The mysterious “Quiet Place”

  The “Quiet Place” is located at 27° north latitude, at the same latitude as the Bermuda Devil’s Triangle and the Egyptian Pyramids. However, this does not seem to explain its mystery, but some strange phenomena that have appeared here are still unexplainable: electromagnetic waves disappear without a trace when they arrive here; meteorites are everywhere here, and meteor showers are a frequent visitor here; airplanes fly over. In the sky, the navigation system completely failed; all kinds of paleontological fossils are everywhere like garbage; some trees and cacti, which are dark purple in other areas, turn green as soon as they are moved here; the adjacent area is stormy, but here is always The scorching sun is like a fire, and the scorching sun is roasting the hot earth; UFOs and three-headed sheep are even more popular topics after meals among the surrounding residents.
  About 1 billion years ago, land gradually surfaced, making it the first land in Mexico to see the sun. In the long years since then, human beings have not left any traces on this piece of land, and it still maintains its original tranquility.
  It was not until one day in 1966 that Harry Beria, an engineer of the Mexican National Petroleum Corporation, discovered that electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, radio walkie-talkies, and satellite remote sensing systems have completely lost their utility here. “It is like an electromagnetic storm. The eye of the wind is general, unable to receive information from the human world. Therefore, Beria immediately named this place “Quiet Place”.
  In 1969, the British astronomer Bernard Lovell observed a meteor approaching the earth and began to track its trajectory. After entering the atmosphere, the meteor began to burn and disintegrate, the largest of which suddenly changed its original flight direction and flew towards North America, finally falling on the edge of the “Quiet Land”.
  In the early 1970s, a NASA rocket named “Athena” crashed in the desert area of ​​Durango due to technical reasons. When searchers entered the “Quiet Place” to search for the rocket wreckage, they found a piece of radar screen. Blank, unable to provide any data at all. After several weeks of manual searching, the wreck was finally found in the center of the area. According to statements by residents in the surrounding area, the Americans also took away several tons of sand when carrying away the wreckage of the rocket, on the grounds that “the yellow sand has been contaminated by radioactive materials.”
  In 1976, the National Institute of Nuclear Energy of Mexico sent two senior experts to the “Quiet Place” to investigate. One of them was the physicist Ray Cruz, the winner of the Mexican National Science Prize, who enjoyed a high reputation in the world.
  At that time, the focus of the investigation team was the propagation of electromagnetic waves in this mysterious area. It was found that the propagation of transverse waves in this area was normal, but the longitudinal waves were completely shielded, resulting in the so-called “silence” phenomenon.
  Soon thereafter, the University of Guadalajara in Mexico also sent a research team composed of more than 30 scientists to conduct an on-site investigation. They used the “Geiger counter” to determine that the radioactivity in this area was extremely high.
  At present, there are many explanations for these peculiar phenomena, and of course some of them are also mixed with human imagination of unknown fields. One of the most popular is the “magnetic field theory” put forward by related scientists, that is, there is a strong electromagnetic energy field below this area. It is true that this statement can make a reasonable explanation for the phenomena of rockets, meteorite falls, and radar system failures, but why is it only here that has a strong magnetic field? Some people speculate that the core of the earth is closer to the surface at this location, resulting in a stronger magnetic field than other places. Some people even speculate that the underground here was once a storage space for aliens.
  However, guessing is after all guessing, and the truth of the matter needs further exploration.