Theater Warmth

  The freshman joined the Literature Society at the beginning of the first year, and the senior and senior sister organized a welcome ceremony for our group of “Xiaomengxin”. After drinking enough, the night is rare. I do n’t know who proposed to go to the movie, and immediately received a response that everyone had never expected. Some people are responsible for booking tickets, some people are responsible for taxis, a group of white horse teenagers who have just met, howling from the east to the west of the theater.
  President Sister Qing has long been familiar with the local familiar road, and took the opportunity to introduce us to the locations around the school. Before arriving at the theater that is filled with fluorescent lights like a gentle planet, it will soon be set in a foreign country for the next four years. A ray of thread stood up in front of the eyes.
  Before this, I did not have the habit of going to the theater. With a few tens of dollars for a thin movie ticket, waiting hard for the movie to open, you may not be able to choose the location you like. These are real points for reducing points, but the souls of the dozens of literary teenagers are getting closer Nearly night, I understand the reason why people go to the theater. The energetic young people sat comfortably in a row in front of the screen, feeling the tenderness of the new collective, dissolving the melancholy of being alone in a foreign land, and turning into a sense of belonging in the distance.
  It seems that if I have seen a movie in a theater in a certain city, I am truly a resident here. After the film ended, the crowd returned, and the campus at night no longer looked strange. It turns out that watching movies is second only, and the most important thing is with whom to watch movies, and what has been said and done in watching movies. The cinema covered with a layer of golden cream, no trivial restaurant, no ambiguity in the cafe, no chaos in the bar, so peaceful and accommodating.
  The ignorant male and female college students, holding the roses that are enduring on Christmas Eve, chose the place for the first date here, the boy thoughtfully wrapped his arms and blocked the crowd for the girl outside; sleeping in four The big and small guys rushed out of the elevator like the wind and chose to come here to cherish the life of the collective “single dog”; there are also lonely girls who are here, showing the comedy “Charlotte Trouble”, but curled up in the last row alone and took off The high heels cradled their legs and cried and put on makeup.
  The theater opened a gap to the heart, allowing everyone to remove the disguise and enjoy the release, and then return to normal at the end of the film, leaving here if nothing happened.

  In the long waiting time, I had the habit of watching people in the theater.
  Among the waiting crowd, most of the sweet-skinned couples lie in a massage chair whispering comfortably. When the movie opens, it does not seem so important; the middle school students who just finished the exam have no time to go home and change their school uniforms and laugh In the hall, the youthful atmosphere is as rich as popcorn; there are also children who are hesitant to lie in front of the dining table, and they have not chosen their favorite drink until the last minute of admission. Point to the sweetest one. The lights in the hall are dazzlingly unreal, and it is the best season in the world.
  There is a pair of mother and daughter, which seem to be a bit discordant in this dazzling light.
  The show was a cartoon with very few viewers on the day, and the deserted ticket counter made the mother and daughter thinner. The mother was wearing a simple and outdated yellow velvet sweater, and her daughter, who was in her early tens, was carrying a bag that had been brushed repeatedly.
  It should be the first time to come to the theater. The ticket clerk just reported the fare, and the mother complained that it was too expensive and took her daughter to leave. The daughter believed it was true, and even if her eyes were unwilling, she could only leave with compromise.
  The ticket seller was embarrassed, shouting at the mother and daughter, telling them that they can enjoy 50% discount when buying tickets with the APP, and completed the ticket purchase for the mother. Putting the print ticket just printed in the palm of his hand, the girl who got what she wanted finally calmed down.
  In fact, compared to the fare of popular movies, a movie ticket for forty yuan is really not expensive.
  When entering the field, passing by the popcorn machine, the daughter was secretly swallowing, the mother paused, and the bent back image was written in a dissonant stroke on the edge of the years. She counted a few crumpled change and handed it to her daughter, her tone softened by love: “Go and buy a bucket.”
  This is all I can remember about all the memories of this mother and daughter. Over the years, it has continued to give me a moist state of mind.
  I think, this mother may be engaged in a humble job, receiving a tight salary, the cabbage bought an expensive one, but also nagging for most of the day. Her daughter, compared to her peers, seemed to have half her childhood happiness. The consumption that has been popularized for a long time, such as watching movies, is a luxury for them, and it is a feast worth dressing up for.
  However, even the weakest person has the right to watch a movie and enjoy the fun of life. I want to tell the girl in a naive and sincere tone: compared with the children who were raised in honeypots and have not experienced wind and rain, you do n’t have to think about how to face the world, just raise your head proudly, without scruples. Move forward. I hope that one day, you will be able to see the tender movie in the theater without any pressure.
  May you grow as crazy as buckwheat and go on so fearlessly.

  During these two years at work, time is never enough, and life seems to never belong to me. I stayed home from work in the early hours of the morning, slumped in bed, too late to wash, closed my eyes for a few seconds, it was another weekday, and the last time I entered the cinema, it seems that it was two years ago.
  That year the phoenix bloomed, but life ushered in a period of pain. The signed job is in a different province, the work pressure has already been heard, the sword has not been prepared, and it is already a river and lake to go out. The newly graduated Maotou, afraid of not being recognized for his work, or of facing a group of xenophobic colleagues, only expects time to go slower, and can extend a few inches more in the last few days at home.
  One evening when I was waiting for a job, I went out to pick up my cousin after school. My cousin, who was in high school, ran out of the school gate and flew a pair of big eyes into my arms, saying that he had entered the fourth place in the class and asked me to reward her with a movie.
  The nostalgic hometown town has a population of hundreds of thousands, so there is only one theater in the pedestrian street in the center of the city.
  The film we chose is “Big Fish Begonia”, a story about self-salvation. The director spent ten years making a big dream of spring and autumn. The ancient fish of Beiming spent eight thousand years waiting for a reincarnation. At the end of the song, as the subtitles at the end are slowly pulled up, it seems that the flood that has been closed for a long time has been poured. I suddenly burst into tears, for myself who is not brave enough, for a worthwhile tomorrow. The myth extends from the screen, like passing through a world of life and death before being held by our hands with two hands. Suddenly, it makes people feel broad and insightful.
  Eating, sleeping, working, looking for, hugging, arguing, and falling in love, we take a one-way journey of less than one hundred years among all living beings. At the dust, there must be some moments when you need to press the pause button and use a movie to come Soothe yourself. It turns out that so many people like to go to the cinema, not watching movies, but their own stories. Sometimes they don’t know the meaning of the song and understand that they are already in the song.
  Spectators dispersed from the late-night theater, and they each dispersed into the depths of the night. Most of the shops at the entrance of the theater have been closed, and the commercial area known as the city center is the only place where the barbecue stalls are also full of fireworks. I used to be obsessed with nostalgia for this ukiyo-e, but tonight, I wanted to become a big fish that went far away. The fear of the future in my heart, now finally disappeared.
  Just like the familiar theater is only suitable for occasional encounters, the charm of my hometown will eventually wear off day and night. This summer, I decided to take advantage of my youth to go far away, and wait for the winter to return, and then taste a warm movie with my old friends.