What is the healthiest day

Ancient Chinese health care emphasizes “compliance with nature”, and the human body has its favorite rhythm and law in modern life. We integrate the opinions of domestic and foreign experts and tell you what the healthiest day is. Everyone can refer to it and design the health beat that suits you best.

5 to 6 o’clock: Wake up and sleep more

Many middle-aged and elderly people “can’t sleep and wake up early”, but Laura, a registered nutritionist in the United States, said that only if you get enough sleep and your brain is fully rested can you ensure a quality day. If you wake up early at five or six in the morning, try to let yourself sleep more. If you ca n’t sleep, you can close your eyes and relax, or lie on the bed and massage your abdomen, rubbing your hands, which helps to ensure a hundred times a day.

6:30: Do stretching exercises

Exercise is the fuel agent to start a day of vitality. Karen Ansel, one of the authors of the American Diet Calendar, said that when your body is fully awake from sleep, a short period of exercise can accelerate your metabolism and boost your mood throughout the day. Simply exercise for 10 to 20 minutes every morning. It is recommended to do light and gentle exercises, such as stretching, walking, yoga, and tai chi. You can prepare sports shoes and sportswear before going to sleep at night.

7 to 8 o’clock: Eat a high-nutrition breakfast

Starch foods such as steamed buns, fritters, biscuits, etc. are the main force on the breakfast table of most people. However, Zhu Huilian, a member of the Senior Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society and a professor at the School of Public Health of Sun Yat-sen University, believes that people work and study in the morning are burdensome and need a high-nutrition breakfast to ensure blood sugar supply and keep the brain running efficiently. In addition to starchy foods, her breakfast includes a cup of milk, a cup of coffee, a small serving of fruit, two spoonfuls of soybeans, and most of the time an egg.

10: Eat a handful of nuts

“Since the elderly have reduced chewing function, their digestion rate is relatively slow. It is generally recommended to add meals around 10 o’clock.” Zhu Huilian said that the principle of scientific meals is that it is best to supplement the relatively lacking nutrients in a day’s diet. For example, some people usually eat more meat and eat less fruits and vegetables, so they can eat a portion of fruit in the morning. You can also eat some nuts, which is good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts are good choices. Eat a handful at a time.

11:30 ~ 12:30: Enjoy “Miscellaneous” lunch

Zhu Huilian said that lunch food must be diverse. Office workers can order a vegetarian dish, a meat dish, and a meat dish with a bowl of soup. The elderly must be “miscellaneous” for lunch, and try to put as many ingredients as possible when cooking. For example, add some mushrooms when frying vegetables and some carrots and cucumbers when making meat dishes. The amount of each dish is not large, but the variety and color should be as rich as possible.

13:00: 30 minutes nap

Half an hour after lunch, fatigue struck, and some people even felt dizzy. American registered nutritionist Kate Sgarat suggested that at this time, you may wish to drink a glass of water and then take a nap to “charge” your body and brain. Studies have found that nap is good for lowering blood pressure, protecting the heart, enhancing memory, and improving immunity. However, the nap time should not be too long, just 20 to 30 minutes.

14:00: Cup of coffee or green tea

For people who love coffee, this is the best time to enjoy it, which can not only increase the energy of your afternoon, but will not affect the night sleep. But it is best to drink pure coffee, add fresh milk and a small amount of sugar yourself, and drink less three-in-one instant coffee. The creamer in it often contains trans fatty acids. At this time, a cup of “super drink” green tea is also very good, research shows that it can reduce the risk of suffering from a variety of cancers.

15: Sunbathing

“The chair can be deadly” is not sensational. Kate Sgarat said that at this time, the office worker must stand up and take some activities. They can go down the office building for a few minutes, climb stairs, or do aerobics, body stretching, etc. to ensure that the remaining working hours are full of energy. If the weather is good, the elderly can go outdoors to exercise. At this time, the sun is warm and it is a good time to bask in the sun.

16:00: A cup of yogurt

“You may feel irritable at this time, which is related to the decrease of serotonin levels, it is a substance that can make you feel calm.” Kate said, blood sugar began to rise at 4 pm. Zhu Huilian said that by this time the stomach had basically been emptied, and middle-aged and elderly people could add another meal, drink a cup of yogurt or eat two slices of whole wheat bread.

18: 00-20: Share “slow” dinner with family

Zhu Huilian said that it is best to arrange dinner within this time period. It must be light, and the nutrition of the day should be checked for vacancies. Dinner should not be eaten too late, otherwise it will affect sleep. Dinner time is generally relatively ample. You can enjoy it slowly with your family, eat slowly, and talk about your work and life during the day. It is undoubtedly a happy family time.

20 o’clock: Standing at fifteen minutes

After dinner, many people immediately lie on the sofa watching TV and playing with computers. But Haras, a well-known nutritionist in the United States, said that it is easy for you to get out of shape and hurt your stomach. It’s best to stand for 15 minutes after dinner, or make a phone call to a long-lost friend while walking around. You can also water flowers and wash dishes.

21:00: Brush your teeth in advance

It is best to brush your teeth until 9pm. Ansel said: “To brush your teeth is like sending a signal to the nervous system: you can no longer eat, you can reduce the amount of food you eat.” At this time, it is also a good time to take care of your own heart. Relax completely.

22:00: Lower the bedroom temperature

The best time to sleep is 22 o’clock and do not exceed 23 o’clock at the latest. Ansel said the latest research found that a room temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit (about 18.3 degrees Celsius) is the best sleep temperature. Therefore, it is best to control the room temperature at 18 or 99 degrees Celsius before falling asleep. There is heating in the north in winter, and the temperature in many homes is too high. You can cool the ground by wiping the floor, using a humidifier, opening a small slit in the doors and windows, and then it is time to enjoy the dream.