Weird hearse

  This is a bizarre case. It reads a bit like a fairy tale or science fiction, but it is actually a true story.
  One day in October 1988, when the exhibition was cleared, Lei Luo, an employee of the Computer System Center of the Third Bank of New York, was running a long distance on the highway. When he ran to a slope, a hearse came from the right. It is a rare thing to encounter a hearse that transports the dead early in the morning. Leiluo ran a few steps quickly and gave way to the side of the road. The hearse was driving on the highway at medium speed and soon caught up with Lei Luo. Leiluo turned to look at the hearse from time to time as he ran, only to see clumps of flowers painted with white paint on the side of the black hearse. Suddenly, Lei Luo was taken aback and couldn’t help but stop standing on the slope to look. Because he saw that the cab of the hearse was empty. Only one yellow metal rod stood upright. The hearse steadily drove downhill, turned right along the road, and gradually disappeared from Leiluo’s vision…
  Leiluo was stunned for a while before he came to his senses. He blinked and looked around, thinking he was asleep. It was only 5:30, and there were no vehicles or pedestrians on the road. There was no one to testify for him: he saw a magical hearse.
  Lei Luo graduated from the Department of Computer Science at the university. He believes in science and doesn’t believe in gods and the like. But the incident before him confuses him. He was so puzzled that he gave up halfway through today’s long-distance running exercise and walked home with his head down.
  As soon as he entered the door, he told his wife and son the strange thing. They didn’t believe it at all and laughed that he ran home in his sleep. Leiluo smiled bitterly and shook his head, and went to work.
  Throughout the morning, Lei Luo looked very worried. The driverless hearse always appeared in front of him. When resting at noon, he was still sitting at the workbench, thoughtful. At this time, the studio director Mr. Ben Gesen patted him on the shoulder and asked concerned: “Why, where is it uncomfortable?-Let’s go, go and eat something!”
  Lei Luo wanted to sit alone for a while, and see Ben Gesen come. Invited, he went to a small shop opposite the bank, ordered two drinks and hamburgers, and ate. Leiluo couldn’t help it anymore. While eating, he told Bengeson about seeing the magic hearse this morning.
  Bengeson was also curious. He asked the story in detail, and said casually: “It must be someone who is good at tinkering with remote control devices is experimenting. Now anything really can happen.” After that, he seemed like it. Like Lei Luo, he was lost in thought.
  The two were sitting still, and Vance, the deputy director of the Bank’s Computer System Center, came over with a drink and a hamburger. Vance is in his 30s this year and is known for his shrewdness in the bank. He sits opposite Ben Gesen, his face is a bit ugly, and Ben Gesen winks at him several times after hesitating to speak. Lei Luo saw their expressions in his eyes, and he stood up wittily and went outside the door.
  When Leiro left, he saw Benguesson and Vance sitting at the table.
  In the next few days, Lei Luo did not get up for a long run in the morning. Since he encountered the magic hearse, his enthusiasm for long-distance running has suddenly cooled down. On Friday night, Leiluo and a few college classmates had a party in the bar. They drank a lot of wine, and only broke up at 1 o’clock in the morning. Lei Luo was a little drunk, instead of driving by himself, he rented a taxi to go home. The taxi driver hated alcoholics, so he stopped to drive him out of the car when he was still some way away from Lei Luo’s home.
  The oncoming cold wind awakened Lei Luo a lot. He stopped under a street lamp, lit a cigarette, and just took a puff when he heard the sound of a motor behind him. He looked back and saw a black hearse turning from the corner of a building, onto the highway, and approaching in the direction where he was standing.
  Lei Luo stepped back subconsciously, getting goose bumps all over his body. The hearse was the same as the one seen that morning, driving at a moderate speed and drove to the front quickly. With courage, Lei Luo stood on tiptoe and looked at the cab, as if a figure was holding the steering wheel. Ah, this is a manned hearse!
  When the hearse passed in front of Leiluo, and the light from the street light illuminates the driver, he almost screamed in shock! It turned out that it was not someone else driving the hearse, but Vance, the deputy director of the Bank’s Computer System Center! Vance didn’t seem to see him, and looked ahead motionless. He thought: “Deputy Director Vance lives in the heart of New York City. How could he drive a hearse here late at night? Relo looked around, remembering that Mr. Benguesson’s apartment was nearby. Could it be that Vance was driving a hearse? Come to find Bengeson? This is weird! He was thinking, and when he saw a slender man running up, he asked loudly, “Who? ”
  The man was stunned for a moment, lowered his head quickly, quickened his pace, and ran in the direction of the hearse. It disappeared into the night in a while.
  Relo was surprised and frightened. After returning home, he couldn’t help being curious, so he called and asked Mr. Bengerson.
  It was Ben Gesen who answered the call. Leiluo asked eagerly; “I saw Deputy Director Vance driving the hearse, did it come to you?”
  Bengeson was very angry when he heard this. He replied: “Mr. Lei Luo, what nonsense in the middle of the night, are you drunk?” The phone hung up.
  Leiluo stood by the phone in a daze, dazed, unable to tell whether he was awake or asleep… The
  next morning, Leiluo heard from the TV news that Deputy Director Vance was dead at his door. News. The TV station also reported that the police preliminarily determined that Vance was poisoned to death, and the body was placed at the door of the house at about 1:30 in the morning.
  The news surprised Lei Luo. He recalled carefully, didn’t he see Deputy Director Vance driving the hearse around 1:30 in the morning? This is really weird! If you tell it to others, no one will believe it, but this is indeed what I have seen with my own eyes. Reluo was puzzled, and he went to the bank to go to work with great anxiety.
  The death of Deputy Director Vance caused shock in the bank. In the morning, the Federal Bank came to dozens of experts to carefully inspect the computer system, and finally found that an instruction on the storage floppy disk had been modified, and the whereabouts of $500,000 were unknown. Someone in the bank speculated that the money might have been illegally withdrawn by Deputy Director Vance. He was afraid that the incident would be exposed and would go to jail, so he committed suicide by taking poison. But the police denied this statement.
  In the afternoon, someone from the security department of the bank told Lei Luo to go to the manager’s office. Two police detectives waited there and asked him: “Mr. Lelo, do you think Vance’s death is related to Ben Gesen?”
  Lelo said, “I don’t know about it. They are good friends. Does Ben Gesen know that? Is the cause of the death of Deputy Director Vance?” The
  detective did not answer the question, and then asked: “Did you call Ben Gesen at about 1:30 this morning?”
  ”I made a phone call.” When Lei Luo replied, he considered it again and again, but still concealed his witness to Deputy Director Vance driving the hearse, because people would think it was a hallucination after he was drunk. But he was strange, how could the detective know that the call was made?
  The detective told him that when asked Ben Gesen, Ben Gesen provided this information and asked the detective to check it.
  Reello sensed that the police suspected that Benguson had poisoned Vance, so they investigated him. Why is he suspected of being the murderer? This mystery has been circling in Lei Luo’s mind.
  On Sunday morning, Leiluo was lying on the bed with his eyes open in a daze. His 10-year-old son climbed up, shook his shoulder and said, “Dad, you promised to buy me a radio-controlled helicopter. Why didn’t you buy it? Huh?”

  Radio control? The wriggling hearse appeared in Leilo’s mind again. Is the hearse controlled by radio remote control? Why didn’t I expect it? He jumped up from the bed on a bone, his heart suddenly brightened. He asked his son to find his mother, while he went to the study to read books about radio remote control knowledge.
  He quickly figured out that there is a radio device that can control cars, airplanes, ships, etc. When remotely controlling a car, you need two joysticks on the left and right, one to manipulate the gear, and the other to manipulate the brake, accelerator, and steering gear. As long as the car is equipped with a receiver that receives the radio waves from the transmitter, it can be remotely controlled freely. The first time I saw a yellow metal rod in the cab of a hearse, it must be the receiver device.
  Where did the hearse come from? Leiluo checked the phone book and finally found out that there was only one funeral home nearby, called the “rest funeral home”.
  Half an hour later, Lei Luo drove to the funeral home. The boss is a short fat man in his fifties. When Lei Luo asked if the hearse had a remote control device, the boss’s expression suddenly changed and he looked nervous. He replied, “Sir, don’t be kidding, the hearse that transports the dead is sacred, why? Can it be remotely controlled? Isn’t this a blasphemy against the dead?”
  At this moment, a tall young man in jeans came over, and when he saw Lei Luo, his eyes flashed nervously. He turned around and just wanted to leave. Reello thought he was the man who chased the hearse that night. He suddenly jumped forward, grabbed him, and exclaimed angrily: “Yes, that’s you, that’s you! You used to remotely control a hearse while driving on a highway!” At this time, the boss and the young man looked at each other and stood. I don’t know how to do it.
  ”But Mr. Officer…” The young man thought that Lei Luo was a police officer and hurriedly came out to intercede, “That’s the way it is, I am driving hearses in a funeral home. Since I was a child, I like radios and love to engage in novel things. I installed a radio remote control on the hearses. It turned out to be a prank to let it drive on the highway early in the morning or late at night. But since that night, I have never done it again.”
  Lei Luo asked immediately: “What happened that night? ”
  “I’m also very surprised. I don’t know who has mastered the radio frequency on the hearse and remotely controlled the hearse. It’s easy to master the radio frequency on the hearse. Just have a receiver. If the other party’s radio outputs If the frequency is greater than the frequency on the hearse, it can be remotely controlled. That night, I was driving the remote-controlled hearse on the highway. Unexpectedly, when I approached an apartment, I suddenly lost control and disappeared. It only appeared after ten minutes. . But I caught up and saw that there was a dead man in the driver’s seat in the hearse. He was a man.” The
  boss became impatient at hearing, he interrupted the young man, and said, “This matter has nothing to do with us. We didn’t know the deceased and would not harm him at all. At that time, we learned from the deceased’s documents that he was living in the city center. In order not to be involved, we used a hearse to send the body overnight. This allows the police to find the murderer. , And let his family bury him.”
  Lei Luo believed the boss and the young man, he asked a few more details, and then left in a hurry.
  On the way home, Leiluo’s doubts in his heart were slowly solved: it was Bengeson who poisoned the deputy director of Vance, and the motive for the murder must be related to the modification of the instructions on the bank’s computer storage floppy disk, because 50 The whereabouts of ten thousand dollars are unknown. And these only Vance and Ben Gesen have conditional modification instructions. He further speculated that Benguson was familiar with radio knowledge, and when he heard about the driverless hearse, he came up with the idea of ​​killing Vance and monopolizing $500,000. He first prepared a frequency transmitter capable of controlling the hearse with output power, and then invited Vance to come to his home at night to take the opportunity to poison him. When the hearse appeared, he used the remote control method to easily guide the hearse near the apartment, moved Vance’s body to the driver’s seat, and then returned the hearse to its original place. When the young people and bosses of the funeral home find the dead body, they will be panicked. In order to avoid injustice, the corpse may be disposed of quietly. In this way, no one would know that Vance had been poisoned…
  Reluo was happy for his insightful analysis. He thought that Vance and Bengeson often left the computer center control room at the end, and the two stayed together to steal. The expression of whispering made him even more convinced that his analysis was correct. That night, I called Ben Gesen and provided him with an opportunity to cover up his crime. The funeral home owner moved the body and objectively provided Ben Gesen with evidence of innocence, making it impossible for the police to investigate the case.
  Thinking of this, Lei Luo couldn’t help feeling a little heavy. If people can do anything for money, it’s unpredictable!
  When he got home, Lei Luo walked straight to the phone and hung up the criminal investigation department of the police station. He almost breathed out all the speculations in his heart.