The real “half orcs” in prehistoric China

  About half-man and half-animal legends, perhaps we have heard a lot since childhood: in ancient Chinese myths and historical legends, there are many half-human and half-animal appearances. Our ancestors, Fuxi and Nuwa of the descendants of Yanhuang and Huangdi, as well as the water god who made trouble in the mountains, are all “human heads and snake bodies.” Two well-known figures, one is Shennong and the other is Chi You, both are “bull heads.” Shennong is the Emperor Yan. “Shennong’s Herbal Medicine” is said to be a famous medical book written by him after he has tasted the herbs. Because he governs the South, it is also called the “Southern Emperor”. There is also a saying that Emperor Yan is the sun god. Chi You is a descendant of Emperor Yan and is famous in history for his frequent wars with Emperor Huang. Legend has it that their seventy-two brothers, all of whom are “bull-headed human bodies”, are so fierce and fierce that the Yellow Emperor suffered a lot. These rumors are recorded in the “Shan Hai Jing” and some historical books. There are many half-human and half-beast monsters mentioned in “Shan Hai Jing”. For example, Lu Wu who manages the Kunlun Mountain Palace has a human head and a tiger body, and has nine tails; for example, the people in this country are “human head and fish body”; There is Zhaoying who manages the Queen’s Garden of the Yellow Emperor in Kunlun Mountain. It has a head and a horse and a pair of wings, a typical flying horse image.
  There are also the “Journey to the West” that we are very familiar with, the bull demon king, the bull head human body; the pig eight ring, the pig head human body; and all kinds of monsters in the mountains, it is not the animal head human body.
  In Western myths and legends, there are also many gods and monsters of half man and half beast. In Greek mythology, centaur and centaur are like Nesas and Cinto. The centaur constellation in our astronomy today is named after Cinto. Half-human and half-sheep, such as the mountain god Satiros and the water god Paine; the bull-headed human body, such as Minotto, was born of the Queen of Crete Pahifa and the bull, twice as tall as a normal person, and a roar can shock the whole city , Was later killed by the brave Prince Sisius of Athens. There is also Cycrops with a human head and a snake body. He is the ancestor of the Athenians. He first lived in Egypt and then moved to Crete, where he founded the city of Athens under the protection of the goddess Athena.
  There are also many half-humans and half-beasts in Egyptian mythology. For example, the sun god Ra, an eagle-headed human body, mighty and brave; the evil goddess Drag, like a fat woman with a hippo head; the world-famous Sphinx, the Sphinx, whose huge stone statue still stands today In the Egyptian desert…
  Although myths and legends are unreliable, art is always higher than life, but art also comes from life. Otherwise, why did the simple-minded ancestors of the ancient times have to work so hard to create some unnecessary half-humans and half-beasts to deceive themselves? This seems a bit inconsistent with the logic of the evolution of human thinking.
  If we take a more avant-garde perspective and explain these myths and legends from the point of view that aliens came to the earth in prehistoric times, can we think that there are indeed half-human and half-beast creatures in the universe and their evolutionary methods? Unlike us, their technology is better than ours?
  But aliens are also unreliable, although we believe they may exist and are watching us on a distant planet-just like we often stare at ants, and ants do not know that we are watching it.
  From a biological point of view, many people may say that the so-called half-human and half-animal creatures will never exist, because humans and animals have different numbers of chromosomes and different genetic genes. How can it be possible to combine human-beast monsters?
  However, just not long ago, according to British media reports, by Newcastle University Lyle? The research team led by Professor Armstrong successfully produced Europe’s first batch of mixed human and animal embryos. They implanted cell nuclei extracted from human cells into cow egg cells from which the cell nucleus has been removed. In the “cytoplasmic hybrids” that they cultivated, 99.9% of the genetic material comes from humans and less than 0.1% comes from animals. . This batch of “cytoplasmic hybrids” survived for 3 days, and the fastest growing one contained 32 cells.
  Are there really half-human, half-beast creatures in the universe?
  According to a recent report by the US media, in the past few years, American scientists have added human stem cells to the developing embryos of many animals, secretly concocting many hybrids of half-human and half-animal creatures similar to the “Kemira” in Greek mythology. product. In Greek legend, Kemira is a fire-breathing monster with a lion head, a sheep body, and a snake tail.
  According to reports, in an ongoing experiment, Jeffrey of Minnesota, USA? Dr. Pratt injected human blood stem cells into pig embryos; in other experiments, Ismail of the University of Nevada? Scientists led by Zanjani have added human stem cells to sheep embryos; in some experiments, scientists injected human brain cells into the skulls of mice. When these mice with human brain cells peered out of their cages, God knew what they were thinking.
  It can be seen that half-human and half-beast creatures are not really impossible to appear.
  In recent years, some scholars believe that perhaps in a certain era in the evolution of life, half-human and half-beast creatures appeared.
  These views come from some new discoveries in archaeology.
  Not long ago, archaeologists discovered a stone age petroglyph in Australia, which painted strange creatures. They believe that these rock paintings are sketches of ancient “painters”, and the creatures in the paintings are hybrids of humans and animals.
  The Australian Museum in Sydney studies Boll? Christopher, an expert on taphole petroglyphs and an anthropologist at Cambridge University? Chippendale believes that there were hybrids including half-humans and half-horses in the early days of civilization, and they were entirely possible neighbors of primitive people.
  Ancient statue there have been a lot of half-human, half beast as
  they not only found in Australia and South Africa 32,000 years ago Shoutou people, as well as the head of the beast rock paintings and petroglyphs of these strange world for the first time carried out the most detailed study . Scientists carefully studied nearly 5,000 petroglyphs of human ancestors, and systematically sorted out the frequency of their appearance and the types of hybrids painted, and also determined their ages, and finally concluded that “there were indeed humans and animals in ancient times.” The conclusion is that primitive people can’t draw things they haven’t seen.
  In ancient Greek legends, there are many half-people and half-horses coming down from the Greek mountains, and the relationship with the local residents is very tense. Because these half-human and half-horse monsters are addicted to alcohol and have a bad temper, they have had conflicts with humans more than once.
  The Greek scientist Talis also persuaded his master, Berliander, not to give the horse herd to unmarried shepherds to graze, so as not to give birth to some half-human and half-horse monsters. The Roman satirical poet Juvenalis also has such accounts, saying that Roman women often seduce animals.
  Someone asked Alexander Guriyev, an expert in mythology and an associate doctor of history, where the humans and beasts came from. Guriyev’s answer is: In ancient times, many peoples believed that they were descendants of animals. For example, in ancient times, people from the Western Regions believed that monkeys were their ancestors. Some people in the Indian peninsula believed that their ancestors were horses. Some countries in Southeast Asia believed that their ancestors were horses. Dogs are their ancestors.
  Are there any possible questions about the interbreeding of humans and animals, Alexander? Guriyev replied that the scientific community firmly rejected this possibility in the past, but recently some serious professional publications began to publish some experimental reports on geneticists, saying that they had successfully cultivated the so-called chimera in test tubes. That is, one part is human cell, and part is beast cell. In the eyes of geneticists, humans are not much different from these animals, only a few percentage points. Although rare, spontaneous mutations always occur. No one can say that humans have had such mutations from time to time, because scientists have never conducted universal genetic analysis.
  Where did the half-man and half-beast come from?
  Looking through the medical literature since the 19th century, it is not difficult to find some examples of giving birth to humans and animals. For example, the famous theologian Setler asserted in 1940 that the so-called freaks were probably the result of the interbreeding of humans and beasts. There are also serious scientists such as Barcelosus and Cardano, as well as the famous Italian surgeon Rizeki. They have recorded several cases of beasts giving birth to children, including horses and elephants. , Dogs, and even lions.
  Someone might say that if half-humans and half-beasts have really appeared in the evolution of life on Earth, evidence must be produced, such as fossils. Why hasn’t a fossil of a half-orc been found? They will not leave a trace on the earth, just disappear out of thin air, right?
  Indeed, so far scientists have not found the fossils of the so-called half-orcs, but not all creatures appearing on the earth have left fossils. In the billions of years since the emergence of life on earth, the creatures that can survive as fossils may be only a small part of them, and very few. It is really fortunate to be able to become fossils by chance, and to let future generations know that they have been there, have been brilliant, and have lived like you and me. Many lives are just like clouds in the sky, “lightly I came, and lightly I left, leaving no trace”. Think about it, before the 1820s, who would believe that there was a large group of animals called “dinosaurs” in the long history of life, they had lived on the earth for nearly 180 million years?
  There are too many things we don’t know.