The unknown advantage of “skip reading”

Make sure to read the content so that “quick reading” will not miss important content.

In this regard, some people criticized: “This is not the way to read a literary work.” These people mean that the depth of the work is reflected in the lines between the words described in detail. Of course, this argument is indeed good, if conditions permit, intensive reading is naturally better.

But the real problem is that for many people, it is too difficult to read dozens of books that are three to four hundred pages thick. Many people may give up from the beginning and spend a lifetime of never studying. In contrast, using the fast reading method can at least keep you in contact with the book, isn’t it bad?

For example, Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”, if it is tough, it is difficult to bear in terms of time and energy. However, if the read-only protagonist Anna and her husband, or Anna and her lover’s interaction scene, are very interesting, can be read in one breath. This part probably only accounts for 30% of the whole story, but in a sense, reading them is equivalent to reading the whole novel.

This feeling is like watching a movie. Literary and artistic works are often made into movies, but not all sentences will be replaced with images, but will pick interesting parts, and then promote the plot based on the dialogue. Quick reading is the practice of this process in daily reading.

In fact, this method has many advantages.

First of all, by reading quickly and successfully, you can be confident in your reading ability. The thicker the classical works, the more confident can be transformed into pleasure.

Secondly, the reading volume will also increase significantly. It used to be possible to read only one or two books a month, but now it is possible to read one book a day, that is, 30 books a month. If it is all the kind of books that are easy to read for entertainment purposes, this number is not a big deal, but if it is difficult to read classical works, it is another matter. The knowledge and wisdom drawn from the classical works is definitely different from before.

Again, continuing this “skip reading” can develop the ability of analogy. For example, Dostoevsky’s “Karamazov Brothers”, one of which is a poor second-class captain angrily told Alexei Karamazov: “I can’t take this kind of money!” Even if only this part is read We can also use the character’s tone, to a certain extent, to see his heart, interpersonal relationships and past causes, and speculate “what he must have encountered before, so that he wanted to receive but could not receive the money.”

At first glance, skipping seems difficult, but it is not. This is also the same as watching a movie. Even if you skip some scenes and do not watch it, it is not difficult to launch the approximate plot in between. Especially people who often watch movies should have been used to this kind of “filler”. It is not difficult to achieve a certain level of reading, as long as you exercise with enough reading.

And in this process, the brain will work at full strength, making the imagination more abundant. Come to think of it this way, this kind of reading method is simply very profitable.