The story will shine

He is deaf and mute and earns his living by begging. He is not an orphan, and he once had a warm home. Late at night, he often remembered his family members, the small river in front of his house, and a story his father often told him. At the end of the story, there was a nursery rhyme that was catchy and deeply engraved in his mind: “I love my hometown, I love Xuyi.”

He and his family were separated, an afternoon ten years ago: I still remember that day home from school, my father came to pick him up. He stared at a toy windmill on the stall and refused to move. Dad said, there is no spare money at home to buy toys, go home. He was angry and turned his head in the opposite direction. Dad was also angry and went home first. Dad thought that if the child is older, it won’t be long before he gets hungry and will go home by himself. Unexpectedly, he never found his way home this time… He remembered vaguely that he met a van on the way, the stranger in the car waved at him, and he got into the car indifferently. When the sheep entered the tiger’s mouth and the van went to the far north, he was forced to start a begging career.

After ten years, he met the deaf and mute and asked the other party, “Where is Xu Yi?” But he did not know how to write the exact two words. Who can know that it is a small town in the south? Kung fu paid attention to people. Finally, one day, he met a deaf-mute friend who had read a book and had knowledge. The friend told him that in the humid and warm south, there was a place called “Xuyi”, which might be what he was looking for. hometown. A friend enthusiastically wrote a letter of help for him. After several twists and turns, the Xuyi County Police received the letter. It was another search, all the information was matched with the missing case many years ago…

Ten years later, the father and son met each other, condensed speechlessly. Dad had white hair and he became a big boy. To his father, he excitedly drew a sign saying, “I love my hometown, I love Xuyi.” This silent nursery rhyme lingered in his mind for ten years.

The nursery rhyme in this story is like a lighthouse, guiding him, a helpless drifting boat in the vast sea, to find the way home. Story, hometown, old people. Following the faint light from the nursery rhyme in the story, he finally found his hometown and recovered his old man.

The story will shine, it can illuminate the future, it can also light up memories, so that you no longer wander in the darkness alone.