Xanthium in the wilderness

The few acres of private land in my family, I remember most clearly not corn, potatoes, millet, millet and other crops, but Xanthium. Because as long as you go to the ground, Cocklebur will stick me mercilessly.

At the end of August, the midday heat wave melted the village, and I heard the hoarse cry of hiding among the wilting branches. The mother said that only the exposure of the poisonous sun can get rid of the weeds. Mother always takes our sister and brother to weeds in the fields in the middle of the day.

The farmland is outside the village, and green waves are raging in sight. The villagers have many kinds of corn, the corn is tall, dense and prosperous. If we don’t follow the adults, we can’t distinguish between the ridges of our own fields, and the weeds between the ridges are dense, and we do not know the depth when we step on them. It is said that there are snakes infested. At that time, I was afraid that I would step on a blue and white snake and be attacked and killed by it. I don’t want to die unclearly. A gust of wind swept over and the corn stalks swayed, and suddenly I couldn’t see my mother, so I called him “mother”, and the shouting shook the corn leaves. Chasing after the mother’s echo, my heart is like a deer. Sit on the ground and breathe. I felt that my legs and wrists were tied, and I saw that there were several green cockleburs stuck to the trouser legs, socks, and cloth uppers. I cautiously pulled down one by one, good trousers, socks, puff balls and even string, regretful and helpless. Glancing at the mother who was sitting and resting, her face was tanned and sweat washed over her gully face. She lifted the back of her hand and wiped it, and her soaked hair was stuck to her forehead. My painful expression must be written on my face. My mother didn’t look at me. She left a sentence: Don’t study hard, don’t go out of the countryside, you will be like me in the future. After that, he went into the cornfield again, squatted down, and squeezed the grass from the two ridges with a bow.

I have been dreaming since I was a child, and I like the sense of fantasy that the wilderness outside the village brings to me. It’s just that I don’t like the cockleburs that make their homes everywhere. They are always everywhere throughout the year, taking roots like stitches, holding their heads high and rebelliously announcing their existence to the world. Cocklebur is a very humble natural plant, but because of its sharp behavior, you have to remember them. At this point, I couldn’t help but think of the two marginal figures in “Dream of Red Mansions”-Jiao Da, the servant of Jia Mansion, and Madam Li, Baoyu’s nanny.

In my yard, my mother is the queen. As I remember, there were chickens running around in the yard, a few pigs groaning or purring, two rabbits kept opening and closing their three-petal mouths to graze, and sheep occasionally bleated. There is also a yellow dog playing with chickens and teasing sheep. A group of living creatures reacted fiercely when they heard my mother’s footsteps at the meal time: The chicken fluttered its wings and rushed towards her. The formation was like saying that if she didn’t hurry to feed the chickens, they would gather and peck at her; the pigs were on their forefoot The short circle wall, sticking out the pig’s head and staring at my mother with small round eyes, weeping. The animals in the yard seem to have spirituality. When the chickens are croaking and the pigs are humming, the dogs will not be idle, but will bark and bark; the sheep will also bleat innocently, scaring the two in the nest. A rabbit hopped around, pricked its ears, and looked around with red eyes, as if a thief had entered the courtyard, and the animals called the police together. My mother was always busy, feeding one by one, and after a while, peace in the yard was again-this is a very important segment of my childhood memory. I enjoy living in harmony with animals, they are all toys of my childhood. The excrement of chickens and dogs are everywhere in the yard. How can the thief’s cocklebur be missing at the corner of the corner!

It was winter. My brother and I were frolicking in the yard. We accidentally tripped and fell to the northeast corner of the yard. We got up and slapped our clothes. In addition to chicken shit, there were a few khaki dry cockleburs. I took off a few, looked at a chicken with a tilted head and stared at me blankly and threw it over. In fact, the family was too poor at that time.

Xanthium, an annual herb, often grows in the wild, and is also known as curly ears, dull ears, and Changsi. “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” records: “Xanthium, mainly treats wind and cold pain, rheumatic arthralgia, limbs and luan pain, malignant muscle death muscle, knee pain, long-term use of Qi.” Xanthium can be used as a fine food for pigs. Cocklebur is ordinary and simple, not picky, not complaining, not resenting, and responding to ever-changing unchanging, stubbornly letting dreams blossom with the sticky force full of thorns. Come to think of it, its unyielding intelligence contains the complexities of life.

In the summer when I was ten years old, I got severe mumps. The swollen neck and pain prevented me from eating, talking, let alone going to school. There is only one barefoot in the village

The doctor prescribed some anti-pain tablets and tetracycline medicines. After taking the medicine for a few days, the condition did not improve. My mother was so anxious that she mysteriously invited the “Li Banxian” from the village on a black and windy night. The old man stared straight at me, holding a broken wooden sword around me for a good meal, and in the end, he used thick ink to draw some characters behind my ears, and said in a definite way. It will be good. Early the next morning, my mother hurriedly wiped the ink and saw my still swollen neck, her eye circles were red. Suddenly, a bright light flashed in my mother’s eyes, as if thinking of something, she wiped her tears, and rushed out of the house. About two hours later, the mother came back with a large bunch of green plants with small white flowers. The plant was about one meter high and had palm-sized heart-shaped leaves. It turned out that the mother went to the field to pull the cocklebur green seedlings. The mother was busy cleaning a few plants, cut them into half-foot-long sections, put them in an iron pot, and lifted the mallet to pound them hard. 吭- 吭 吭—— 吭 吭 吭—— one click, one sound, very annoying. It is said that my neck will rot, or it may have sequelae after it is cured. I was so painful and terrified that I felt like a dried up grass. Half an hour later, my mother couldn’t help but put the green juice on my neck. After applying it for two days, the swelling disappeared a lot. After all, I could barely open my mouth and eat some liquid food, and my mother was relieved. Later, I learned that it was due to the Xanthium. In the early 1980s, medicines were scarce in rural areas. My mother went to the village again, seeking medical advice everywhere, and finally an old doctor named Huo boldly gave me penicillin injections. For a whole week afterwards, my mother arranged the work of the family and took me to see Dr. Huo by bicycle every morning and afternoon until I recovered.

In the golden autumn of October, the harvest season, every time I go to the wilderness, my mother will uninterruptedly pick some ripe cocklebur seeds, dry them, and accumulate half snake skin bags. When the farm is slack in the winter, mash the dried cocklebur finely, and put some cocklebur powder when mixing pig food. If nothing happens, it takes about ten months to fill the piggy bank.

That year, I had to pay tuition when I was admitted to high school, and my mother called a pig dealer. The two pigs were my tuition