There are no shortcuts in the world

  All shortcuts are lies. Anyone who peddles shortcuts will try to misbehave.
  Do n’t overestimate the worship and favor of others, but ignore the effort and persistence that you really need to pay. Those who truly love you should always advise you that things in the world are not easy, and any achievement requires extraordinary effort. Persistence is not necessarily good, and persistence is not good, sooner or later. Just like your parents won’t tell you, come here, you and I will work in partnership, and just invest a little, you can lie at home to collect money, and guarantee you a monthly income of 10 million. Unless, they are MLM personnel.
  A former colleague resigned violently, with the idea of ​​“getting rich overnight”, joined a business organization, and after paying a franchise fee, he firmly believed that he had entered a reliable team, as long as he picked up his mobile phone. The dream of getting rich will soon be able to enter the upper class with reliable resources. The former colleague has neither a skill nor a solid background. I asked her, why do you believe you can make a fortune quickly? She returned, when you met a group of good people, find a shortcut, making money is not easy? Not only that, she also persuaded me to join many times. When I refused because I had no fortune, I was mocked by her for being a man who didn’t know how to work around and deserved to live a poor life.
  Sure enough, she opened the “shortcut to get rich”, mainly to make a circle of friends, inspiring chicken soup is essential, and mobilize friends to join the “fortune road” to make a fortune. However, one year later, not only did she not make a fortune, but she also “betrayed her relatives”, because her eyes are low and her hands are idle, she can only rely on credit cards to support her face.
  There are always a few people who imagine that there are shortcuts in the world, speculation and ingenuity, and bruises all over the body, but they do not understand, time is conserved, and the way to go must be one step.
  Coincidentally, the wind of parent-child shows has arisen in recent years, and those interactive activities are all full of the taste of making a show. Before the event, some parents were full of expectations and hoped that the children would appreciate gratitude and learn to take responsibility through this program … It seems that after the child participates in a program, the whole life will be plated with gold. But it turns out that many children are still ignorant when they return home. Parents will complain that the program transformation is not strong enough, and the child will be beaten back when he returns. It is really curious, what can an entertainment show, a small experience change? Participating for quick success, thinking that after a few days of hard work, you can develop a confident and brave personality, which is simply a dream of ignorant parents.
  Education should be slow and firm. Parents need to lead by example and nurture meticulously if they want children to grow into adults with sound personality.
  In the era of efficiency first, people want to be quicker when doing things. I want to lose weight a few times in the gym; I want to learn a language quickly in a week; take seconds in takeaway; sign up for an art interest class, I will have a fantasy art temperament; participate in a foreign trip, I hope to achieve an extraordinary worldview; come to a desert depth It seems that you can develop perseverance and tenacity.
  It seems that no matter whether you are working in the workplace, or learning and education, “mastering skills” and “quick reaching” are the magic weapon for winning. Among the various golden rules, no one has ever told you that growth needs to follow the rules, and it should be done step by step.
  I remembered an interview. The reporter asked Chu Shijian: “Some people are curious. You decided to grow oranges at the age of 74, and oranges take several years to bear fruit. Why don’t you choose other things that have more immediate results?” Chu Shijian said: “So much in society Many people think of it, they want to find a shortcut. Especially young people, just a few years after graduating from college and entering the society, they want to be famous. In fact, this is not the case. There are many things in life, not a straight line. ”
  Zi said:” I have five devotions to study in my tenths, standing at thirtys, not forty at fiftys, knowing my destiny at fiftys, obedient at sixtys, and doing what I want at my seventies, not exceeding the limits. ” There are no exceptions and shortcuts. All efforts and persistence are respect for time and life.
  Those who have become major events will not only have the talent to go beyond the world, but they will also have perseverance. There is no short cut for the future