Wonderful robot

  Instead of live-action movie starring beautiful robot
  prototype robot Geminoid F is a Russo-Japanese beauty mixed model, F for female female, she was “born” in 2010, it will make a wink, smile, frown, etc. 65 different facial expressions, skin Made of soft silicone, the skin tone is extremely vivid, and it can speak, talk, and sing like a real person. When speaking, the chest will fall with the breath, and it looks almost like a real beauty from a distance. The robot is not an autonomous robot, and any movement must be remotely controlled by an actress behind the scenes.
  Although the robot is only “five years old”, she has already appeared in a drama and a movie, and has won praise from people. She made her debut on stage in a drama “Sakura Love” released in Japan. Although she can only sit (without physical ability), talk and smile, the audience likes her performance very much.
  In the Japanese movie “Goodbye”, the robot co-starred with the actor Breyer Lilang. As a robot nurse, she takes care of the owner and is loyal, but unfortunately, she can’t walk on her own and can only use a wheelchair.
  Selfie robot
  you are not always professional frustration can not shoot self-portraits? Now there is a way, a professional selfie robot has come out. Compared with the selfie robot, the selfie stick is simply weak. The robot can automatically hang in the air and stay near the user’s face, change the angle at any time to capture the best selfie for the user, and record every bit of your life at any time.
  Experience bad breath and foot odor robot
  Fukuoka, Japan, researchers have developed a machine – a robot Kaori-chan and beauty named “Shuntaro” big dog robot, their own odor sensor can detect your scent in the end how bad . You exhale into the open mouth of this beauty robot. After a few seconds of analysis, this blond “beauty” will return you four different ratings, ranging from “smells great” to “smells terrible” “. Big dog robot can be used to detect athlete’s foot. If your feet have no peculiar smell, it will feel very comfortable, otherwise it will go crazy and even faint.
  Rescue robot
  A South Korean technology company not only thought of looking for robots as spectators, but also developed cold-saving robots for baseball teams that did not have enough spectators to support the scene. These robots are all dressed in home team jerseys and baseball caps, cheering on the stands, singing and performing crowds, and can even be remotely controlled. What’s more weird is that they have a display screen on their faces, so people can upload real photos of them.
  For most fans who watch the live broadcast via the Internet, they can send cheering messages to these robots, and then these messages will be displayed on the LED dot matrix screens with the robots’ hands raised. The avatar of the fan sending the message can also be displayed on the face of the robot as if it were in person. These robots are only responsible for cheering and cheering, and will not rush into the arena like fans.
  Ride robot
  not only human, robot love hitchhiking.
  This little robot is called “Hitchhiking Potter” and has a body the size of a child. In 2014, it traveled to Canada and parts of Europe in 26 days, attended weddings, and watched a game of a famous Boston baseball team. Spent a week with a rock band.
  Porter uses a cylindrical old beer cooler as his body, an LED light board covered by a plastic cake storage box, and limbs controlled by blue styrofoam. His body is similar to a child who is 1 meter tall and weighs 6.8 kg. Foot boots, bright yellow rubber gloves on hands, trash can and hat on head.
  Porter has built-in global positioning and 3G system, has a female voice pronunciation system, can use voice recognition software to recognize human speech and respond appropriately, so you can chat with others on the road, and participate in indigenous gatherings, weddings, afternoon tea and other activities with strangers. And send the whereabouts and travel photos to the Internet.
  Unfortunately, on the morning of August 1, 2015, it was found to have been severely damaged in Philadelphia and could not be repaired. Only two weeks after the journey across the United States began, the friendly and friendly rider robot was scarred and stopped the trip in Philadelphia.
  Self-assembled paper robot
  Scientists at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States took inspiration from ancient Japanese origami art, children’s toys and the “Transformers” movie to develop a self-assembled paper robot. They may be used to explore outer space and other dangerous environments.
  This robot is made of materials from toy stores and costs only $100. After installing them with micro-batteries and engines, the paper robot can stand up under the support of four stubby legs and walk in an irregular manner. Moreover, the robot turns from a piece of paper into a robot in only 4 minutes.
  The researchers said that this small and lightweight robot can be used to explore outer space and other dangerous environments, and can enter narrow places to perform search and rescue missions. But it is only the beginning of a long evolutionary process for more complex robots. Harvard University robotics expert Sam Felton said that eventually, this kind of robot will become a representative of deformation technology like 3D printing technology.
  Mora will not lose robots
  robot mora “Man” as Mora was born, it has only one function, that is, with human beings play “rock, paper and scissors” game, and the winning percentage up to 100%. It will analyze human gestures and the way out of the glove within a few microseconds, and then give the corresponding plan to keep itself invincible.