Walk with subtle beauty

  Chatting with a familiar editor, she said: “Can we make a book about the beauty of life. In this fast era, how to discover the beauty of life is an interesting and worthy consideration.” I thought about it seriously. Discovering the beauty of life and living a calm life is indeed what I have been thinking about and trying to do all these years.
  Fernando Pessoa said: “Every day you don’t like isn’t yours.” In other words-every day you like is yours. So how do you like it every day? My method is: find a fun every day, give yourself a little luck-no need to spend a lot, just make yourself happy, watch a film you want to watch, drink a can of drink you want to drink, listen to one want to listen ‘S album, shoot a flower
  I want to shoot… I have a friend who likes to pay attention to the flowers around her while walking. She downloaded an app that recognizes plants, and every time she sees a strange flower, she takes a picture and checks the name. Every time she discovers something new, she is very happy. After a long time, she has become a plant. The same flower on the roadside. Some people walk by without seeing, while others stop and stare. In the final analysis, it depends on whether you are interested in flowers. I want to say that it is really necessary to cultivate a hobby. It can help you divert attention and ease the stress of life. Your interest is your fun.
  In these years, whenever my emotions are stagnant, I will go out alone, sometimes taking annual leave, and more often on a small trip of “one night and two days”. Departing on Saturday, staying outside for one night, returning on Sunday, no need to prepare for too long, not even carrying a suitcase, just carrying a big bag is enough. I don’t have to visit famous mountains and rivers when I travel. Sometimes I just want to change scenes, breathe the air of other cities, and see other people’s daily lives. In this way, let the emotions flow and rejuvenate, I call this “oxygen process”.
  Today, the word “curiosity” is the key word throughout my life. Because of curiosity, I like to look east and west, and often get some scenery overlooked by others. Because of curiosity, I am full of imagination about the unknown field. I like to try the food that I haven’t eaten, and I like to experience the life that I didn’t experience when I was young.
  The older you are, the more subconsciously you want to race against time, and life is in this life, why not cherish time to do things that have not been done yet? I am obsessed with the freshness of meeting the unknown world for the first time. Curiosity brings me motivation and makes me full of passion for the world. I want to say that beauty is hidden in curiosity. How good life is depends on how much you love it.