Why are men so lazy at home?

Many men go home from get off work, only two actions: eating and sleeping. Many female friends complained to me:

“Why are the socks taken off and can’t be put in the laundry basket?” “Why don’t you want to finish the drink when you have a sip?” “Why do you want to pack the snacks on the table instead of throwing them in the trash?” ”

Although I am also a man, I cannot deny that many men are lazy when they come home. However, I really want to say that we are lazy for a reason. It’s so tiring to go to work, I just want to relax when I get home, otherwise, what a sad day.

I know that many families now work as husband and wife, but women are obviously much more diligent than men. This is why? I think that the root cause is too much influenced by traditional ideas. Believe me, I am not trying to find a way for men, but you can think about it. Men are generally given the expectation of breadwinners, so they will naturally focus on life. A person’s energy is limited. If the energy is focused on work, there is naturally no energy to go back to work. If you can be lazy, you will be lazy.

In addition, although the traditional concepts of male and female hostages are outdated, most of the parental patterns that this generation saw as children, such as bringing children and cooking, are mostly responsible for mothers. To make matters worse, if you live with the elderly, the older generation is also an old concept.

In addition, most men value foreign things and are less interested in family matters. It is good to say that a man is superficial and has a good face, but we really rarely invite friends to party at home, so we think, why care about how tidy the house is and how nice the decoration is? Of course, it is necessary to spend money on expensive cars, mobile phones and other things that others can see and envy.

The last reason, in fact, I want to say that sometimes men are too lazy because the other half of the family is very hardworking. People are lazy and can do one thing less, few people want to do more. What’s more, if you do more things without connecting to certain benefits, you have no incentive to do these things.

When a man is lazy, if the woman is not corrected at the beginning, once the laziness becomes mature, you want him to change, it is quite difficult. Just like the littering of socks, although it will be scolded after being littered, there are still people chasing after it, and it will continue to be littered next time. Anyway, there is nothing to lose except scolding.

However, if you want to keep men from being lazy, don’t tell them fiercely. If you don’t do housework, I will do just that. You have to “play” some methods, first let the man help to do a little thing, and praise him well, so that he feels that his contribution is too important for this family, and then slowly increase the amount of tasks, let them support Into a good habit.

After you form a habit, you should continue to encourage them. Along this topic, there is one more thing I want to appeal. Sometimes, we also want to be diligent, but after doing it, we are always found to be too poor. Moreover, a comparison with his wife may not be good enough. In this case, then simply continue to lazy. In fact, men also need to be affirmed, and the encouragement of their wives will make us work harder.

There is also a practice where you have to practice being a lazy woman. Don’t meddle in because you can’t see how messy your home is, or that your kids are playing mobile games or writing homework. You need to let your husband know clearly that once the housework has been divided, he should do what he is responsible for.

note! The premise is that your husband agrees to share housework with you so that you can be a lazy woman. If the husband doesn’t even have the will to share, then you must first let him be willing to draw. If he is still quiet, then you will spend money asking someone to do housework, let him pay, and find the one that is particularly expensive. After paying a few times, if he can’t eat enough, he will talk to you.

In short, men may have lazy nature, but it is not without medicine. We are also introspecting ourselves, and please ask your wife to help us grow together.