Use “light” to print

  In daily life, people are used to printing everywhere, from supermarket receipts and invoices to movie poster advertisements. It is an indisputable fact that printing cannot be separated from ink, toner and paper. However, some people have thrown out an eye-opening theory: instead of printing with ink or toner, printing with light is used. Print out? Isn’t this a bit nonsensical and taken for granted? Many people questioned this.
  However, the scientists are damning: Printing on paper is the latest printing technology, and it is cheaper and environmentally friendly than traditional printing. So, how does light print? Will it be unreliable? People who are used to printing with ink and toner still cannot understand the mystery.
  In order to understand the doubt in everyone’s mind, the scientist took everyone into the laboratory.
  In the laboratory, scientists made a new coating composed of two kinds of particles: one is the blue pigment of Prussian blue; the other is titanium dioxide. The magic is that after UV irradiation, the new coating is like magic. The activated titanium dioxide releases electrons, turning Prussian blue into colorless and becoming a “print” blank area. After scientific determination, the printed information on the page can be displayed for at least 5 years before it turns into a blue. But there is another incredible thing, that is, when the coating is heated to 120°C, the blue color can be reversed and become white again. This means that the paper coated with nano-particles can be reused as long as it is heated. According to scientific calculations, this latest high-resolution photoprinting technology has been repeatedly used more than 80 times.
  Since this coating only needs to be sprayed or soaked lightly, it can be used on ordinary paper, so researchers believe that this technology will become cheap after commercialization. If used in newspapers and labels, it can not only reduce the cost of ink and paper, but also greatly reduce recycling and environmental costs. The appeal of this new technology is evident.
  In the near future, optical printing printers will be able to appear in life, and you will be able to use up to print materials.