TopMedLab attend Nanchang CACLP

●The 17th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument and Reagent Expo (CACLP) was postponed twice and finally kicked off today at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center.

ROFI INFINI automatic dry fluorescence immunoassay analyzer was first publicly released in CACLP·Chongqing from the first generation machine in 2018, and obtained the second generation machine registration certificate in March 2019. In 2020, it is the third time to participate in CACLP. Many users and partners started with CACLP and joined hands with CACLP. Thanks to every user and partner who supported us and witnessed each step and development of TopMedLab.

The ROFI series products have been favored by many users and partners since they were launched on the market. This year’s CACLP did not disappoint. The new and old members of the ROFI series with the latest upgrades once again brought you many exciting highlights and new experiences.

Highlight 1: ROFI INFINI

Although it is the main old member of the familiar ROFI series, after continuous optimization and upgrading, the performance has been greatly improved, and you are welcome to experience on-site operation.

Highlight 2: COVID-19 antibody test

COVID-19 IgG/IgM RAPID TEST KIT (New Coronary Antibody Test Kit) has now obtained CE certification, FDA certification, and export whitelist. With the unoptimistic form of the epidemic abroad and the upcoming mass production of the new crown vaccine, there will be a broad Market space.

Highlight 3: CRP/PCT peripheral blood 20ul combined test

CRP/PCT combined detection reagent, 20ul of peripheral blood can get two test results with one card and two tests at the same time, which reduces the purchase cost. It can not only meet the needs of pediatric inflammation detection, but also is an essential inflammation detection item for current fever clinic solutions.

Highlight 4: ROFI automatic dry biochemical analyzer

The ROFI automatic dry biochemical analyzer is a new instrument that Dingshi is working hard to develop. It has a familiar feeling and a brand new experience.

For more exciting highlights, please come and visit!

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