What if the earth loses oxygen for 5 seconds

  Oxygen is not the gas with the highest proportion in the earth’s atmosphere (nitrogen is the highest proportion), but the most important. If the entire earth loses oxygen for 5 seconds, mankind will face a devastating disaster.
  Daytime sky turns black
   light before it reaches the earth’s surface, will, molecular oxygen and other impurities and atmospheric dust collide with each other from the sun, the light is scattered by the part, it looks bright sky. The absence of oxygen means that fewer particles can collide with light, so the sky will appear very dark, close to black.
  Breakable crust
   oxygen content in the crust of up to 48.6%, the largest proportion of the earth’s crust are chemical elements. Therefore, if there is no oxygen, the ground under our feet will shatter or even collapse, and we will fall freely.
  Everyone will get sunburned
   ozone absorbs most of the harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing them from reaching the Earth’s troposphere. Ozone is entirely composed of oxygen molecules, so if there is no oxygen, humans are like living in an oven, and everyone exposed to direct sunlight will be sunburned.
  Oceans and other water circulated into outer space experience
   a water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If there is no oxygen, water will become hydrogen. Hydrogen is the chemical element with the smallest atomic weight. It will travel to the upper troposphere and gradually drift into outer space. If there is no oxygen element, the ocean and other water bodies will radiate into outer space.
  Human eardrums would explode
   without oxygen, we will instantly lose about 21% of air pressure, which is similar jump of nearly 2,000 meters under the sea. This will cause the eardrum to fail to adapt to the pressure, resulting in barotrauma (referring to the damage to the eardrum caused by the pressure in the ear being not equal to the pressure of the surrounding environment). Barotrauma is usually caused by a sudden change in air pressure. For example, in deep sea diving or air travel, the eardrum will feel swollen and painful. Without oxygen, we would all suffer barotrauma, and the injuries were severe-the eardrums could explode.