The exquisite self-interested man was pitted by himself

The term “exquisite egoism” comes from Professor Qian Liqun of the Department of Chinese at Peking University. It refers to a person with high intelligence, old age, good at acting, and seeking to maximize self-interest. The protagonist of this article, Yang Zhi, is such an exquisite self-interested man. In order to achieve the goal of getting ahead, he develops his competitors into lovers. In order to conceal others, he persuades his lover and finds a “puppet” girlfriend. What will happen to him, who drifted between two women for his own benefit?

Beautiful man
Yang Zhi, 32 years old, was born in Baoying, Jiangsu. After graduating from a 985 college in Beijing, he returned to work in Nanjing. Yang Zhiken endures hardships and has a high IQ. After several years of hard work, he is now a department manager of a well-known biotechnology company.

In June 2018, Chen Rui, an assistant to the company’s deputy general manager, was promoted to one of the company’s vice presidents. Yang Zhi was very happy. He had been optimistic about Chen Rui two years ago, so he had long been attached to Chen Rui.

In August 2018, Chen Rui secretly disclosed a confidential message to Yang Zhi: In order to expand the scale of operations, the company will select a general manager of East China. The company leaders considered privately to promote one between Yang Zhi and Zhou Han. Zhou Han was the department manager of another department. He was 36 years old and was from Nanjing, Jiangsu.

Promoting from department manager to general manager of East China not only increased the position by two levels, but also increased the annual salary. After that, Yang Zhicheng thought about how to defeat Zhou Han and get this position.

On August 24, Yang Zhi went to the Shanghai head office to report. After the end, it happened to meet Zhou Han who also came to report on the work. Although Zhou Han is 4 years older than Yang Zhi, she is very well maintained, and she is already pretty and graceful, making her look less than thirty. Yang Zhibian tried a few sentences sideways, and found that Zhou Han didn’t know what the two were competing against, so he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

When parting, Yang Zhishun said: “Tomorrow weekend, you can go out to relax with your husband.” Zhou Han’s face immediately sank and he stopped talking. Knowing the difference, Yang Zhi quickly turned the topic off.

Soon, he inquired that Zhou Han’s husband, Tang Jun, was based in Shanghai due to work, and the relationship between the two of them was at odds.

One day, Yang Zhi saw a sentence on the Internet: “If your opponent is a woman, then the best way to get rid of her is to marry her as a wife or be a lover with her.” Yang Zhi moved in his heart and he couldn’t find it for a long time. Zhou Han’s weakness, isn’t this ready? Zhou Han is married. It is impossible to marry her as a wife. Why not let her become your lover? She is at odds with her husband, emotionally empty, maybe it is easy to “success”! He couldn’t help but screamed for his idea.

Yang Zhi began to create opportunities to approach Zhou Han. He found that Zhou Han liked to go to the library on weekends, and he often “ran into” Zhou Han in the library. Zhou Han likes to read ancient poems. Yang Zhi used the Internet to make up for the ancient poems. Then he often discussed some unique insights about ancient poems with Zhou Han. After coming down several times, Zhou Han began to look at Yang Zhi, who was “full of economy”.

Upon seeing this, Yang Zhi found the right time and confessed his feelings to Zhou Han.

Yang Zhi was born with great looks, coupled with his exquisite clothes, high IQ and EQ, he can be described as a “golden single man” in the eyes of girls, but he is single until now because of his harsh mate selection conditions. Although Zhou Han is handy at work, he is emotionally immature. Regarding Yang Zhi’s pursuit, she asked: “Why do you like me, a married woman?” Yang Zhi replied: “Actually, I paid attention to you very early. You are beautiful and capable, and you like ancient poetry just like me. Few girls now read ancient poems.” Under Yang Zhi’s exhaustive pursuit, she quickly fell into Yang Zhi’s arms.

Under Yang Zhi’s careful planning, Zhou Han got deeper and deeper in this abnormal love.

At the end of November 2018, the company’s performance report showed that Zhou Han’s team was far ahead of Yang Zhi’s team. Yang Zhi was secretly anxious. Although he had Chen Rui as his backer, Chen Rui couldn’t make a final decision. If this continues, Zhou Han’s position as the general manager of the East China region is none other than Zhou Han.

That night, Yang Zhi did what he liked and took Zhou Han to a high-end Japanese food store for dinner. The two were sitting on tatami mats wearing kimonos in the store. The elegant and blurred environment in the restaurant, the chic dishes, and the kneeling service of waiters in kimonos made Zhou Han happy.

On the way home, Yang Zhi gave Zhou Han a large bouquet of roses. Zhou Han was very happy because it was the first time she received a bouquet from the opposite sex. At the beginning, when she and her husband were in love, the financial conditions of the two were not good, and her husband was reluctant to spend the money. When the financial conditions were good, the relationship between the two was not good. So for her, roses and the like are just jokes in a romantic drama.

After returning to Yang Zhi’s house, after some rain, Yang Zhi said to Zhou Han in his arms: “My dear, I like the way your bird is next to me. My ex-girlfriend is better than me and earns more than me. The car is better than mine. Her parents felt that I was not worthy of her. They always taunted me. I broke up with her in anger.” Zhou Han hugged Yang Zhi tightly: “What about me?” Yang Zhi kissed her: ” You are so gentle and lovely, how can I give you? We will get married sooner or later.” Zhou Han was very excited after hearing this.

Two days later, when the two were dating again, Yang Zhi was in a bad mood. He sighed again and again. Zhou Han asked him. After half a day, he said: “I don’t think you are worthy of you. You brought your team to do so well, and I I am ashamed that a big man is inferior to you and a weak woman!”

Zhou Han couldn’t help but moved, remembering that Yang Zhi couldn’t stand what his ex-girlfriend was doing better than him, so he gently calmed him down. Yang Zhi hugged Zhou Han, his tone was full of guilt: “Sorry, I was criticized by the boss today, forget it, don’t talk about these unhappy people.” Yang Zhi usually looks sullen, and today is so depressed, Zhou Han is even more so. Distressed.

Soon thereafter, she received a message from a friend that a hospital in East China planned to launch a health examination information management system software. When Zhou Han and Yang Zhi were dating that night, she told Yang Zhi the news and asked Yang Zhi to negotiate business. Yang Zhi deliberately said: “My dear, this is the news you got. You should get it.” Zhou Han said grotesquely: “What are you and me?”

Yang Zhi took the staff to discuss the project immediately. In order to defeat the other two competitors, they watched the hospital for a week, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, gave a plan, and finally signed the contract smoothly. Since this physical examination management system is well done, it is also deeply integrated with the hospital’s own HIS medical system, and there is a dedicated person to maintain it later, that hospital was very satisfied and strongly recommended it to other hospitals. Since then, Yang Zhi pursued the victory and signed more than a dozen businesses. As a result, Yang Zhi’s team business has risen to a big step.

In order to express his gratitude and love to Zhou Han, Yang Zhi took Zhou Han to visit Yandang Mountain in Zhejiang. He knows that Zhou Han likes watching the TV series “Langya Bang” very much, and is obsessed with the misty Langya Mountain in the play, and the Langya Mountain in the play is Yandang Mountain. Yang Zhi made the whole trip feel like a honeymoon trip. After a trip, Zhou Han was even more desperate for Yang Zhi. After that, Zhou Han secretly helped Yang Zhi get some business. Yang Zhi finally felt relieved that his business far exceeded Zhou Han.

Who knows, with the sudden improvement of Yang Zhi’s team’s business, some colleagues have doubts about the relationship between Yang and Zhou, especially the staff of Zhou Han’s team. Some of the businesses that their team was planning to negotiate were eventually The Yang Zhi team won.

The rumors in the company also spread to Yang Zhi and Zhou Han, which bothered them very much. It is strictly forbidden to fall in love between employees in the company, let alone such an abnormal relationship? Yang Zhi is even more worried that this matter will affect his promotion.

“Puppet” girlfriend
One day in February 2019, Yang Zhi distracted and opened the WeChat Moments. One of the dynamics made him laugh: Yesterday, my mother gritted her teeth and sent her a set of super expensive skin care products. My mother replied, don’t send me anything, just send a son-in-law back. Ask the almighty circle of friends, who will send me a son-in-law to my mother?

Yang Zhi thought, Jiang Xiaozhou is really innocent, and he will let his friends talk about such private matters. To say that their acquaintance is really a coincidence.

One morning two months ago, Yang Zhi opened the door of the car without checking the road conditions on the sidewalk. Jiang Xiaozhou happened to be riding a battery car passing by, hitting the suddenly opened door and falling to the ground.

Fortunately, Jiang Xiaozhou was not injured, but his new leather shoes were worn out. Yang Zhi is the responsible party, so he proposed to compensate Jiang Xiaozhou for the leather shoes. Jiang Xiaozhou rushed to work, and the two added WeChat to each other. Later, Yang Zhi transferred 500 yuan to Jiang Xiaozhou, but Jiang Xiaozhou said that she bought only 200 yuan for the shoes, and insisted on only charging 200 yuan.

Later, after a brief chat, the two learned: Jiang Xiaozhou, 28 years old, looks pure, graduated from a 211 University in Hubei, and works in an advertising design company in Nanjing.

At this time, Yang Zhi, who was looking at Jiang Xiaozhou’s circle of friends, suddenly had a plan. Jiang Xiaozhou was pure-hearted, not greedy for money, and is now being urged by her parents to marry. This kind of girl is easy to handle and will not cause trouble; thirdly, his parents will not urge him to marry him again.

After careful consideration, Yang Zhi proposed his plan to Zhou Han.

Zhou Han grew up in a single-parent family, and the physical and mental injuries she suffered cannot be relieved so far. She doesn’t want her son to follow in her footsteps, so she has not divorced for the time being. Yang Zhi knew this well, and he repeatedly assured Zhou Han that this was just a stopgap measure and would break up with Jiang Xiaozhou when the rumors in the company disappeared. After Zhou Han’s divorce, he must marry Zhou Han as his wife. Under Yang Zhi’s clever tongue, Zhou Han reluctantly agreed to Yang Zhi’s plan.

Two months later, Jiang Xiaozhou became Yang Zhi’s girlfriend. Yang Zhi took Jiang Xiaozhou to the company several times, and when meeting with colleagues, he also went with Jiang Xiaozhou. In this way, the rumors are gradually reduced.

Even though Zhou Han felt awkward seeing all this, there was nothing he could do for the future of her and her lover. She couldn’t help but complain when she was meeting with Yang Zhi privately.

In order to stabilize Zhou Han, Yang Zhi tried his best to find opportunities to accompany Zhou Han. Zhou Han’s son went to his grandparents’ house almost every weekend, and Yang Zhi stayed at Zhou Han’s house overnight.

In May 2019, Yang Zhi became the company’s general manager of Eastern China. He is full of ambition and wants to do the job well in order to develop. He originally “killed” Zhou Han, and slowly alienated her after he got the position, but he found that Zhou Han had rich contacts in this industry. At this time, he had just taken office and needed these resources too much. For this reason, he had to continue to maintain a relationship with Zhou Han.

He and Jiang Xiaozhou had already secretly lived together. As the two get along more and more, Yang Zhi feels that she is gentle and virtuous, very good as a cohabiting girlfriend. Therefore, Yang Zhi still lives a comfortable life with a cohabiting girlfriend on one side and a lover on the other.

One day in July 2019, at noon, Zhou Han took his son to a western restaurant to eat steak. This restaurant is separated from the company by two streets and is a bit famous. Halfway through the meal, she suddenly saw Yang Zhi walking in with Jiang Xiaozhou. Yang Zhi took Jiang Xiaozhou’s shoulders, and Jiang Xiaozhou half-leaned in Yang Zhi’s arms. Zhou Han’s face was green, but it prevented his son from being present.

Yang Zhi also saw Zhou Han and immediately found an excuse to take Jiang Xiaozhou away. After sitting down with Jiang Xiaozhou in another restaurant, Yang Zhi sent a message to Zhou Han to apologize, saying that today was Jiang Xiaozhou’s birthday, and he had to deal with it. Zhou Han did not reply, and Yang Zhi was very nervous.

After going to work in the afternoon, Zhou Han really rushed into Yang Zhi’s office, and Yang Zhi hurriedly closed the door. Zhou Han asked, “Did you really have feelings for her?” Yang Zhixin smiled and said, “What international joke, I have a girlfriend like you, but I still like her?” Zhou Han still wanted to talk, Yang Zhi pointed out Pointing to the door, the figure outside the frosted glass door of the office was shaking, as if someone was eavesdropping. Zhou Han had to pretend to report to Yang Zhi.

That night, Yang Zhi went to great lengths to appease Zhou Han, and said that no one in the company was talking about him and Zhou Han anymore. He planned to break up with Jiang Xiaozhou in the near future, and Zhou Han broke into laughter.

Although Zhou Han’s impulse did not expose the relationship between the two, Yang Zhi still sweated. He has only been promoted, but he can’t give up all his achievements because of his inability to get on the stage. He has the idea of ​​severing Zhou Han’s relationship, but Zhou Han is not as easy to handle as Jiang Xiaozhou, he must carefully consider the strategy.

On the afternoon of the Qixi Festival, Jiang Xiaozhou sent a laboratory test to Yang Zhi, which showed that Jiang Xiaozhou was pregnant. Since the two lived together, Yang Zhi has been taking contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy, but occasionally forgets once or twice, who knows that Jiang Xiaozhou is pregnant.

Jiang Xiaozhou happily stroked his stomach and said, probably it was a gift from God. Infected by Jiang Xiaozhou’s emotions, Yang Zhi was also happy. He is 33 years old, and every time he goes back to his hometown to see his little niece, he likes to hug it. In order to appease his family, he once took Jiang Xiaozhou back to his hometown. His parents were very satisfied with Jiang Xiaozhou. Although Jiang Xiaozhou is not his ideal girlfriend, he is still very qualified as a wife.

At this time, Zhou Han’s call came, and Yang Zhi hid on the balcony to answer it. That night happened to be Friday, and Zhou Han sent her children to her grandparents’ home early. She wanted to spend the Qixi Festival with her lover. But at this time, Yang Zhizheng was immersed in the joy of having a child and didn’t want to go to Zhou Han’s appointment. In Zhou Han’s aggressive telephone condemnation, Yang Zhi had to go to see Zhou Han. But in his heart, the idea of ​​leaving Zhou Han became stronger.

Greedy calculation
In October 2019, the company headquarters decided to expand the business in northern Jiangsu, but the economic conditions there were poor and the business was difficult to do. For a while, there was no suitable candidate to play forward. Yang Zhi immediately turned his mind: if he went to northern Jiangsu, he could not only increase his political achievements in the company, but also take the opportunity to sever ties with Zhou Han. After a year or two, the business started steadily, and he was transferred back to Nanjing. This is not all-inclusive What?

Thinking of this, he immediately submitted an application, saying that for the company’s prospects, he was willing to hold two positions to start business in northern Jiangsu.

Yang Zhi concealed this from Zhou Han, so he didn’t contact Zhou Han in those few days. What surprised him was that Zhou Han, who had always been watching him very closely, didn’t contact him either. Yang Zhi didn’t think too much, he wanted Zhou Han not to bother him.

Three days later, the head office approved Yang Zhi’s application. That night, he asked Zhou Han to meet. Zhou Han’s complexion was very bad, and Yang Zhi asked what was wrong with Zhou Han. Zhou Han threw himself into his arms and started crying.

It turns out that Zhou Han is experiencing a divorce battle with exhaustion in mind and body these days. Her husband Tang Jun accidentally heard about Zhou Han and Yang Zhi’s rumors, so he secretly investigated and obtained evidence, so he threatened Zhou Han to divorce and leave the house.

Zhou Han thought, since the matter was over, she would simply divorce her husband and marry Yang Zhi, but she must fight for the greatest economic benefits and custody of her son. Zhou Han wanted to wait until the matter was resolved before telling Yang Zhi, but at this time he saw Yang Zhi and couldn’t hold back for a while.

Yang Zhi was secretly shocked. He planned to euphemistically propose a breakup under the name of a job transfer tonight, but Zhou Han was in divorce. Yang Zhi hesitated to persuade her not to divorce easily for the sake of the growth of the child. Now that her husband knows, he and Zhou Han should break up. In order to make Zhou Han give up, he said about the job transfer.

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhou Han was hit hard. She thought she would be comforted by her lover, and even offered to marry her, but the insider had this attitude, which made her disappointed. The two broke up unhappy.

The next day, Zhou Han asked the head office executives about Yang Zhi’s work transfer, but accidentally learned the inside story of Yang Zhi becoming the general manager of the East China region. She also learned that it was the North Jiangsu that Yang Zhi had invited to take the initiative.

In shock, Zhou Han recalled her past with Yang Zhi. After several thoughts, she realized that this was a trap carefully planned by Yang Zhi.

Zhou Han went back to the company to find Yang Zhi and ask to understand. Who knew that Yang Zhi was not found, but he heard the news that Yang Zhi was about to become a father. Zhou Hanquan understood that Yang Zhi didn’t plan to break up with that “puppet” girlfriend at all. The two of them had a real relationship, and his girlfriend was pregnant, so he hurriedly left her.

Zhou Han turned pale with anger, and rushed to Yang Zhi’s house.

When Zhou Han rushed into Yang Zhi’s house, Yang Zhi was holding half a bowl of chicken soup in his hands. Jiang Xiaozhou was lying halfway on the sofa, with tissues under his chin and chicken soup on the paper. Apparently, Yang Zhi was feeding Jiang Xiaozhou with chicken soup.

Zhou Han suddenly became angry and jealous. She overturned the soup with a wave of her hand, and slapped Yang Zhi with two slaps: “Okay! It’s all a good show by your director. Now I like to be a father, I want to kick me away?” Yang Zhi was stunned, he didn’t. Thinking of Zhou Han suddenly finding his house to make trouble.

Seeing Yang Zhi not speaking, Zhou Han grabbed Jiang Xiaozhou and cursed: “You are the bastard who has been pestering him! Shameless!” Jiang Xiaozhou was also deceived by the sudden situation, and was dragged down before he could resist. on the ground. When Yang Zhi saw this, he hurried over to stop Zhou Han. Jiang Xiaozhou told him before that he saw Hong on his lower body and he rushed home early.

When Zhou Han saw his lover defending other women in front of her, he was mad, and while cursing, he kicked Jiang Xiaozhou’s stomach a few times. Jiang Xiaozhou immediately broke into cold sweat, fainted on the ground, and blood flowed down her legs all over the floor.

Zhou Han was awakened suddenly when she saw the other party bleeding, she collapsed to the ground. At this time, Yang Zhi had already dialed 120. After rescue, although Jiang Xiaozhou’s life was saved, her uterus was removed due to a rupture, and she would never be eligible to be a mother.

This matter was blown up in the company of Yang Zhi and Zhou Han. In the end, the two were fired by the company. The abnormal relationship between the two was also spread throughout the industry, which basically cut off the possibility of their future job hunting in this industry.

Half a month later, Jiang Xiaozhou, heartbroken, took Zhou Han and Yang Zhi to court. Currently, the case is being further accepted.

After the editor: Greed is the biggest trap of human nature. For his promotion, Yang Zhi, an exquisite self-interested man, used every aspect of his work as a bargaining chip using the feelings of others, but he became a cocoon and eventually ruined himself. And Zhou Han, because of the lack of feelings, was worthy of sympathy, but she fell into a terrible love and couldn’t extricate herself. As a result, she hurt herself and others because of jealousy, causing catastrophe. There is nothing wrong with self-interest, but if it violates the interests of others, or even adds violence, it will cost you.