The loneliness of a sprinter

  I was just a man born for sprinting. From the day I was born, my sprint destiny has been decided, which is absolutely true and beyond doubt.
  My parents were once Olympic 100-meter sprint champions. However, I have never seen them. My father was an athlete from that era long before I was born. However, the world record he created has not yet been broken. My mother was an athlete who was very active in sports a few years before I was born. It is said that she unfortunately died just after her heyday.
  However, the scientists successfully retrieved the surviving eggs from the mother and deposited them in the “egg bank” as government property. Soon, the genetic computer management system issued a message of “could be combined”, that is, “have a perfectly matched sperm and egg.”
  That is to say: the computer calculated the genetic data of the father’s sperm, which has been cryopreserved, and the mother’s eggs registered not long ago, and came to the following conclusion-a baby with the best quality for a 100-meter race can be born.
  In order to create the best results in the 100-meter, the computer conducted simulation tests with tens of thousands of data on ideal human conditions. Such as: optimal foot length, shoulder width, muscle composition and structure, dynamic vision, etc., and finally found out what kind of genetic characteristics of the race can meet the above conditions.
  This ideal genetic combination was finally made up in the Information Center. Under the premise of complying with the “Sports Genetic Protection Law”, the government decided to immediately carry out artificial insemination, and then designated women to conceive and give birth.
  Since then, I have grown up in facilities in the country. So far, my nutrition intake, excretion, life cycle, etc. are all under the control of the computer.
  I am a super athlete born according to the national sports policy, and I am perfect in sprinting. The peak period of my physical fitness coincides with the next Olympic Games.
  Of course, I am not the only one who was born and grew up as mentioned above. There are many such athletes participating in this Olympics. For example: a basketball player with a height of three meters, an undifferentiated wrestler with a weight of 300 kg, or a swimmer with huge and flat feet like fish fins. They are like me, they are test-tube babies bred through genetic calculations. In the Olympic Village, people are often surprised when they meet people with strange shapes. The Olympics is about to become a Superman.
  However, among these athletes, one person is particularly noticeable.
  He was dressed very strangely: his whole body was wrapped in a black shawl, his head was also covered with a turban, only two eyes were exposed. He often stays with a coach-like person, never eats with everyone in the cafeteria, or jokingly chatting or something. I saw him from time to time in the corridor or courtyard, but what was puzzling was that he always held the coach’s shoulders and walked staggeringly.
  It is said that he is a sprinter from a small country in East Asia, but strangely, he has never been to the training ground. I thought: Did he get a serious illness that couldn’t even walk? If so, why not go to the hospital and stay leisurely in the Olympic Village?
  Once, I finally couldn’t help but ask him: “Is there something wrong with your leg?”
  ”No…” his coach replied with a smile, “Please don’t care too much. Because he is a clone, so his body
  His form has changed a bit.” He didn’t say anything himself, just glanced at me with the shining eyes under the black turban.
  Body shape? Indeed, there are human clones who have abnormal changes in their bodies due to different combinations of genetic genes, and can show their talents in competitions. For example, some swimmers can be as free as a fish in the water, but cannot stand upright on land.
  However, he is a sprinter like me, but why is he so weird? Can a body that seems to lose even the function of walking run fast? Moreover, he also covered his whole body… What kind of descendant is he?
  The chance to solve the mystery finally came. That was the 100-meter race qualifier. He and I are in the same group, and the runways are next to each other. As usual, he staggered to the starting line with the help of the coach and set the starting position. The starting gun fired, and the audience suddenly boiled. I ran as hard as I could, not knowing the reason for the boiling. But soon, his figure suddenly appeared diagonally in front of me. What an amazing speed! In the blink of an eye, I was left far behind.
  Huh? He is running like an animal with hands and feet! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my brain seemed to be numb. At this time, I suddenly found something exposed behind his sweatpants.
  It’s a tail!