-by for help. The woman who led the way for me was “commissioned” to a girl who passed by because of a temporary problem, and the girl sent me back. For nearly an hour, in addition to laughing, she said nothing about my situation. When I invited her into the house for a cup of tea, she told herself that she must hurry home. I was shocked again.
  After returning home, I talked to my friends about Finland. He said that they were not indifferent, but more afraid of being disturbed. It’s right to think about it carefully. Between people, boundaries are needed. It is so important that it is just ignored by us.