Weeping blood

  Oort used to work in a commercial bank in Vancouver, and returned to the Ganda Forest Farm with him and his new wife Xinya, who was a nurse in a Vancouver hospital. After Oort returned to the forest farm, he hired people to plant saplings all over the mountains.
  From winter to spring, seven years passed in a flash. The small tree saplings planted that year have tall trunks and lush branches. During this period, the Oorts have become accustomed to the quiet and secluded life of the forest farm. Only at the beginning of each month, the Oorts will drive the minivan left by their father to the city of Carmela 200 miles away to buy some food. And daily necessities. One day in early December, while driving to the city of Carmela, the Oorts were suddenly hit by an oncoming off-road vehicle at a corner of a mountain road. Cynya, who was sitting on the side of the cab, was hit on the spot by breaking her lower body. , Unconscious. Fortunately, Oort suffered only minor injuries, and he quickly sent Cynya to the Central Hospital of Camella City. After the doctor tried their best to rescue her, although Cynya saved her life, her lower body was paralyzed forever.
  This sudden car accident cast a shadow over the happy married life of the Oorts. Alter took care of his bedridden wife without complaint all day long, but he was secretly anxious about one thing. His beloved wife lost her fertility due to a car accident!
  In fact, Cynya had already thought of the tremendous mental pressure she would bring to her husband after being paralyzed. Although she still loved Oort deeply, she was deeply disturbed when she thought that her husband had lost too much. She felt that only a divorce could make her husband completely free. After much consideration, Cynya said to Oort one night: “My dear, let’s get a divorce. You should start a new life and marry a healthy wife. Then I will feel better…” Oort did not expect His wife will take the initiative to ask for a divorce, and his heart is full of contradictions: As a middle-aged man, he really needs to have a happy marriage and he also desires to have a child. However, who will take care of Cynya after the divorce? Faced with his wife’s divorce request, Alter found it difficult to accept.
  Cynya knew that her husband was worried about herself, so she came up with an idea. She told Oort that she could live in a nursing home. There is a nursing home in Edson City, 350 miles from Ganda Peak Forest Farm. “The conditions there are very good, there will be trained nurses to take care of me, and I will have a very happy life…” Xinya pretended to say lightly. Alter doubted his wife’s words, he decided to go to Edson City first to inspect the medical facilities and service quality of the nursing home.
  The next day, Alter drove to the famous nursing home in Edson City. The first-class service and advanced facilities of the nursing home made him very satisfied. He then decided to return to the forest farm to send his wife to the nursing home. Only when his wife can get good and thoughtful service here can he divorce her with a clear conscience.
  After coming out of the nursing home, Ault went to the meat market to buy 30 pounds of fresh beef, which was his wife’s favorite. Before sending Cinya to the nursing home, he has to take extra care of his wife.
  Ault put beef and other daily necessities in the carriage. To prevent poachers from picking up the car on the way, he also left the hound Sack in the carriage. Alter didn’t even eat lunch in Edson City, so he set off in a hurry.
  Oort drove all the way swiftly. At about 3 in the afternoon, the mini-car entered a narrow area in the Robson Valley. There were bushes on both sides of the mountain road, and the atmosphere was gloomy. Suddenly, Oort heard Cyker barking in the car. He was startled and quickly observed the situation behind the car through the car’s mirror: Oh my God! A huge snow leopard is struggling to run towards the car. Oort doesn’t know why this leopard is interested in his car, but he doesn’t want to hurt the leopard. Alter speeded up and kept honking his horn, hoping that the harsh horn would frighten the guy away. Unexpectedly, Leopard ignored the car’s whistle at all, and still chased after him. From the mirror, Oort could clearly see that the muscles in the shoulder blades contracted rhythmically when the leopard was running, and Seck kept making angry “barking” sounds. Just as Alter was about to fire the shot to scare the leopard away, Syk suddenly jumped out of the car, barking and rushing towards the leopard.
  Ort hurried to the brakes, grabbed the shotgun and hurried to the back of the car. Seike was obviously not the leopard’s opponent. In just one round, Seike was thrown to the ground by the leopard. Fortunately, it swiftly got under the leopard’s abdomen, and clenched the leopard’s calf tightly. There is no way to speak. Although Oort has a shotgun, he still does not want to hurt the leopard. After yelling at the leopard was invalid, Oort fired a shot above the leopard’s head. The deafening sound of gunshots caused the leopard to suddenly stop fighting with Sike. It leaped up and turned its head into the jungle by the roadside. Sike was panting and barking at the jungle.
  Why does the leopard chase the car? Ault’s eyes fell on the piece of fresh beef in the carriage, and it suddenly dawned on him. It turned out that the blood of beef was dripping from the bottom of the carriage onto the mountain road, and the leopard was traced by the blood sprinkled all the way from the car. It is winter now, and it is a difficult period for leopards to forage.
  Seck whimpered, and Alter discovered that there was a 20 cm long opening on Seck’s neck, and the blood was flowing. Since there was no hemostatic bandage on the car, he hurriedly carried Seike into the cab and quickly started the car.
  However, shortly after the car was driven out, Oort felt the body sank suddenly, as if something heavy was thrown in the compartment. Syke seemed to sniff out something, it kept yelling at the car behind the cab. Alter grabbed the shotgun in his hand, put an emergency brake, jumped out of the car and went straight to the rear! The scene in the carriage surprised Oort: it was the leopard again! It had the beef in its mouth, the leopard’s eyes were wide, and a low whine sounded in its throat, as if to warn Ort not to stop it from taking the beef. Ault couldn’t help but get angry from his heart. He shook his shotgun at the leopard, and shouted: “Put the meat down!” Before the words fell, the leopard jumped out of the car with the piece of beef. Unprepared, Oort was thrown to the ground by the leopard and the shotgun was thrown a few meters away. Fortunately, the leopard did not continue to hurt Oort, otherwise, Oort who fell on his back would definitely be torn apart by the leopard’s claws.
  The leopard continued to hold the piece of beef, lowered his head and sniffed on Oort’s face. The cold beef almost stuck to Oort’s face. He was so nervous that he did not dare to express it, praying for the leopard to be fast. Some leave. Suddenly, the leopard screamed, and the piece of beef fell on Oort. It turned out that Syk took advantage of the leopard’s unpreparedness and rushed up from behind the leopard like lightning. The leopard was so angry that he twisted his body and threw Seike to the ground, then roared and rushed up. Seke was immediately pressed to the ground by the leopard’s two front paws. Seeing that the leopard’s blood bowl was about to kill his pet dog, Alter desperately grabbed the leopard’s tail and tried his best to pull it back. The power he burst out was so great that he just made this head strong. The leopard pulled back several steps. “Sike, run.” Alter shouted, gripping the leopard’s tail. Saike, who was loyal to his master, didn’t want to escape. It rushed toward the leopard again and bit the leopard’s ear. The leopard shook his head fiercely, and half of his ear was ripped off bloody. Unfortunately, Si Ke was bitten on his neck by the furious leopard before he could run away. Poor Si Ke was held in his mouth by the leopard, and his limbs were struggling desperately. “Sike!” Oort’s eyes were cracked, he let go of the leopard’s tail, and rushed up to slam the leopard’s head with his fist, trying to make the leopard loose his teeth. But the damn leopard would rather be beaten than let go, and Thacker’s limbs soon stopped moving. Seeing the tragic death of his pet dog in the leopard’s mouth, Alter was very angry. With a cry of “ah”, he slammed his five fingers against the leopard’s eyes, and blood immediately poured out of the leopard’s eye sockets. Knocked down Oort and fled with Seke.

  Oort watched the leopard run away, anxious. Suddenly, his hand touched the shotgun on the ground. Oort, who lost his pet dog, no longer cared about the leopard’s life. He raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger at the leopard who was about to get into the woods, and he gave a “bang” shot. The leopard staggered after being shot, and then disappeared into the woods.
  Alter estimated that the shot should have hit the leopard, and he got up and pushed forward. In the woods where the leopard disappeared, Alter saw a puddle of blood on the ground. Alter discovered that the leopard had not dropped Seck after being shot.
  Alter determined that after the leopard was shot, it was impossible to run too far with Seke in his mouth. After walking hundreds of meters along the blood stains of the leopard, he found a pool of blood. From the weeds that had just been overwhelmed, it could be seen that the leopard was badly injured and the bullet probably hit it. In the abdomen, after walking hard for a few hundred meters, it once lay here and gasped for a while. Oort judged that the leopard must be dying because it had lost a lot of blood. Suddenly, a huge question arose in Oort’s mind: the beast should only escape for life when it encounters life threats. Why does this dying leopard keep holding Seke and not let go? Is the prey more important than its life?
  After continuing to track for about 50 meters, Oort came to a rocky hillside with high and low rocks and bushes. Finally, he found that the leopard was lying beside an abrupt rock in the distance, and Oort slowly moved closer to him. He was shocked by the scene in front of him: the leopard was dead, but it couldn’t stand it. It can be seen that at the last moment of its life, it finally released the prey in its mouth. The strange thing is that the leopard’s body has a posture of pushing the prey forward before death. Oort’s eyes follow the leopard’s crawling direction, and his blood instantly freezes: just less than 5 meters away from the leopard. There, a skinny female leopard lies on her side in a cave! One of its forelimbs was missing, and the severed limbs had rotted away, and some animal bones and miscellaneous hairs were scattered around the female leopard.
  Everything is understood, Oort can imagine that after the female leopard in the cave lost its hunting ability, she has been relying on the love of the male leopard to continue her life. The just-dead male leopard is desperately hunting for this female leopard. How simple and great is the relationship between life and death among animals! At that moment, Oort’s heart trembled, and he suddenly thought of his paralyzed wife. He was deeply ashamed of the thoughts he had had. A leopard can shed the last drop of blood to delay the life of his companion. How can he evade responsibility when his wife needs care most?
  The wailing sound of the female leopard awakened Oort from his contemplation, and he picked up the already cold Seck and walked out of the woods. After a while, Oort returned to the cave again. After placing the piece of beef beside the dying female leopard, he left with a heavy heart.
  The afterglow of the setting sun burned in the sky, and Oort, who was back home, drove the car quickly toward the Ganda Peak Forest Farm. He wanted to see Cynya as soon as possible and tell his wife the story of the leopard. Alter is determined, no matter how difficult and how much pressure in his future life, he will depend on his wife and grow old.
  As soon as Oort returned to the forest farm, he couldn’t wait to tell his wife the touching and bloody story of the leopard, and Cynya was also deeply shocked. She finally gave up her plan to divorce Oort. The next day, Oort drove to Robson Valley again. In front of the cave where the female leopard lived, Oort saw that the poor female leopard had become stiff, and he did not touch the beef until he died…