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Last year, taking advantage of the popularity of TWS earphones, HIFIMAN released its own true wireless earbuds TWS600, which received rave reviews. Geek has also had the honor to evaluate this excellent fever wireless earbuds before. It is not modest to say that the performance of TWS600 in the vocal and instrumental music has almost no rivals at the same price. Recently, taking advantage of the Double Eleven craze, HIFIMAN has launched a new product TWS600At which is more biased towards ACG tuning style. It can be said that TWS600 is a youthful new product based on earplug shape and topological diaphragm technology.

TWS600A continues the classic caldera texture design of the previous generation, and its appearance is highly recognizable. To say that the appearance is different from the TWS600, mainly in the appearance of the charging box, the egg-shaped appearance of the TWS600 is more futuristic, and the TWS600A charging box uses a more fashionable lipstick shape. In this way, not only is the battery box more compact, but after optimizing its weight, the TW5600A charging box plus earplugs weighs only 50g, which is very easy to carry out of the street. Of course, the TWS600A has made some compromises on the power of the charging box, but it still has a battery life of up to 19 hours (earplug + charging box). The author has measured its battery life at the normal frequency of use (communicating + lunch break for about 3 hours a day): TWS600A can be recharged for about a week. TWS600A retains the previously well-received Type, C fast charging interface, and there are 4 orange LED power indicators directly above the charging port, the power prompt is more intuitive, and there will be no embarrassment when using it without paying attention to the power consumption. Happening. Unlike many other brands of wireless earbuds, when charging, you need to press hard to ensure that the contacts are in good contact. The magnetic suction contact of the TWS600A will be automatically pressed by the box body when the charging box is closed. The author who discovered this hidden design couldn’t help but give HIFIMAN’s obsessive-compulsive designer manual praise.

Let’s talk about the actual wearing and using experience of TWS600A. The single earplug of the TWS600A weighs only 5g and is extremely lightweight. In addition, the ear tube of this earplug is longer, and the body will not be crowded around the auricle when worn, so it not only wears comfortably, but also ensures that the auricle has sufficient tactile perception of the earplug. Another advantage of a long catheter is that the earplugs can penetrate deeper into the ear canal and also improve the tightness of wearing. In addition, TW5600A also provides 8 pairs of silicone earplugs. If the ear canal is more sensitive to compression, it is recommended to replace the default silicone sleeve with a two-section and three-section design like the author to further improve the wearing comfort. In terms of immersion, official data shows that the TWS600A isolates 22 dB of ambient noise. It is actually measured that on a noisy subway commuting everyday, the TWS600A can basically isolate the quiet conversations of people around in the standby state. When experiencing sound quality in an office environment, the author even directly missed the conversation between the girl next door and buying coffee_TWS600A For users who like mobile games, it is really a conscience wireless earbud. TWS technology reduces the delay of wireless headphones to Low enough, whether it is “Glory of the King” or “Stimulus Battlefield”, the delay and clarity of the TWS600A’s sound field are very well supported by the mobile game. Coupled with ACG tuning style optimization, large-scale team battles and multi-person gun experience. TWS600A can be seen as a mobile game weapon. Because of the addition of HIFIMAN’s topological diaphragm black technology, the TWS600A’s sound texture is very transparent, and the separation of instrumental music and vocals is very high. Not only does it not fall into the HIFI sound quality test, but even if it is a serious live version of music In the above, it can also help the fans easily distinguish the obvious difference between the performance area and the position of the off-site call. In addition, under the premise of giving full play to the advantages of real men’s analytical power, the TWS600A’s high and medium frequency is clear and clear, so that when ACG enthusiasts catch up, the ears can taste the voice charm of CV big touches. Even on the popular talk show network, outdoor live broadcast and even cross talk special viewing, the TWS600A has given young people a great listening experience, which is in line with the current listening tastes of young people who like ACG and the trend-setting point.

the Mumbai municipal government announced that the largest slum in Asia, Mumbai, India-Tarawi slums on the 20th new cases of 30 new cases of coronary pneumonia, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 168 cases, of which 11 death. The report said that Talavi ’s first confirmed case was discovered on April 1, and the number of confirmed cases has since risen, which has brought serious challenges to the authorities ’epidemic prevention work.

“Crowded, sultry, food shortage, Talavi is struggling”, “Sometimes hundreds of people will share a bathroom, clean bath water and soap are luxury goods here,” “People’s anxiety is rising” , The latest Reuters documentary described Talavi during the national blockade. The report said that despite the government’s blockade of the area and increased testing of new coronary pneumonia in children, experts are still worried about the number of infections rising further. Indian virologist Shahid Jamir said that the population of Mumbai ’s slums accounted for about 65% of the city ’s population. “I ’m concerned that it ’s only a matter of time before the (outbreak) outbreak in these places”

Because people living in slums lack basic protective equipment such as masks, they cover their faces with handkerchiefs or shirt sleeves. There are also people who spontaneously use small cars, bicycles, and wood to close the path to warn “no outsiders”. Reuters reported that the Mumbai authorities used drones to monitor the activities of people living in slums to prevent them from gathering illegally. According to the Maharashtra State Medical Commission where Mumbai is located, starting from the 11th of this month, government testing agencies have sent people into Talawi to conduct extensive 10-day tests on the people there. The patients who were classified as suspected cases after the test will be placed in an Indian version of the “Square Cabin Hospital”, a converted stadium in southern Mumbai.

As Talavi has been listed as a key epidemic prevention area, and nine reception areas have been set up inside, the slum has been basically closed. However, both the Indian government and the Maharashtra government require basic living security for the people living in the slums. Municipal staff will also regularly deliver materials such as rice noodle oil directly to the door. In addition, the charitable foundation of India Reliance Group also promised to provide up to 30 million free meals for low-income people including slum people. As of now, the foundation has donated a total of 5.35 billion rupees (1 rupee is about 0.1 yuan).

According to a report by CNN on the 20th, in the past 24 hours, India has added 1553 new cases of new coronary pneumonia. According to reports, this is the highest number of newly confirmed cases in India in a single day since the outbreak.