The mystery of the Murder Mirror

  In November 1997, the French Antique Collection Association suddenly held a press conference to warn all antique collectors not to collect an ancient mirror with the words “Louis Allpo 1743” engraved on the frame, because it is a magic mirror. Who uses it? If it takes a photo, it will die! According to statistics, at least 38 people have died under the magic of the mirror!
  The news exploded quickly. This is really an extraordinary press conference. As a formal organization, publishing such a news is really too interesting, because the story of the magic mirror is only in fairy tales in people’s minds. The plot will only appear in
  However, you cannot believe the facts. It is said that the magic mirror was made by craftsman Louis Elber in 1743, and he became the first victim of the magic mirror. He suddenly fell to the ground on the third day after the mirror was made. He died of cerebral hemorrhage. Later, a flour dealer bought this beautifully made mirror in the store as a birthday gift to his wife, but the next day, he also died of a brain hemorrhage. The sad wife didn’t want to see things and think about people, and then she didn’t know how to deal with the mirror. The magic mirror disappeared for a while, and 22 years later, the magic mirror appeared again and was bought home by a publishing editor to shave. Within two days, the editor died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. Over the next 200 years, the Magic Mirror killed more than 30 people. No matter how healthy a person is, as long as they get the Magic Mirror, it will be difficult to escape the doom of death, and all of them will have a cerebral hemorrhage! Horror!
  Maybe you don’t think it is believable. The above example may just be a coincidence? To be honest, most people don’t believe that there is a magic mirror that can kill people invisible. Therefore, the 38th victim, a scientist who did not believe the above story, wanted to find out about the magic mirror. So after searching for a long time, I finally found the magic mirror in May 1997 and bought it for research. But he looked at the magic mirror for a long time, it was just a mirror with a beautifully carved frame, nothing special, and he did not feel any strange feelings from studying the magic mirror, just when he despised the “magic mirror”. On the third day, the scientist also fell to the ground suddenly and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.
  Scientists have also caused murder! This really can’t be taken seriously, so there was the press conference of the French Antique Collection Association mentioned above. Since then, the magic mirror has been sealed as a monster. Various explanations about the harm caused by magic mirrors also emerged. Most people think that the problem lies in the mirror surface. Perhaps the mirror surface is made of unusual radioactive materials?
  The only American archaeologist, Dr. Wynne, conducted a detailed study of the mirror in July 2006 and found that the mirror surface had been replaced by people about 100 years ago, and the damage to the magic mirror started more than 200 years ago. It can be concluded that the problem does not lie in the mirror surface, but is probably related to the mirror frame. So Wyan scraped some sawdust from the frame for testing. It was found that the wood of the frame contained highly toxic substances. This substance is usually hidden in the wood, but when exposed to sunlight, it will volatilize and be inhaled after being released. When I feel it, people die from a burst of blood vessels in the brain. After learning of this result, Wyan was very afraid. Fortunately, he had a habit of drawing the curtains during the day. It was this habit that allowed him to escape the misfortune of becoming the 39th victim of Magic Mirror!
  As for what kind of wood the mirror frame is made of, the result of the analysis is a poisonous tree species that has been extinct more than 100 years ago. This kind of tree is also very rare more than 200 years ago. I don’t know how the mirror craftsman got such a piece of “baby” wood. Wanting to sculpt a “treasure mirror”, but backfired, killing himself and killing more than 30 innocent people.
  But the story about the magic mirror is not over yet. It is said that after Dr. Wynne exposed the old story of the magic mirror in 2006, the magic mirror disappeared mysteriously and disappeared! How many lives will it create in the future? unknown. What a devilish mirror!