There are also industrial chains for candid photos, beware of privacy being trafficked

There was such a thing reported in the news: One day, a couple thought it was meaningless to roll sheets on a hard bed at home every day, so they wanted to create a little fun and went to a hotel to open a room.

This kind of creativity to improve the taste of life is certainly not wrong, but they are husbands and wives who have been married for 10 years. Go to a five-star hotel? Go to a clean and hygienic budget hotel? Or will you go to a small family hotel? The husband and wife struggled for a long time. In the end, reason overcame romance. The couple decided to go to a family hotel 5 kilometers away from home for a romantic night. The money saved was enough to buy Xiaobao a transformers.

Less than 100 yuan, fulfilled the couple’s wish. Yu Yun is gone. One day, his wife was pulled into a QQ group online and found that someone was reselling erotic videos. Out of curiosity, his wife couldn’t help but look in and felt that the heroine was a little acquaintance. Look at it again, isn’t the figure and the appearance of the disheveled hair clearly the self in the blind light?

His wife felt a thunderstorm, and quickly called her husband to identify. My husband was almost stunned after watching it. The male protagonist with big belly was right. “Where did something go wrong? How could we be photographed secretly? The husband and wife are usually at home…” Wait a minute, the couple look at the left and right. This angle, this environment, is clearly the last time I went to romance. In that little hotel. The old man and his wife are so successful.

On one occasion, I received a consultation from a female reader. She and her ex-boyfriend decided to break up. After the man had been struggling, it seemed that he suddenly figured it out, and asked to meet her for the last time, and then let go completely. She still had the last kindness in her heart, and she decided to date her ex-boyfriend once in the hotel, which was a final souvenir for each other.

They couldn’t resist rolling the sheets. The man halfway said that there was a WeChat to return, so he took the phone and used the camera to return to WeChat. She didn’t think much about it at the time. It wasn’t expected that a few days later, the ex-boyfriend sent over the sex videos that day to request compounding, and threatened to make the sex videos available online if she disagreed. Fortunately, she was brave and decided to go to the police immediately. Her ex-boyfriend finally agreed to delete the video completely, but this caused her serious psychological trauma. “I don’t dare to believe any men now, nor dare I start my next relationship. I just feel sick when there are boys chasing me.”

Some time ago, the South Korean “Room N” incident that was hot on the Internet, an unscrupulous Korean man used a direct sales agent to create a global sensational sex video scandal, and hundreds of thousands of Korean men were involved. This also reminds us: people with bad intentions are nearby, they hide the secret camera device in corners that you can’t think of, and capture videos that you can’t face in your life, so as to satisfy your own desire to peep or money.

According to media reports, there are also many sneak shot organizations in China, forming a special criminal industry chain: some people stay in various hotels to take advantage of the opportunity to install sneak shot equipment, and some people sell sneak shot videos to illegal websites at home and abroad, making profits at high prices.

You see, the candid camera in the Internet age is so pervasive, so you can’t guard against it, even if you are in a stable intimate relationship and have a fixed place of sex, you can’t take it lightly. So, nowadays that candid photography is becoming easier, how can we avoid becoming the hero and heroine in fragrant videos? The following suggestions can help you:

1. Try to choose regular hotels with good conditions. Illegal and irregular small hotels are more likely to hide the hidden danger of being photographed.

2. Check into the hotel and remember to check the hotel environment first. Check if there is suspicious place to install candid camera equipment, focus on checking near TVs, windows, lamps and lanterns, you can search online anti-candid camera detection techniques, and purchase certified detection equipment (such as electronic dog).

3. Even in love, it is necessary to be alert to the other party’s candid camera behaviors during intimacy.

Drive carefully for thousands of years. In this era of the popularization of sneak shots, we must avoid our privacy being made public, and don’t let sneak shots become a hurdle in our feelings or even our lives.