Wash a car in 64 hours

  How long does it take to wash a car on weekdays? In China, it takes about 30 minutes to wash a car, and the longest is no more than 1 hour. However, the answer given by Englishman Paul Dalton was 64 hours, nearly three days and three nights. The question is coming, does it take so long to clean a car? I believe many people have such doubts in their hearts. The answer given by Paul is: must!
  In 2003, Paul founded a car wash company called Miracle Detail in his hometown of Surrey, England. He understands that if he wants to gain a foothold in the market, he has to be different, but how can this be done? After careful consideration, Paul intends to abandon the traditional low-end car wash line on the market and develop a “high” car wash model. In Paul’s car wash shop, the most striking is the specially-made 7-kilowatt lighting array, which makes every corner and every flaw of the car body undoubtedly appear. Only the preparation work before car washing is enough for an ordinary car wash shop to wash more than a dozen cars.
  Before washing the car, in order to prevent the car from seeping water, Paul will use a waterproof sealant that does not hurt the paint to stick to the gap of the car body. In order to better decontaminate, he personally developed a high-grade detergent containing citrus secret formula, the price of 1 liter is nearly 500 yuan. At the same time, Paul will configure different pressure water guns according to different models. For the cleaning of car accessories, Paul will use 2 kilowatts of vacuum equipment. Even a simple cloth for car wiping is full of technology, not only does not leave any fluff, but also does not scratch the body paint. Just when everyone thought the car wash was about to end, the car wash was just beginning.
  Next, Paul will remove the car’s tires and wash them one by one, so carefully that they will not let the engine or fuel tank pass. After all cleaning, Paul will use a magnet to gently circle the entire body, attracting iron scraps that are not visible to the naked eye. Immediately followed by waxing, he used the top Swiss crystalline rock wax, containing 76% of palm oil in northern Brazil, which is the world’s highest palm oil wax, priced at nearly 87,000 yuan. Paul took a professional waxing tool and applied six coats along the body again, and finally applied one coat by hand. Paul said: “Only the temperature and touch of the hand can make the wax evenly iron on the body.”
  The reason why so many layers of wax are applied is that the paint surface with high content of palm oil wax will form a strong thin layer, which is stronger than concrete and can effectively block the radiation of infrared and ultraviolet rays and prevent the corrosion of air pollutants. , Can also resist broken stones. It can take up to two weeks for Paul to wash the car once, and the whole process has 61 procedures and the working hours will exceed 64 hours. Most of the time, Paul would work on his knees, caring for each car like a loved one. For the cleaning results, Paul has his own unique inspection method, which is to use a portable electron microscope to look after the body little by little to ensure that there are no defects. When the water fell on the body and the waterdrops were light and slippery, Paul felt that the car wash was complete.
  Due to the excellent service and meticulous work, many international celebrities and giants have come to Paul to wash their cars. The business of the car wash shop became hot, and sometimes it took several months to get the car. And the car washed by Paul is tantamount to Nirvana rebirth. Today, Paul’s car wash shop has accepted global appointments and provides door-to-door services. He has gradually become a famous car wash master from a car wash worker, thereby counterattacking a low-end industry into the world’s top.
  In an interview with the media, Paul always humbly said: “I haven’t given up studying since I was a 13-year-old car wash apprentice. Some people say that this industry is too low-end, and I have been persuaded to change my line many times. But I always believe that For a small industry, as long as it is the ultimate, it will be a very remarkable thing. “Now, Paul, who is famous for car washing, has become a famous local big entrepreneur and has opened more than 20 chain car wash shops.
  In the process of starting a business, don’t just take the big road for quick success. In many cases, there are small roads at the end of the road. As long as you keep moving forward, there are countless scenery waiting for you in front.