The person who talks the most in sleep

  In the dead of night, when Dion McGregor fell asleep, he would talk in sleep, and his words clearly described many things. His roommate recorded his dream story on tapes. Let’s see how his dream would give What weird story we tell.
  ”When the crocodile popped out of Edwina’s leg, did you know Edwina didn’t cry? She didn’t even yell in fright, she was fascinated by the crocodile. Observe the crocodile carefully. But her mother fainted, her father fainted too, and half of the waiters around also fainted. Edwina was standing there, watching the crocodile biting her leg… you know Edwina said she always wanted to be an adventurer!”
  This is a vivid story with characters and plots, but it does not come from the mouth of a certain storyteller, but a dream talk by a person— Welcome to the strange dream world of Dion McGregor.
  Nonsense in crazy experience
  Dion McGregor is an American during the day, he harbored a secret ambition is a singer, but to the dead of night, everything becomes different, this time he is the world’s most cited An eye-catching sleeper, because what he said in his sleep was so special.
  His dream talks are longer than ordinary people’s dream talks, which can be described as “continuous sleep talks”. Each dream talk is like telling an interesting story. His composer and roommate recorded his dream talks and recorded more than 500 paragraphs. His dream talk is enough for you to listen for dozens of hours. Later, McGregor’s composer’s roommate had a whim and assembled these very storytelling dreams into a tape album and published it like a music album. His dream talk is like a treasure house of dreams, fascinating people and attracting the attention of a large number of enthusiastic fans.
  McGregor’s tapes of sleep talks lead us into a “dreamland of dreams” of a sleeping person. The stories he tells are described in amazingly detailed, just like what happened in real-time “live” dreams. In these “live” stories, some describe what he did in his dreams, and some tell the experiences of other protagonists. Most of the protagonists are weird characters, such as the aforementioned crocodile biting his leg but not at all. The scared Edwina. And his dream story is sometimes full of drama. For example, the protagonist of a dream story came to a poor place, had a meal at a rotating table in a restaurant, and played a dangerous Russian roulette game with others. In the dream, McGregor said in a dramatic and crazy voice, “Spin! Spin! One of us will be hit by a bullet!”
  These are just some of McGregor’s many dreams. People are very curious about his dream stories. Sleep researchers have also noticed this special dream talker. They think this “dream journey” is very interesting. They hope to explore the mystery of people’s dream talk through recording.
  Behind the magic in your sleep
  researchers used software to analyze the MacGregor stay in your sleep recordings, we found McGregor dream story often some fantasy elements, such as mermaids, centaurs, pterosaurs, unicorn and so on. Obviously, McGregor’s imagination was not simply limited to everyday things. Of course, many people will have similar fantasy dreams, but compared to other people’s dreams, McGregor’s dream story is more reasonable. Every story has an inherent logic and the plot has a specific theme. The world in his dreams usually does not have strange jumps. For example, a storyline does not suddenly change to another. From the “onset” to the end of the dream, the scene or characters rarely change.
  Researchers believe that he is not in the dreaming stage when he speaks in sleep, such as the rapid eye movement stage of sleep (the motor cortex of the brain is very active during this period, which is the most dreaming period in sleep), but in a special state of half awake and half asleep . In the dream story, he is more like an active participant, because people are more passive when they are really dreaming, unable to control what they say, but McGregor’s strange sleep state seems to make him in the story Control their actions unconsciously.
  Researchers have not been able to determine the real reason why McGregor said these dream stories. In the future, they hope to collect data on people talking about sleep while they are sleeping, such as using some sleep call recording apps to record their dreams and compare them with McGregor’s dreams. If someone is similar to McGregor, he can talk in sleep like a story. Maybe we will know the secrets between McGregor’s dreams, dreams, sleep and character.
  McGregor is considered to be the most talkative person in the world when sleeping. Of course, some people suspected that he was pretending to sleep and talk in sleep, but based on such a large number of file records and the emotions, characters, and clues of the story in sleep, researchers believe that this is unlikely to be a scam.
  McGregor died in 1994. In the second half of his life, he seemed to have overcome this strange nighttime habit and no longer “talked about in sleep”. However, the tapes about his dreams were left, and they still attract a lot of attention. If you want to know what other stories about his dreams are, maybe you can look for them.