The mystery of the mysterious death

  In order to reveal the true face of Lop Nur, through the ages, countless explorers have given up their lives and forgot to go deep into it. There are no lack of tragic stories, and even Lop Nur has put on a veil of mystery. Some people call the Lop Nur area a “devil’s triangle” on the Asian continent. The ancient Silk Road passed through it. Throughout the ages, many lone spirits and wild ghosts wandered here, with dead bones everywhere. When Fa Xian, a high-ranking monk of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, traveled westward to pass through this place, he once wrote, “There are many evil ghosts in the sand river, and those who meet the hot wind will die, and none of them will die…” Many people died of thirst not far from the spring. It happened.
  In 1949, a plane flying from Chongqing to Dihua (Urumqi) disappeared over Shanshan County. It was discovered in the east of Lop Nur in 1958, and all the people on board died. What is puzzling is that the plane was originally flying northwest, so why did it suddenly change its course to fly south?
  In 1950, a guard of the People’s Liberation Army’s suppression unit disappeared. After more than 30 years, the geological team discovered his body in Hongliugou on the south bank of Lop Nur, more than 100 kilometers away from the accident site.
  On June 17, 1980, the famous scientist Peng Jiamu disappeared during an expedition in Lop Nor. The country dispatched planes, troops, and police dogs, and spent a lot of manpower and material resources to conduct a carpet search, but found nothing.
  In 1990, seven people in Hami took a passenger car to Lop Nur to look for the crystal mine, and never returned. Two years later, people found three mummy bodies under a steep slope. The car was 30 kilometers away from the dead, and the whereabouts of the others are unknown.
  In the summer of 1995, three employees of Milan Farm went missing in a Beijing jeep to explore treasures in Lop Nor. Later explorers found the bodies of two of them seventeen kilometers away from Loulan. The cause of death is unknown, and the whereabouts of the other one is unknown. What is incredible is that their car is in good condition and there is no shortage of water and gasoline.
  In June 1996, Chinese explorer Yu Chunshun disappeared during a solitary hiking expedition in Lop Nur. When the helicopter found his body, the forensic examination had been dead for five days. It was neither suicide nor homicide. Why did he die because of his strength?

  It was October 2004, and Lao Sun rushed into Bayinbrook to buy wool for the last time before closing the mountain. Bayinbuluk in October is already a bit chilly. Lao Sun drove his second-hand Beijing 212 (this kind of car is most suitable for running on the grassland), and drove one after another.
  The so-called grazing point is the place where Mongolians graze and live. Nowadays, although a large part of the Mongols have given up the life of chasing water and grass and moved to townships and counties, a small part of them still maintain this way of life. They go wherever the water plants are beautiful. And the place where the aquatic plants are fertile naturally forms a pasture spot. There are very few people in a pastoral site, at most 40 or 50 people. There are too many people to compete for grassland.
  Since the pasturing sites are mobile, finding these pastoral sites is the biggest difficulty Lao Sun encountered. But Lao Sun grew up in the fifth district (the largest settlement in the Bayinbulak grassland) since he was a child. He is familiar with this place, and he knows where the grass grows densely and where herders must come.
  Lao Sun drove for two days and walked four or five pastures, but the gains were not great. The aquatic plants in these pasture sites are not very luxuriant. If there are less sheep, there will be less wool. But Lao Sun knew very well that if you drive further in, you will definitely find a large pasture and a large pasture spot.
  Lao Sun continued to drive deep into the grassland. After about a long time, the grass was getting better and better. Old Sun felt happy and was about to arrive. With such lush grass nearby, there must be large pastures and flocks of sheep. This time I can return with a full load. I drove in for another hour, and it was getting closer to the evening, and Lao Sun suddenly felt a little strange, such a good grass, there should be sheep along the way, why did I not even see the shadow of the sheep after driving for a long time? Is there no herders here yet? But soon, Lao Sun denied this idea, because Lao Sun saw the shadow of a few yurts on the mountainside ahead.
  Old Sun was overjoyed and drove over quickly. Getting closer to the yurt, but Lao Sun’s heart is getting colder. Because there seems to be no one in this yurt! Generally like this evening, when the herders come back for dinner, cooking smoke will rise from the chimney of the yurt, which can be seen from a distance, but these yurts cannot see the cooking smoke. Moreover, with the arrival of strangers, you can hear the barking of the Mongolian dog from a distance, but the old grandson never heard it. The yurt is quiet, without any sound. In the evening, it is quiet when eating fast. , Is unusual.
  Lao Sun quickly drove to the yurt, got out of the car hurriedly, and shouted: fellow, is there anyone? After shouting several times, no one responded. Lao Sun walked to the door of a yurt and looked inside, as if there was no one inside. Lao Sun simply got into the yurt to see what happened. This is a very traditional yurt, neat bedding, clean coffee table, facing the door, there is also a portrait of Genghis Khan hanging, Lao Sun picked up the teapot on the coffee table, the water inside was still warm! Outside the yurt, some clothes were aired. Lao Sun touched it, it was still wet, as if it had just been washed. All signs indicate that the people here should have just left, but it is getting dark, where did they go?
  Lao Sun went into several other yurts, all without exception. No old people, no children, no dogs. Lao Sun found a shotgun in a yurt, this is the most trusted thing for the Mongolian grazing! They will never drop the shotgun wherever they go. Lao Sun picked up the gun and took a closer look, the gun was loaded! what happened? Generally speaking, herders will not easily load the gun, and it is not a joke in case of a fire, unless a very dangerous situation occurs. But in this peaceful yurt, how could there be a loaded shotgun? The old grandson’s mind is messy, everything at this pastoral spot seems to be ordinary, but when you think about it carefully, it is unusual. As night fell, the pasture point was still very quiet, a little terribly quiet. With a glimmer of hope, Lao Sun sat back in the car and wanted to wait and see. Maybe the herdsmen will help the old and the young to come back happily after a while? But Lao Sun waited until it was completely dark, and did not wait for this scene.
  Lao Sun is a little scared, what is going on? Where are the herders here? Where’s the flock? Where’s the horse? How come all living things disappear? It disappeared clean and without a trace. What happened in this fertile pasture site? The more Lao Sun thinks about it, the more afraid he becomes. He can’t stay here anymore, everything is wrong here! So Lao Sun didn’t care whether he received the wool or not, he turned around and left this strange place.
  Lao Sun left, watching from the rearview mirror that the yurts gradually disappeared into the night, Lao Sun’s nervous heart was relieved. This time, Lao Sun didn’t plan to take it anymore, and was not in the mood to do anything anymore. Lao Sun drove the car to a pasture spot overnight and spent the night. In the pastoral spot, Lao Sun told the Mongolian compatriots what he had seen and heard that day. The herders also find it strange that they have lived in the grassland for generations and have never heard of such things. Lao Sun didn’t ask anything of value, so he had to stop.
  When Lao Sun returned to the county from the grassland, the first thing he did was not to transfer the wool, but to report to the county Public Security Bureau. But the police in the Public Security Bureau heard his story but didn’t take it seriously. In their view, the herdsmen in the pastoral site had all moved collectively, and the yurts were deliberately stayed there and come back next year. Lao Sun told the police some details and explained that they would never do this, but the police were unwilling to open the case. He also said that Lao Sun was unreasonable to make trouble, and Lao Sun had no choice but to walk out of the police station in depression.
  At the beginning of the second year, Lao Sun once again entered the grassland, trying to find the unmanned pastoral spot, but strangely he couldn’t find it. Not only did the yurt disappear, but the extremely fertile grassland also disappeared, as if it had never existed.
  Whenever Lao Sun mentioned this to me, he couldn’t conceal his inner fear: They really didn’t move away, they really disappeared, disappeared! Disappeared in the depths of the prairie, disappeared into the thick night…Old people, children, sheep, horses, and dogs…