The mystery of “Champagne Pool”

  Champagne is a kind of wine used to celebrate the festive season. It has a festive and romantic color. It is called “the wine of victory” and “the wine of auspiciousness”. Every holiday, people always want to drink champagne to celebrate. Tell you a good place to drink champagne-Waikato District, New Zealand, where there is a “Champagne Pool” with a volume of 50,000 cubic meters, which is steaming and a lot of carbon dioxide bubbles escape from the pool, making you feel like you are in In front of the huge wine tank.
  What’s the matter with this “champagne pool”? Is the pool really full of champagne? Hurry up and go to New Zealand to have a look.
  Incredible big pool
  New Zealand is located on an island in the southwest Pacific, the territory of the South Island and North Island is mainly composed of two main islands, the North Island volcanoes and hot springs, glaciers and lakes of the South Island and more. As soon as I set foot on the land of New Zealand, I saw the grass everywhere, full of greenery, and a midsummer scene. Huh, what is going on? It turns out that New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, and the seasons are exactly opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. In addition, it has a temperate maritime climate with little temperature difference in the four seasons. Therefore, the growth of plants is very lush.
  The “Champagne Pool” is located in the Waiotapu Geothermal Area, Waikato District, North Island. Starting from a city called Rotorua, walking about 30 kilometers southeast, we came to a basin surrounded by shallow mountains. Looking around, the basin is surrounded by lush vegetation and lush greenery. Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, the scenery is beautiful and beautiful. In the middle of the basin surrounded by vegetation, lies a pond with a volume of about 50,000 cubic meters. This is the destination of this trip-“Champagne Pool”.
  Watching from a distance, the “Champagne Pool” is steaming hot, and the milky white water vapor is lingering and lingering on the surface of the pool, like mist and light clouds are rising, giving people a dreamlike feeling. As I approached, the big pond in front of me gradually became clear: it is almost circular, about 65 meters in diameter, and the water in the pond is steaming, like a large pot of water that is being heated, which makes people feel a little frustrated; Surrounded by a circle of orange-red rock walls, even the water below is smudged into a bright orange-red color, which is in sharp contrast with the gray-white volcanic ash slag around, as if a beautiful lace has been embedded in the pool, and it also adds A layer of mystery.
  Stop by the pool, and if you look closely, you will see a large number of bubbles rising in the water, just like champagne bubbles in the glass. Looking at them, you may not help but think that the pool in front of you must be delicious champagne!
  The “champagne” that cannot be drunk
  walks on the side of the “champagne pool”, you must be very careful, it is best not to cross the fence by the pool to prevent accidentally falling into the pool. Because the deepest part of the pool is 62 meters; more importantly, the temperature of the pool is very high. According to observations, the temperature of the water in the pool is maintained at 73~75℃ all year round, and the temperature of the water gushing from deep underground in the pool is as high as 260℃. Due to the heat dissipating into the air, when this groundwater spreads to the entire pool, the temperature drops to only about 70°C. Even so, you should never try to step into it, because the hot pool water will quickly make the skin spoiled.
  Having said that, you should understand that the “champagne” in the pool is not a delicious wine. Yes, the water in this pool is not real champagne, but an ordinary hot spring. Different from ordinary hot springs, the spring water of the “Champagne Pool” contains a lot of gas, which is mainly carbon dioxide, but also a small amount of nitrogen, methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. These gases are rushing out of the pool in the form of bubbles, really like champagne that is bubbling, plus the orange-red lace inlaid on the wall of the pool, the pool in front of you looks like a full of champagne. Wine glasses, one can’t help but think of the ancient sayings of “Grape Wine Luminous Cup”. Looking around, if the big round pool is like a huge wine tank, standing next to this “wine tank”, even if you don’t drink, I believe you will have a romantic and festive opening of orange champagne in your heart.
  Although the “champagne pool” is not filled with real champagne, most of the people who visit here will fall in love with champagne, and some people even bring champagne to drink here. If you want to drink champagne, buy a bottle in a nearby village. The taste of drinking champagne while standing by the “champagne pool” is something you can’t experience anywhere else.
  Giants missed broken jar
  each to “Champagne Pool” of visitors, and my heart will be filled with this question: this mysterious and beautiful pond is how did this happen?
  There is a local legend that a long time ago, a giant who liked to drink lived in the mountain. This guy was not only very lazy, but also liked to eat free meals. He often sneaked into nearby villages to steal alcohol. No matter where the wine is made, as long as he knows it, the wine there will be stolen. Sometimes, this thief-sexed man would shamelessly rob him after being discovered. Because he is a giant, humans cannot fight with him, so they have to pray to the gods for help. One day, the gods really went down to earth. The giant had just returned from stealing wine from a village, and met the gods halfway. The giant panicked, so he hurriedly hid the wine jar in his clothes, trying to escape the interrogation of the gods. Unexpectedly, the wine tank suddenly fell to the ground, smashing the ground out of a big pit, and all the wine flowed into the pit, becoming a big pool full of liquor. The giant hurriedly reached out for the wine jar, not wanting his big hand to be smashed by the sharp wine jar fragments, the blood immediately stained the pool… The giant became angry and fought with the gods. The two fought for three days and three nights, and the giant was finally captured by the gods due to lack of mana.
  But what to do with this big guy? The gods are also worried. After thinking about it, he decided to bury this hateful guy under the big pond, so that he could smell the wine but not drink it.
  This punishment of the gods made the huge crowd angry. He was angry and heated the water in the entire pool. After the heavy breath entered the bottom of the pool, a lot of bubbles would rise from the water…
  Volcano hydrothermal eruptions
  , according to scientific investigation, the formation of “champagne pool”, in fact, is the result of a volcanic eruption 900 years ago.
  Volcanic eruption refers to a phenomenon in which magma and other eruptions are released from the crater to the surface in a short period of time. It is the strongest display of the earth’s internal heat on the surface. How did volcanic eruptions form? If you have seen steaming rice in a pressure cooker, you will understand the principle: When the rice is steamed, what will happen when the air plug of the pressure cooker is removed? That’s right, there was a hot air wave from the air hole, accompanied by the hissing sound of water vapor eruption. The principle of volcanic eruption is similar to this. 900 years ago, a volcanic eruption occurred in the area where the “Champagne Pool” is located, and a large amount of magma washed out from the ground. After the volcanic eruption stopped, groundwater poured out from deep underground to fill the crater, and the “champagne pool” was formed.
  Today, although the crater where the “Champagne Pool” is located no longer erupts, the lava below is still very active. They are like a roaring fire, burning the groundwater very hot, so the water in the pool is steaming and the temperature is very high. . While the “fire” “boils water”, it also separates the carbon dioxide and other gases dissolved in the water, so there are a lot of bubbles in the pool water constantly rising. And because the silicic acid geothermal liquid emerging from the ground contains supersaturated metal-like compounds (such as arsenic sulfide and antimony sulfide), they are “squeezed” to the edge of the pool and slowly settle down. These sediments are bright It is orange-red, so colorful lace is formed by the pool, which looks very beautiful.