Two friends of Daniele

On returning home Daniele was in a state that was frightening; he felt humiliated in his own eyes in that kind of indifference with which he was treated by Emma: his self-love, his vanity, his passion, everything was wounded, ulcerated in his soul – On the way from the palace S. … at the Riviera di Chiaia , he seemed demented, he talked alone, bumped everyone, took one road to another.

– This torment cannot last, he said to himself, rolling his eyes and gesturing like an actor reciting a violent monologue – no, it cannot last; I’ll kill myself if Emma doesn’t match my love. It is necessary that I declare them openly …. Then we will see, if she can deftly escape my declarations …. If she is rich, will I not be able to become too? Isn’t this the burning hope of my life? I don’t sweat, don’t I kill myself to buy some gold? On the other hand, what need does she have to marry a rich man when he has so much wealth? Her hand will make rich the man she will marry. His nobility! Here … here is the iron obstacle, impossible to overcome … Yet, who knows! if I came to fall in love with me; if she loved me, her parents would do her will … I could hope … Oh! why did I know this woman? My health deteriorates every day: I have abandoned all my friends, all those families that could have been useful to me …. It is not possible that I live any longer with this snake in my soul; you have to stop it; either Emma will be mine or I will kill myself or I will kill her, because I could not bear the idea of ​​someone else possessing her! … No, it is not possible that I am consuming myself like that; I will open my whole heart to her, I will throw myself to her knees, I will implore her love and I will beg her to give me death. either Emma will be mine or I will kill myself or I will kill her, because I could not bear the idea of ​​someone else possessing her! … No, it is not possible that I am consuming myself like that; I will open my whole heart to her, I will throw myself to her knees, I will implore her love and I will beg her to give me death. either Emma will be mine or I will kill myself or I will kill her, because I could not bear the idea of ​​someone else possessing her! … No, it is not possible that I am consuming myself like that; I will open my whole heart to her, I will throw myself to her knees, I will implore her love and I will beg her to give me death.

Thus speaking, the madman had come to his home. As he entered his sitting room, he found Marquis Gustavo reading lying by the walkway, and another young friend of his, named Stefanello, also from a noble family. Daniele had invited these two friends to lunch.

– Oh, good, master! be waiting for an hour, it is the ultimate elegance! said the Marchesino, throwing his long legs over another armchair that was facing him.

– Forgive me, my friends, I have had some setbacks on my hands: you well know the hassles associated with my profession.

– What do you have? I see a moody wax on your forehead, a la Jacopo Ortis; what happened to you?

– Nothing … really nothing; I worked a lot, I’m tired.

“You won’t give it to me, you rascal of the first sphere,” resumed the Marchesino, here is female stuff … A betrayal, eh? Buffonery to get heartened for women … But already, at your age one still believes in those pimples of fidelity, of constancy of eternal love, of a hovel but with him, and many other gracious words of this coinage, past century, but who are now rancid or out of fashion like Madame Colbran … Remember that

Female is what is mobilized by nature:

It furrows in the waves, and in the arenas it sows

Who places his hopes in the heart of a woman.

Here for example, when you came, I was reading this old book of the Useful Pastime [1] . Listen to this little story; “A father was advised to wait until his son was wiser to give him a wife. Your advice, he replied, does not seem too good to me, because if my son becomes wise, I fear that he will no longer have to marry. ‘

While the Marchesino was intent on reading, Daniele distracted and visibly annoyed by the words of the lords, was leaving in the round of the sitting room those objects that he wished to carry on when leaving the house, such as a watch, purse, money, wallet, gloves and other similar items. hairdressing amino acids. The Marchesino Gustavo was a young man of thirty or more, with a common and vulgar face, cut in the middle by two waxed mustaches, and finished off by a small group of hairs on his chin. Her dress consisted of a morning overcoat with a very high lapel in the fashion of that time, in a casimiro armored bodice, in striped Cossack breeches. Her hair was thick and curly. Being of the most common species, this individual had no other thought, no other occupation,to kill time , according to the language of a similar race of people. A good lunch or a good dinner was the height of his poetry.

We like to dwell a little more on the portrait of Stefanello, offering him a curious type and a social specialty that has been growing more and more over the years and that now spoils our society. This terrible guy called fat by the French , ironically beau by the English , is one [50]a kind of white-gloved snake crawling on the waxed bricks of the living rooms. But don’t think that he is terrible because of the irresistible charm of his gaze, but because he bites while licking, and his bites are always deadly: a powerful and murderous weapon is the word for him.

Enter a room where there are many ladies and many men, where you dance or converse, you are sure to find this being lying on the cushions of a sofa, with one hand smoothing his well-composed hair, and with the other stuffed idly into the pocket of his calzone: next to him sits another of the same dough, and yawning they talk about women and loves, about conquests made and to be done, about good fortunesand other similar subjects. However, this very innocent man of conduct is to flee like a plague victim, and never to admit himself into his own home: his desire is to believe himself a Don Giovanni, a Lovelace, to keep himself a handsome seducer, while perhaps in his life he never had the good fortune of having been paid in love. He will tell you bluntly that he was happy in love with your sweetheart, and he will tell you with an amiable grin on the lips, with a very particular grace, with a property of words to mislead anyone. You will fix faith in his words; you will go into fury against your beauty, against all women; you will swear to abandon her, not to see her again, while that poor thing will not even have looked at our dude. All women, none excluded, they belong by right to this man: he dominates them all, and their fate depends on his formidable word. Tapina of that girl who happens to be staring at him for a few moments: she is madly taken with him; the whole world will know in an instant.

This being is easy to recognize among a thousand; few facial hair, short sight, long hair; her dress is always sought after in fashion, full of perfumes. He also always carries a notebook with him, in which are enclosed a dozen gallant letters received from a dozen beauties abandoned by him; we would not swear that those letters are handwritten, indeed we would not even want to assert; he continually shows them to his friends: in another pocket of his wallet there are some other notes in his hand and without address, which he always keeps ready to use them for this purpose. This entity, so futile because it is light, and at the same time no less dangerous because of its lightness itself, should be banished from the womb of society as a disturber of domestic peace and a poisoner of hearts.

– The Marchesino is right, said the latter, whistling a motif from the Barber of Seville between his teeth ; sentimentality is out of fashion, my dear teacher; do as I do, throw the spark of the fire and pass. To be loved by women, it is necessary to despise them; I count a thousand conquests achieved only with this mighty weapon of contempt.

– Your conjectures are erroneous, friends, said Daniel – my bad mood does not come from women; I am not a college student to be saddened by so much.

– And you too are losing weight like a dead lover, he added [51]il marquisino – you don’t eat anymore, you don’t drink anymore, you don’t come with us anymore to La Favorita on Sundays. What diascine catches you?

– I am not well, my friends, I suffer with my nerves, but I hope to soon recover my sanity and good humor.

A burst of laughter greeted these words.

– Ah! ah! he suffers with his nerves! fashionable disease, generic disease and good thunder …

– It is probable that he suffers from hysteria, Stefanello resumed, laughing.

Meanwhile Daniele had left his little cloak on the sofa; and he too had thrown himself down in the midst of his friends. It was nearing the end of November. The walkway was lit, as the weather was dry and cold. He expected lunch to be served.

– I bet you haven’t heard Pacini’s Niobe , said the Marchesino, waving the pieces of wood in the walkway.

– Oh! I have heard it three times, Daniele replied, and always with equal pleasure; it is a magnificent work.

– Pasta is unattainable in its part, Stefanello exclaimed, leaning her back against the ledge of the walkway: she is a prodigy! What a soul and what an art! How the spirit of his song guessed! In his duet with Unger he tears the hearts of the spectators!

“You are already one of the tenderest admirers of this prima donna,” remarked the Marchesino, it is safe to bet that she is madly taken with you.

– Oh! let’s not talk about this; added the heartbreaker with a slight smile of triumph, I have seen many others fall at my feet, and what beauties! I am stucco of the theatrical genre; they are fortresses too easy to conquer.

– Come on, go, we know what you are capable of, great seducer, the Marchesino said again … It is certain that the praises of Pasta in your mouth become suspicious. The S. Carlo theater has already become a field of Guelphs and Ghibellines for this actress. For me I say, and I refer to the opinion of my professor here present, that Pasta when it abandons itself to the impulses of its nature is great, it is surprising; but which sometimes falls into exaggeration due to imitation inspiration. With regard to her song, it is undoubted that in her passages from low to medium thunder she does not place much ease and flexibility. Isn’t that right, master?

Daniel, to whom this last question was directed, contented himself with making an affirmative sign with his head. He was not out of his thoughtful concentration. Meanwhile, Daniele’s two guests were beginning to find the delay of lunch too long: they had already consumed several cigars for each; they had largely exhausted all the futile subjects of conversation; however, they began to stroll eagerly for the sitting room.

– Your cook is an executioner this morning, remarked the Marchesino.

– We will want to give our Daniele a lunch to the very diplomat, said Stefanello, and that is why he will keep us waiting until five o’clock.

– He is very well, resumed the first, and while he persists in his taciturn sentimentality, we will reduce another cigar to ashes.

The Marchesino took an elegant cigar holder out of his pocket, took out a tube of American leaves and set about looking for a piece of paper to light it.

– Oh! an unopened letter! he exclaimed, putting his hands on the letter from Lucia Fritzheim, which Daniele had thrown up in one round with the other objects which he had taken out of his pocket.

Daniele remembered that letter and ran to get it from his friend’s hands, but he had already read the address and name of the one who wrote it.

– I found it! I found it! exclaimed the Marchesino in an air of triumph, and jumping on a chair so as not to have his booty stolen; here is Daniele’s secret; here is the deal read.

Stefanello had also taken the Marchesino’s side to prevent Daniele from touching the letter.

A furious fight ensued. Daniele was struggling like a lion not to have the letter read which might have uncovered his relations with the roadman’s family; but he was one against two and could not last long in the conflict. He was therefore able to grasp the letter, which was torn into two parts, one of which remained in the hands of the two friends and the other in those of Daniel. The latter hastened to throw the piece that remained in his hands into the flames of the walkway.

The other two read the following letter stump:

“Daniele, my Daniele,

It is already the fourth month that you have me ab ………

days hour by hour, minute by minute ………..

sun reproach; I am resigned to ………..

other … God make you happy … I’m m ………..

maybe take pity on me by taking me off …………

become the husband of another. The med …………

Ambrose that I enter the first degree of you ……….

around my bed they believed me ………..

I loved you, Daniele, and how much I love you …………

I will no longer be on this earth. I melt you ………..

I forgive you the death you give me. Soltan ………..

first word of love that exchanged us …………

that you do not abandon my unhappy family ………..

my brothers and especially that not …………

for that poor creature of Uccel …………

you will be happy next to the don …………..

Goodbye … goodbye … forever ………….

talk about me that only one other v …………

by chance my death was announced ………….

day of your life, since the day …………

was for me the happiest … to …………..

Daniele, my Daniele … Lucia ».

Marchesino and Stefanello had not finished these passages of the letter, of which every word had made Daniel’s heart tremble for fear that there might not be some unexpected revelation, when the servant, appearing at the door of the drawing room, said:

– Lunch is in order, gentlemen.

The two friends resumed in the smoke of the food and among the delicious wines, making their comments on the singular letter they had discovered.