The corner is full of sunlight

It was a winter day. Winter in this city, like spring, is full of sunshine.

The huge lecture hall was full of listeners who were watching teachers and students on the podium. This is a Chinese lesson, which analyzes Jia Pingwa’s prose “A Little Peach Tree”. The teacher is a 40-year-old male teacher wearing glasses, and the students are seventh grade children.

The lesson is almost over. According to the general practice of class, it should be time for the teacher to make a summary of the class. The teacher threw a question to the children: “If Mr. Jia Pingwa can only write a word to Xiao Taoshu, which word do you think?” The children listened very carefully, and naturally learned their opinions after learning the article. There are constantly children standing up to speak.

“I think it’s awe’s respect. Because the little peach tree finally stood up in the wind and rain.” said a girl.

“I’m sure I miss it. The author missed my grandma by borrowing a little peach tree,” said a boy.

“I choose a dream’ dream word. Writing Xiao Taoshu, the author is also writing his dream.” Another girl said.

There are seven or eight answers spoken by the children. The answers contain different opinions. There are still many children raising their hands. Suddenly, the teacher turned his attention to a girl in the right corner of the last row: “Come, please tell me what word do you think is?”

“I… I didn’t think about it.” The little girl lowered her head and whispered. Everyone thought that the teacher would let her sit down, and then let other students continue to answer. In the corners of some classrooms, there are often two or three little girls or little boys. They may be students with learning difficulties. They will not take the initiative to raise their hands to speak, and are rarely named by teachers.

“In this way, you can find out from the words you just said, “I did not think about these words, maybe there is the answer you want.” Unexpectedly, the teacher approached the little girl and reminded her in a low voice .

“Then… I will choose this good word.” The little girl’s voice increased a little. The word “good” has a clear pronunciation. The people in the class gave a good laugh. The little girl went on to explain: “Little Peach Tree has a lot of difficulties, and it has passed, that is good.”

“Yes, we have gone through the wind and rain-good! We beat the fragile-good! We choose to face-good! The road of life is cloudy and uncertain, but we have to be brave to face…” The teacher took the little girl’s words , Began to express his emotions. The 40-year-old male teacher stood among the students, bright and strong. In his mouth, he slowly spit out his views. The sentences are flowing slowly like clear streams.

The little girl sat down, her eyes sparkling. She knows that many years later, she may forget many things, but she will not forget this class today.

Outside the window, the sunlight is just right, penetrating the window, cast in this corner, warm everywhere.