“Weird Shadow Man” in the weird house

  One day in December 2008, at noon, Jeffrey was taking a nap, and suddenly there was a “boom” like something exploded, and Jeffrey woke up from his dream. “Maybe something happened to the stove!” Jeffrey thought. But at this time his head began to shake; shortly afterwards, blue and white light appeared around him, and began to spin to form a vortex, but soon the light disappeared. Jeffrey, who hadn’t recovered yet, felt an itching in his stomach, and then the burning smell began to appear. Jeffrey’s nerves began to tense, he didn’t know what had happened. Suddenly, he saw a black figure wearing a hat and a coat jumping out of the cabinet, and quickly walking past his eyes…
  what was that? Is it an illusion? Is it a ghost? Or an ordinary shadow? Probably not, what Geoffrey saw was a “weird shadow man”!
  Weird Shadow Man is also known as “Shadow Man”, “Shadow Man”, or English transliteration as “Shad Pipple”.
  Mysterious specter who frequent
  some people may be wondering, how sure is strange to see Jeffrey filmmakers do? Is there such a thing in the world? Jeffrey said it was unprovoked, it is really hard to believe, but with the popularization of cameras, mobile phones and other shooting equipment, some witnesses have photos and videos to prove that they saw the strange shadow man.
  For example, on September 3, 2006, someone took a strange photo in a church in the suburbs of Palempu, Nevada, USA. In the center of this photo, there is a strange shadow man walking quickly. Although there were people around the strange shadow man, they did not find it at all. When people zoomed in on the photo, they found that the strange shadow man was wearing quite old-fashioned long-tube shoes. But this church was built in 2003.
  At around 9 am on September 26, 2008, Dade Morris, who lives in an apartment in Santa Cruz, California, was filming with a video recorder that he just bought, and was surprised to find that it appeared in the recorded footage. A strange shadow man, it disappeared after moving indoors very quickly. In order to carefully observe the weird shadow man, Morris slowly replayed the recorded picture, and finally saw that the shadow was a small woman, wearing a turban and cloak. After it disappeared, the room was full of burnt smell. Dade Morris said that a few days after that, his house started knocking on the door, the light was turned off unknowingly, the utensils, cups, and furniture were shaken randomly, and sometimes he heard something like What kind of cracking sound and other strange phenomena. And, these strange phenomena happen again and again.
  What does the strange shadow man look like?
  However, although many people say that they have seen the strange shadow man, no one knows what the strange shadow man looks like. We can only roughly describe some of the characteristics of the strange shadow man.
  First of all, in most cases, the ghost man looks like a living shadow, and it seems that it can be regarded as a supernatural shadow creature. The grotesque shadow man that people usually observe is a dark black shadow resembling a human shape, similar in size to an adult. Some people see the strange shadow man more “special”, it is a semi-transparent spot without a specific shape, or a rotating dark smoke column. It is said that the image of the Weird Shadow Man is male and female, and most of them appear alone, but both its eyes and mouth are blurred (although there are reports that sometimes its eyes emit red or yellow light), What exactly his face looks like is also a complete mystery.
  Secondly, the strange shadow people seem to be a little shy. According to witnesses, they basically use their extra light to catch these strange shadow people inadvertently. In other words, strange shadow people always appear when people are not paying attention, and never meet people. They will always disappear quickly when they are found, and they can go through walls or closed doors.
  In addition to shyness and fast moving speed, the sense of touch and smell of witnesses also reveals some of the characteristics of the strange shadow man. Witnesses said that the strange shadow man had passed through his body, and when the strange shadow man passed through his body, he felt a kind of extreme cold, which disappeared as the strange shadow man left. This seems to indicate that the temperature of Weird Shadow Man may be very low. In addition, some eyewitnesses also said that the strange shadow men have a “burning smell”, or that the strange shadow men only appear in places with a burnt smell.
  What is Weird Shadowman?
  It seems that Weird Shadowmen do exist, so what are they?
  Some people think that the ghost shadow man is a ghost. Some people also believe that the ghost shadow man is the soul of the witness himself. These claims are obviously unfounded. Others believe that what witnesses saw was not the strange shadow man, but encountered the “Pordejes phenomenon.” But this explanation does not seem to be credible.
  In the eyes of atheists and mainstream scientists, the phenomenon of the strange shadow man can be attributed to the hallucinations or a kind of self-hypnosis caused by symptoms such as excessive tension, paranoia, delusions, and fatigue. It may be an illusion that occurs when people are half-dreaming and half-awake.
  Some people think that the Weird Shadow Man is a kind of “energy body” with very large or very dense energy. Because light cannot penetrate this “energy body”, it will leave shadows on walls and other places, which can also be captured by cameras. Although the shadow does not move on its own, the activities of these “energy bodies” make the shadow come alive.
  The explanation that “the ghost man is an energy body” is not the strangest of all explanations. Some people have also suggested that the ghost man may be a gray alien or a humanoid robot from an alien. Some people even proposed that the phantom man is a “different dimension man”, that is, the phantom man is a “thing” that came to our world from other dimensions. We know that when people stand against a wall, their shadow will be reflected on the wall. In other words, the shadows of objects in three-dimensional space like us humans can only move on two-dimensional planes such as walls and the ground. In the same way, if they are “people” in four-dimensional space, their shadows can only move in three-dimensional space. However, we cannot see the four-dimensional people, only their shadows reflected in the three-dimensional space. These shadows are what we call weird shadow people.
  Although people have put forward all kinds of weird answers, it is still a mystery what the weird shadow men are. They may just be people’s illusions, they may be some ordinary but exaggerated natural phenomena, but they all use us A phenomenon that cannot be explained by current scientific theories.