The curse of “Evil Eye”

  Old legend
  if you are holding up the traffic on the road, or for other reasons in the public inconvenience caused to others, it is likely to receive from the people of eyes or frown. For many people, this kind of thing happens from time to time, and it’s not a big deal even if you get a glare-say sorry, and then it passes.
  But in many regions and cultures in the world, it is a serious matter to encounter a glimpse of contempt, blame, anger, and even jealousy. This kind of evil eyes are collectively referred to as the “evil eye”. Although its performance is slightly different in different places, they are surprisingly consistent in terms of meaning-the “evil eye” will convey a curse .
  So, where does the mysterious power of “Evil Eye” begin?
  In history, the legend of “Evil Eye” has a long history. If you want to go back to the source, then the earliest legends about the “evil eye” began in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. There, people are convinced that a person who is too dazzling, excellent, or given unrealistic praise or status, is easy to inflict dissatisfaction and jealousy of others due to self-inflation, and disaster will come. From the root cause, people believe that this is a curse cast by the eyes of the people in order to punish those who are too proud.
  Later, the meaning and scope of the evil eye gradually expanded-all good things are easy to attract jealousy and dissatisfaction, such as beautiful babies, smart students, someone’s smooth career, and so on. In people’s eyes, these parties who have been cursed by the “evil eye” will be unlucky.
  Later, this belief gradually spread to many parts of the world through empire and colonial rule-Latin America, the Mediterranean, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, South Asia, Central Asia and other regions have traces of “Evil Eye”. For example, the belief in the eye of evil in the East was brought by Alexander the Great; while in the United States, this belief emerged under the influence of European colonists and immigrants from West Asia.
  Curse “evil eye”
  So, the fear of the “evil eye” is the earliest form in ancient Greece and Rome, but also how it formed?
  In the past, people lacked understanding of nature and disease. At that time, people were unable to use science to explain meteorological disasters such as floods and droughts, nor did they know the pathogenic principles of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the curse became the best explanation for all disasters and bad luck. If not, how can those bad things happen to good people? So, the answer is obvious. Among them, “Evil Eye” is a curse with dark energy.
  It is not difficult to understand. Because in people’s eyes, the eyes are the entrance to everyone’s soul-a liar will be betrayed by the eyes, and love can be expressed through the eyes. In short, all love and hatred, including jealousy, envy, complaining, panic, etc., can be transmitted through the eyes. Therefore, the eyes can naturally become a tool for venting anger and passing curses.
  Then, what will happen to people cursed by the “evil eye”?
  This can be big or small. It can range from a car accident to a terminal illness; it can range from loss of appetite, hiccups, yawns, vomiting, etc. In addition to humans, animals and plants may also be targeted by the “evil eye.” For example, a cursed chicken may not be able to lay eggs, and the flowers will wither and wither. In India, the person cursed by the “evil eye” may have their cow’s milk dry up.
  Not only that, the “evil eye” can even affect inanimate objects. For example, causing irreparable damage to a car, while a cursed house may suddenly leak rain or grow insects. In short, all harm, with or without reason, is blamed on the power of the “evil eye” curse.
  ”Evil eye” in the world
  , although the world “evil eye” have a common “ancestor,” but as time goes by and the influence of different cultures of the region, it is gradually showing around some different faces.
  For example, in India, women’s malicious eyes are more lethal than men. Therefore, in southern India, women are accustomed to painting their eyelids black to protect themselves from the “fierce light” attacks of others, while also preventing themselves from accidentally bringing bad luck to others through their eyes. What’s more, Hindus also believe that even animals (such as snakes) have the ability to cast evil eyes at people and bring serious disasters.
  In Europe, the “evil eye” also has terrible energy. Compared with ordinary people, those whose eyes have “non-mainstream” colors have evil eyes that are more lethal than ordinary people. For example, the Germans are afraid of red eyes; in Ireland, people think that the natural squint eyes have the ability to curse evil; in Italy, even the eyebrows (left and right eyebrows connected together) that look like “white eyes” are ominous ; In the Aegean region, people think that light-colored eyes such as green and blue are the easiest to project “evil eyes”, because light-colored eyes are rare among locals.
  However, in East Asia and Southeast Asia, the fear of the “evil eye” does not seem to have much impact. For example, in China, people rarely hear of folklore about curses passing by eyes. Although in the eyes of people, gazes such as squinting and squinting can also cause psychological discomfort, it is not enough to become a personal threat and witchcraft, and it requires special protective measures to avoid curses. Unfriendly eyes such as squinting and squinting are at best a form of rudeness.
  Soldiers to be blocked, water to soil cover
  , since in many parts of the world, people carries the fear of the “evil eye”, then, is there any way this can be offset from the others ill glimpse of it?
  For example, in Greece, people will carry special incense or crosses to defend against evil eyes. Newborn mothers will also put some special items under the pillow or wear on their heads, such as red, black or white beads, nails, gunpowder, bread, salt, garlic, rings and so on. In this, everything has its own special meaning, and they can all be used to defend against damage from the “evil eye”. For example, nails symbolize strength, gunpowder expresses a powerful counterattack against curses, and salt a symbol of physical strength.
  In addition, in many countries, such as Armenia and Azerbaijan, people believe that a hard pinch on the back can also drive away the bad luck caused by the “evil eye”; in Europe, some Christians are used to making a cross with their hands. At the same time, point your little finger to the source of the “evil eye” to protect yourself from harm; in Bangladesh, you will find that many children have a black dot painted on their foreheads, which is also the local people avoid the “evil eye” curse Methods. Those young and beautiful women will draw a secret point behind their ears to achieve the same protective effect.
  Of course, rituals and idioms are not the only way to resist the curse. In many countries and cultures, there is a more convenient and popular method-using the “evil eye” amulet. In different regions, amulets come in various forms, but whether it is indoor wallpaper, car pendants or jewelry, they all have the same purpose of reflecting and countering the “foul light”.
  In Turkey, the traces and symbols of the “evil eye” have even permeated the entire culture and people’s daily lives. Any person or thing that may cause greed, jealousy and even hostility will be decorated with an “evil eye” pendant or pattern ——Whether it is in currency, on the neck of a newborn, or at home, in the office, or even on livestock, the “evil eye” is everywhere.
  In the Middle East and Africa, the most famous representative of the “Evil Eye” amulet is the “Hand of Fatima”-its overall shape is like a hand, and the “Evil Eye” is located in the palm of the hand. Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, and Muslims believed that this palm was Fatima’s right hand. In addition, there are symbols such as the “Hand of Fatima” in the Jewish culture. There, people call it the “hand of God” or “the hand of Miriam (the Hebrew prophet)”. Among Christians in many areas, this amulet is called the “Hand of the Virgin Mary”.
  The “Evil Eye” amulet can always “go the way in the countryside.” In different regions and cultures, people can find the most powerful way to fight back against the “evil eye” based on their beliefs and local habits.