The Decline of Reagan’s Government and Trump’s Path of Reconstruction in the United States

  In 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. In the same year, something unknown to outsiders, but quite a sensation in the American legal circle, happened-a book called “Constitution 2020” was published. The book basically covers all aspects of American politics, economics, and social life, and each topic is written by the most authoritative liberal scholars in the field; aside from the status of top scholars, several of the authors even passed the rotation soon after Obama took office. Door into politics.
  The entire “Constitution 2020” is filled with the joy of “our time has come”. Each article is like a keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention or the American Constitutional Institute-not only summarizes the past, but more importantly, looks to the future. As Robert Post and Reva Seeger said: In the past forty years, liberals have been suppressed by conservatives and on the defensive, but with Obama’s election, the offensive and defensive trends have changed. [1] In the introduction, the two planners of this book, Jack Barkin and Seager, even more proudly declared: “Constitution 2020” is to compete with the conservative revolution in the Reagan period. In their view, since the mid to late 1970s, conservatives have planned to reshape the U.S. Constitution in terms of theory, organization, and public opinion. The biggest achievement here is the conservative constitutional fundamentalism (originalism). The overall victory of the liberal “living constitutionalism.” [2] After years of “suffering”, Obama’s strong election made the liberals believe that the time has come for him to stand up and take control. Just as the conservatives took about ten years to reshape the U.S. Constitution and politics after Reagan came to power, the liberals also plan to transform the U.S. through the “10-year plan.” From 2009 to 2020 is almost ten years, this is the origin of the “Constitution 2020”.
  In eleven years, 2020 has arrived. Where is the “Constitution 2020”? ——It should be that the bookshelves of the library are covered with dust, and its authors should have forgotten or are unwilling to mention the great ambitions of the year. We are all familiar with the history that followed: Obama and the liberals not only did not create their own era, but ushered in Trump—not to mention the liberals 11 years ago, even Trump himself never expected to come to power. Of the president. Not only did 2020 not bring the dawn of a new era to liberals, but instead fell into the boundless darkness due to Trump’s appearance. The main mastermind of “Constitution 2020” Barkin published a book “Democracy and Disability”, which contains a lot of reflections on his misjudgment. [3] From the “Constitution 2020” to “Democracy and Disability”, from “Our time has come” to “The sky has fallen”, it is the best portrayal of this 11-year dream.

  Why did the Constitution 2020 fail? Where did the ambitions of this group of liberal elites come from 11 years ago? Why did the Reagan Revolution, which they used as a reference and target, succeed? Thinking of these issues will lead us to the real protagonists of this article-Trump and Reagan regimes.
  Six US presidential form of government and four types
  Why do liberals think Obama will be launched “2020 Constitution”? Because liberals believe that Obama will create a new regime of his own.
  How should we understand “political form”? The presidential change and party rotation are undoubtedly important windows for people to analyze American politics. Every new president will bring changes to a greater or lesser degree. However, due to the relatively frequent occurrence of presidential changes and party rotations, new presidents can bring The changes coming are limited. In the eyes of liberals, Obama’s election is far more significant than a Democratic president replacing a Republican president—Obama is the man who brought “change” to the United States with the mandate of the whole people. [4] This is “We the People” (We the People). ) Results of appearances. Therefore, Obama should be viewed with a unit and scale larger than one or two terms, and this larger unit and scale is the regime. “Constitution 2020” is the program and road map prepared by liberals for the “Obama regime.”
  The summary of historical periods and political systems is not uncommon in American history and political studies, and Stephen Scronek is one of the most influential scholars. In the book “Presidential Politics,” Scronek divided American history into six types of government, and based on this, four types of presidents were formed. [5] On the basis of Skronek, Barkin further refined the polity phases, as shown in the following table: [6]
  The Federalist government is based on the 1787 Constitution and the “Federalist Humanities Collection”, and Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin represented the founding fathers of the United States. It lasted for less than 20 years. In 1800 Before and after it was replaced by Jefferson’s regime. The emergence of political parties is the cause of the collapse of the Federalist regime. The 1787 Constitution designed a world without political parties, but the Federalists represented by Adams and Hamilton and the Democratic Republican Party represented by Jefferson and Madison were increasingly split. In the end, in the 1800 presidential election, Jefferson and the Democratic Republican Party won a big victory. The case of Marbury v. Madison, which legal professionals are very familiar with and established the judicial review of the United States, is a product of the Federalist regime’s transition to Jefferson’s regime. The Jefferson regime was maintained for about 30 years and was replaced by the Jackson regime, marking the event that Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1829. Andrew Jackson was the first president of civilian origin, and the biggest feature of Jackson’s regime was that American politics began to enter the era of mass democracy from aristocracy. The life span of Jackson’s regime is also around 30 years. Lincoln was sworn in as the first Republican president in 1861, after which the contradiction between the North and South over slavery broke out completely. The Civil War and Reconstruction established the first Republican government, and the confrontation between the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties also formed. The First Republican government was quite “long-lived”, and it was the Great Depression 70 years later that ultimately buried it.
  Roosevelt, who came to power during the Great Depression crisis, initiated the era of the welfare state by redefining the role of the government in economic and social activities, and thus established a new political system. After World War II and the mighty civil rights movement in the 1960s, the New Deal The regime has also lasted for nearly half a century. In 1981, Reagan became the 40th President of the United States. With this as a sign, the Reagan regime represented by the revival of conservatism, small government and deregulation (also known as the Second Republican regime) replaced the new regime. The United States today is still in the Reagan regime.

  In the above-mentioned six polities, four types of presidents can be extracted: affiliated presidents, preemptive presidents, reconstructive presidents, and disjunctive presidents. [7] Skronek called his presidential typology “political time”. [8] To judge the type of a president or what political time he is in, we mainly consider the following three factors: first, what kind of government the United States was in at the time; second, whether this government is in a period of robustness or decline; Third, whether the president belongs to the dominant party of this political system or the opposition party. Let’s take a look at these four types one by one: