The terrifying “evil vortex” on earth

  It is said that there is a simple but hidden murderous mysterious map circulating around the world. This map is marked with 12 locations, which are like cursed: in these places, planes, ships and people sometimes disappear suddenly. , Strangely missing. They have a frightening codename-“Evil Vortex”.
  The birth of “evil vortex” of
  before when it comes to these strange vortex, we have to mention one key figure – Ivan Sanderson (1911-1973), because the phrase “evil Vortex”, originally mentioned by him from.
  Sanderson was born in Edinburgh, England. He was educated at Eton College and Cambridge University, studying regular natural sciences, and later naturalized as an American citizen. He lived in New York and became obsessed with some supernatural phenomena and became a famous naturalist. Scientist and paranormal investigator.
  Sanderson founded the “Unidentified Phenomenon Research Society”. He is very interested in cases of strange disappearances of ships and planes, and likes to link these unknown disappearances with supernatural phenomena and make “reasonable” explanations.
  From the 1940s to the 1960s, there were reports that many ships and fighter jets disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle one after another, and the atmosphere of terror permeated this strange area. When it comes to the Bermuda Triangle, people are both very curious and uneasy. As an investigator of supernatural phenomena, Sanderson certainly will not miss the opportunity to explore this area. But with more and more abundant information and deeper research, the more he felt that there was not only one weird area like the Bermuda Triangle on the earth, but there should be 12 places!
  Therefore, based on previous research work, Sanderson wrote an article on “12 Evil Vortexes” in the early 1970s, titled “12 Evil Hiding Places on Earth”. According to Sanderson, these 12 places are as shocking as their names. They are areas on the planet where the disappearance rate of planes, ships, and people is unusually high, and there will definitely be electromagnetic wave anomalies and other unexplainable supernatural phenomena when they disappear. .
  Protruding from the “vortex” in the claws
  , then, these 12 regions are located in what position the Earth it?
  Sanderson asserted that the 12 “evil vortices” are distributed along specific latitudes, mainly in the tropical climate of the earth: 5 are located near the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other 5 are located near the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. The remaining two are the north and south poles. These locations are far apart from each other, but the distance between two close locations is roughly the same.
  In Sanderson’s statistical list, the diamond-shaped area in the eastern part of Miami, the United States, is the western end of the infamous Bermuda Delta. Due to the huge volume of air and sea traffic in the area, the frequency of strange disappearances is very high.
  Bizarre disappearances and mysterious time warping events often occur in another area. It is the Devil’s Sea Dragon Triangle between Iwo Jima and Marcus Island in eastern Japan. What happened here has turned it into a terrifying area, and the Japanese government has officially designated this area as a danger zone. What is interesting is that the Devil’s Sea Dragon Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle are both located in the southeast of the mainland, and both are in exactly the same direction as true north and magnetic north. They are symmetrically separated in the east and west hemispheres.
  Sanderson believes that the cold air, hot air and ocean currents flowing through these 12 areas may cause electromagnetic abnormalities, strange failures of machinery and instruments, and mysterious disappearance of aircraft and ships at sea. According to the data, Sanderson calculated that the degree of anomaly produced by each “evil vortex” is not the same. Among them, the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon Triangle (the Devil’s Sea) and the South Atlantic Anomaly Zone have the strongest anomalies.
  After merging into the Earth Grid…
  Later, three Soviet supernatural investigators not only continued Sanderson’s research, but also expanded his “evil vortex” theory. In 1973, they drew a “Earth Grid System Map”, which drew the original 12 “evil vortexes”, and also marked the locations of important Earth’s prehistoric civilization areas, gravity anomaly areas, and earthquake fracture zones in the map. And other information. To facilitate analysis, they also used Platonic polyhedra.
  Plato once speculated that the basic structure of the earth should be a more complex geometric shape-the Platonic polyhedron, which is today’s regular polyhedron, which means that all faces are congruent regular polygons and the number of faces connected by each vertex is the same. Convex polyhedron. At that time, Plato connected the regular tetrahedron, regular hexahedron, regular octahedron, and regular icosahedron respectively to the elements of fire, earth, air, and water on the earth, while the remaining dodecahedron was connected with the breath of life on the earth (to maintain The power of life).
  Drawing on Plato’s ideas, Soviet investigators linked 12 locations with regular polyhedrons and published an article titled “The Earth Is a Giant Crystal? “The article.
  The article formally proposes that these regions have a clear pattern-with 12 vortices as the vertex angle, a tetrahedron (imagine a dice with 20 faces) will be formed on the earth, like a continuously rotating dice Huge crystal, but also has special energy-12 regions together form a “cosmic energy matrix” covering the earth, the intersection of the lines between them and the intersection of the lines and the grid of the earth usually have unusual characteristics . For example, the locations of advanced prehistoric civilization points, unique wild animals, or other mysterious phenomena marked on the “Earth Grid System Map” almost overlap with these intersection points.
  When we first look at this comprehensive map, we may think it is not unusual, thinking that it is just 12 ordinary grid points. However, in the eyes of the investigator of supernatural phenomena, they are the important points of the earth, hidden deep in the mysterious power of little-known. It is said that these 12 places are like evil whirlpools. When these whirlpools are “opened”, the electromagnetic will be abnormal, and people and objects will be “sucked in” and disappear without a trace.
  is this real? Of course, this idea has encountered many doubts. Some people think that some of the disappearance cases can be explained clearly even with very common knowledge, and some people even suspect that some locations are fabricated.
  Despite this, the 12 “evil vortexes” continue to this day, and people are still spreading their evil nature, such as the Wharton Basin in southwest Indonesia, which is said to be the place where Malaysia Airlines 370 disappeared in 2014. .
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  12 “evil vortexes”?
  1. Mohenjo-Daro Death Hill
  ”Death Hill” is an important city in the civilization of the Indus River Basin. It was built around 2600 BC until 1900 BC, which was a flourishing civilization for 700 years. Located in Sindh Province of Pakistan today. Mohenzo-Daro is one of the early ancient cities in the world and is considered one of the most advanced civilizations at that time.
  2, the Bermuda Triangle
  Devil’s Triangle, one of the world’s most famous whirlpool points. It is said that supernatural phenomena and violations of the laws of physics occur frequently, as well as numerous disappearances.
  3, Hawaii crater
  this submarine volcano south of the Hawaii is one of many ships and aircraft missing locations.
  4, Algeria pillars
  of these mysterious ruins located south of Timbuktu.
  5, sea devil
  is said, 1952– 1954 this sea had five Japanese warships disappear, and warships were sent to look for the boat disappear without a trace.
  6, the Arctic
  disappeared in the Arctic incident did not seem strange? It is cold and dark here, and at the top of the world. Maybe there may be an adventure to meet Santa Claus or a snowman in the North Pole.
  7, Zimbabwe stone
  is said that these lost spectacular level of civilization, the Europeans do not want to admit they are built by Africans, insisting that Zimbabwe influenced by European culture.
  8, Easter Island
  these famous Easter Island statues, located in Easter Island, where the race has gone through cannibalism, and so terrible history. Rumors indicate that these idols were placed here by aliens.
  9. The
  special place of the South Atlantic anomaly (free zone) is that it is the place closest to the surface by the internal radiation of the earth, and even interferes with the observation signals of the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station.
  10. North New Hebrides Trench
  This trench is one of the deepest areas in all oceans, and it may hide many ancient secrets and undiscovered creatures.
  11, Wharton Basin
  where most likely disappear MAS 370 locations, signal black box on board in April to be traced back to this area.
  12, South Pole
  South Pole, so a top, where the sun can disappear for a whole year of the phenomenal world should be enough than people marvel!