Three-section exercise saves “mouse hand”

“Mouse hand” is not just caused by using the mouse for a long time. As long as the finger is mechanically moved repeatedly for a long time and the wrist is moved, it may cause hand strain.

In addition, the mouse hand is not completely equivalent to carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse hand has a larger range and includes tenosynovitis in addition to carpal tunnel syndrome. For this problem, the author recommends a set of three small gymnastics.

Section 1: Stand with your feet up, shoulder width apart, and throw your hands back 100 times.

Section 2: Take a cross step, and add movements of the hands, especially the wrists. It is similar to the twisting Yangge. It is better with music, 5 minutes each time.

Section 3: Cross your fingers and flip your fingers. When you cross your fingers, lift your head from your chest as far as possible, and try to stretch your head from the top of your head to your back 100 times.

During the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Outbreak The US military sent benefits. On the 27th local time, the US Department of Defense decrypted three UFO videos and officially announced the authenticity of the video itself. These videos were shot between 2004 and 2015, and were previously leaked, causing a lot of UFO fans. The Ministry of Defense stated that the decryption was to clarify the public’s misunderstanding of whether the video is true and whether there is more content. However, the British “Guardian” said on the 28th that the Pentagon personally confirmed the authenticity of the UFO video, which is bound to trigger more speculation and reverie about the interaction between humans and aliens.

According to a report by CNN on the 27th, the Pentagon officially announced three UFO videos that day. The video was shot by US Navy personnel through an infrared camera, and the UFO moving speed in the picture is astonishing. On September 17, last year, the US Navy admitted the authenticity of these videos. Pentagon spokesman Goff said in a statement on the 27th that these videos are now officially released to clarify public doubts and misunderstandings about the authenticity of the circulating video. The statement said that after a thorough investigation, the Department of Defense has confirmed that the authorized release of these non-confidential videos will not reveal any sensitive military forces or weapon systems of the US military, nor will it affect the follow-up investigation of the “unidentified flying phenomenon” intrusion.

These videos were filmed between 2004 and 2015, and were exposed by a U.S. civil UFO research organization called the “Star Academy of Science and Art” from December 2017 to March 2018. It can be clearly seen in the video that UFO suddenly appeared at an altitude of 80,000 feet (1 foot is about 0.3 meters), dived rapidly to sea level, then stopped at 20,000 feet, and hovered in the air. The speed was quite amazing. You can also hear the US Navy fighter pilot shouting: “What the hell is this?” “It’s amazing!” Some people asked in the video, is this UFO a drone?

Lieutenant Colonel David Flavor, who had witnessed the UFO in 2004, told the New York Times in 2017 that he and his colleagues were piloting super hornet fighters for regular training. The ship was found to have traces of a mysterious aircraft. They have been tracking the aircraft for two weeks and instructed 2 people to investigate. He then discovered that a 12-meter-long oval white object floated above the sea surface. So he began to descend, and the object ascended, as if to meet him halfway, and then the object accelerated away. Flavor told CNN that the movement of this aircraft could not be explained with common sense, “When I approached it, it quickly accelerated southward and disappeared in less than two seconds. Very suddenly, like a ping pong ball hitting The wall suddenly bounced to the other side. ”

The U.S. government’s attitude toward UFO issues has always been unabashed. The US News Weekly said that the Pentagon did not intend to open these videos to the public at first, but suddenly admitted that the authenticity of the video may have a lot to do with the increasing professionalization of domestic UFO fans-they are pushing the United States The government announced the truth, which includes the “Star Guest Academy of Arts and Sciences”. Deron, the founder of the agency, said he had heard people say that the US government kept confidential information about the alien corpses. He also said, “Several aliens of different races have been to Earth for the purpose of finding resources. In order to promote human evolution, aliens regularly manipulate human genetic genes.”

There are many Americans like Deron who are fascinated by UFOs. According to Newsweek, about tens of thousands of Americans report to the police, the Pentagon, the media, etc. that they have seen UFO every year. According to statistics, since 1905, the number of U.S. reported sightings of UFO has exceeded 100,000. But these so-called UFO sightings were eventually identified as clouds, meteors, birds, meteorological observation balloons, etc. However, no matter how reasonable the official explanation is, it can only convince some of those who are fascinated: “The government is deliberately concealing the truth, and I see UFO.” Lob, the dean of the Harvard School of Astronomy, pointed out that seeing this kind of completely contrary to common sense, he believes that this is a phenomenon caused by human himself, and has nothing to do with nature.

“News Weekly” mentioned that in 2007, in order to study UFO incidents in the air, the Pentagon once established a secret research project-“Advanced Flight Threat Identification Plan”. The initiator of the project was Reed, then the majority leader of the Senate, and the executor was Elisondo, a Pentagon official. From 2007 to 2012, the Pentagon and Nicada-based military supplies company Bigelow Aerospace invested $ 22 million in UFO research. However, due to the Pentagon ’s refusal to continue funding and the U.S. government ’s consistent principle of confidentiality on UFO issues, the project was terminated in 2012, and Elisondo subsequently submitted his resignation to the Department of Defense.

In 2017, after leaving office, Elisondo said in an interview with CNN, “Although these UFOs may pose a serious threat to the security of the United States, the Ministry of Defense strongly opposes further investigations. There is very convincing evidence. It shows that some of the flight characteristics displayed by these objects we call flying objects cannot be found in the US equipment library and currently known foreign equipment libraries. ”

Even if the official secret research project is terminated, some US Congressmen are still very interested in UFO issues. CNN reported that last summer, many senators received confidential briefings by U.S. military personnel on UFOs. Cohen, a spokesman for Democratic Senator Warner, said at the time, “If pilots report a danger in Oceania or elsewhere, interfere with their training or put them in danger, Senator Warner will want answers. Whether it ’s balloons , ‘Little Green Man or something else, we can’t let pilots risk unnecessary lives.’

Due to the increased number of UFO cases reported by pilots, the U.S. Navy issued guidelines in April last year that stipulate how pilots should report, track, summarize, and store data when they believe they may have seen UFO. The increase in UFO incidents also alarmed US President Trump. According to a report by Forbes magazine on the 28th, he said in an interview with the media last year that even though reports about pilots discovering UFOs have increased, he still cannot believe that UFOs really exist. He said that with regard to UFO reports from the Navy, “I have seen, read, heard, and even had a brief meeting. However, when people say they see UFO, do I believe it? No.”