Treat her husband as a comrade-in-arms and a girlfriend as a lover

  I went to Chicony Plaza with my girlfriends on the weekend. This was my first shopping since the outbreak began. My husband resolutely refused to go out of the community and go shopping for dinner unless he had to. He felt it was a joke about his life.
  In fact, it is not that serious, Dr. Zhang Wenhong said, we must be psychologically prepared for long-term sporadic cases. But people can always find reasons for exaggerating things they don’t want to do.
  I pretended to be an enthusiastic invitation, and he shrugged off. He didn’t want to be true, and I wanted him to be false. Although it was expected that I was rejected, I pretended to invite it warmly. It seemed that I was reluctant and reluctant to choose a girlfriend, but my husband was arranged very well.
  Many things between men and women are not in the same rhythm, especially shopping. In my eyes, the urban business district is full of bright spots, and it is worth exploring again and again. In his eyes, mold spots are everywhere. As long as he enters the mall, he becomes Mr. Sanno: this is not fun, that is not fun; this is not good, that is not good; this is not good, that is not good;
  Think about it or the power of love. When in love, he can buy me a pair of shoes and accompany me to three shopping malls. Now the three counters are impossible. But it doesn’t matter, love is always a short-lived ghost anyway. The friendship between the comrades-in-arms is “I’m not here, you can top it”, other than that, everything else is extravagant.
  But to live, you still need a little lover’s thoughtfulness, acquaintance, madness and indulgence. The safety card of middle-aged women is their best friends.
  My requirements for my girlfriends are very low, that is, to be able to eat together, go crazy together, play together, and exaggerate each other. If I want to find a deep-minded friend, I can read a book. The love of girlfriends should be as shallow as between lovers, silly, talking silly, and doing silly things to be reliable, fun, and meaningful.
  With this mindset, my girlfriends and I always adhere to the three good principles: look good, buy! Delicious, eat! Fun, play! The criteria for judging a girlfriend and a lover are the same. But girlfriends are more reliable than lovers in that they are completely financially independent of each other. As long as the relationship between two people does not involve money, and there is no such thing as “you have to buy it for me”, it will be much easier.
  The good life of a middle-aged fairy requires a comrade-in-arms who doesn’t often drop the chain, a few girlfriends who can be crazy and young again, plus an unscrupulous boss and a job with a decent income. As for the separation of the parents, the children are always being demon, the lower abdomen is getting harder and harder to deal with, and the skin cannot fight gravity. These are problems that cannot be solved in a while. If you can’t solve it, you have to rely on it, and it’s good to get it out; if you can’t get it out, it’s fate, as long as you accept it, let it go.