The buddies are evil people

  It was almost noon, and the freezing rain hit the small town. Half an hour later, the only wax plum on the bank of the Yellow River disappeared, completely covered by the gray rain and mist. But after all, it was New Year’s Eve, and the children finally couldn’t bear it, and began to run on the street. The last batch of New Year’s New Dealers also gradually appeared in the rain and fog until a “bang” sound, a huge firecracker sounded in the air, the freezing rain stopped suddenly, the cooking smoke rose to the roof, a lunar New Year, It finally kicked off.

  However, the louder the firecrackers, the more disturbed I was-I came here to help a crew and help them change the script again. Without thinking, I only arrived at the front foot, the crew announced the dissolution of the rear foot, I had no choice but to pack up and leave. When I was packing up, I was locked in a small building where the crew was lending, and I couldn’t get out anymore. It turned out that the film crew owed a lot of money for the filming site. I don’t know when, the producer even ran away with most of them, but I didn’t have time to run out, but there were only a few of them, including me.
  Next, I had to be a prisoner in a border town without leaving my house every day. In addition to calling the producer over and over again, I can’t think of any other way. Until the producer shut down completely, the promised rescue was still far away. In this way, in the New Year’s Eve, our guards always have to go home for the Chinese New Year, and it is also true that the “accomplices” and I cannot escape from here. Unexpectedly, we actually got the opportunity to wander the streets-it is indeed impossible to escape here: the place is surrounded by mountains, the only thing that leads to the outside world is the ferry boat on the Yellow River, and the Yellow River has frozen.
  Like a group of gloomy wandering souls, a group of people walked back and forth several times on the broken street, perhaps because of resentment, or maybe just disgusted with each other, almost no one spoke, and gradually, everyone dispersed. After finishing a phone call to my relatives thousands of miles away, while pushing out the lingering sense of bleakness, I walked on the banks of the Yellow River, subconsciously, I probably wanted to see the strain hidden in the dense fog Waxberry in here. I did n’t expect that as soon as I stepped on the embankment, I heard someone singing not far away: “I went out to meet the big yellow wind, the straw hats with flashing flowers circled, you hear the crimson flowers, your big brothers walk, sister Hanhua Sit down, my buddies are evil people … “As
  if struck by a lightning, I stood still and my heart jumped wildly: If I remember correctly, the last time I heard this flower was in Qinghai ten years ago. On the mountain beams in winter, a group of crop people stood in the snow and sang to me. Suddenly heard at this moment, I thought my mind was confused. Set my mind, I looked around, but the exact song broke through the fog again: “Too shameful, my buddies, it is pitiful to live at such a price, you can listen to the crimson flowers, your big brothers go, the sister Hanhua sits down , My buddies are evil people … ”
  In an instant, I no longer hesitated and ran in the direction of the song. After only three or two minutes of running, I saw people singing in a nearly abandoned dock below the embankment: a group of men, young and old, and more young and middle-aged, either sitting on steel beams or leaning on Ship side. Seeing me running, they didn’t sing anymore, they just smiled and even looked at me shyly. However, almost in an instant, at the moment when those dark red skin and knife-like face came into my eyes, I generally understood that they should come from Gansu or Qinghai, and their father and brother may have stood just ten years ago. People who sing to me in the snow.
  At the end of this desperation, I can’t help but say, I first recognized them as my distant relatives in my heart. Next, I stuttered and told them that I can almost be regarded as the righteous son of the northwest territories-both sang the flowers in Huangzhong River Valley, and rushed over the night road in Hezhou City; one under Helan Mountain The village, I spent half a month in it, and I could almost recognize every lamb in the village before leaving … so saying, the “distant relatives” in front of me laughed. The kind of shyness that stems from hard work has slowly faded in this sudden opportunity. The most headed approached me and said, “Brother?” Then, in the distance, we also stepped forward, and we talked about the lamb in the northwest-Jingyuan, the skin of Lanzhou, on a rusty ship The raft, as well as the medlar of Zhongning and the chopped butter cake of Xining.
  Gradually, the wind rose, and I could not help but ask them: Why is it like me, New Year’s Eve still lives in this deserted town? With so many brethren gathered in one place, even if it’s cold, should a group dinner be prepared? Having said that, I finally knew the answer. It turned out that the “distant relatives” in front of me, like me, were forced to stay in this place-in the spring, they followed a family member from their hometown and contracted the ship repair yard we were in at the moment. Everything went smoothly. The only exception occurred more than 20 days ago: a brother was seriously ill and had to go to the provincial capital to save his life if he wanted to save his life. However, even when his family sold everything that could be sold in the shipyard, the cost of treatment It’s not enough. Therefore, each of these “distant relatives” present took out the money from the bottom of their boxes. Although he has been away for more than 20 days, the brother who was seriously ill, as well as their family members, have not shown signs of returning, and the shipyard has been sold. They had no place to live, so they had to split their heads to do some odd jobs, and split their heads to find some eaves to sleep. Such sporadic income, of course, is not enough to get home, and even mobile phone bills can’t afford it. So, even though it ’s New Year ’s Eve, everyone gathers at the ship repair yard today, not to eat a group dinner, but to say a few words just like every day, take a look across the Yellow River, and then they Disperse. Suddenly homesick, they sang flowers.
  In this way, a thought came to my mind: I should have a group dinner with my “distant relatives”. As soon as I thought about it, I immediately told them: “Although I am still in a state of impoverishment, I am still in an inexplicable detention, but I can afford a table of meals and a few bottles of shochu. We should have been close to each other, not to mention, I have long recognized myself as the righteous son of the northwest territories. “When the head was about to object, I had already dropped my mobile phone to him, asking him and his brothers to travel thousands of miles away The family reported peace, and without saying a word, they pulled up two young men and ran to the embankment under the west wind. They just wanted to buy more alcohol before the shop closed.
  In fact, in the big rusty ship, the food was all blown away by the wind as soon as it was cooked. Fortunately, we have wine, drink three or two glasses, the body is warm, and more common sayings have also increased. Coincidentally, one of the father and son, I actually set foot in their village. The father grabbed my hand and hurriedly told his son to pour wine for me, and said several times: “It ’s really a brother, really a brother.” Then I raised the glass again, and of course I drank it and turned to say goodbye Brother. After a few reverences, I was not drunk. At this time, it was going to be late, and the staggered ice on the Yellow River was breaking apart. Just when I was a little stunned at the Yellow River, the father who called me a brother just now sang flowers in his throat.
  Holding the hot wine in hand, and being among the brethren sent by God, how can I not sing it? So, no matter what I have n’t heard, I sing along. All of a sudden, I don’t know what it is tonight. I sang it again and again, repeatedly indulging myself into this little letdown. At this time, the sky was dark, and the drunkenness slowly struck. I was in a dazed hesitation, thinking about whether to have another drink, and the familiar tone rang again. Suddenly, I blushed and my ears were hot, and I sang with another drink in a hurry.

  ——The tone that sounded in this night is not something else, but a disaster, which is to pick up your heart with a knife.
  That night, until the freezing rain fell sharply again, the miraculous advent of the New Year’s dinner was not declared over. No matter how unwilling, I had to say goodbye to my brethren on the river embankment-they still had to find their place to spend the night, and I would go back to the small building where I lived to continue my “prisoner” career . After dispersing each other, I returned to the boat again, without drinking, just walking around, desperately recalling every sentence I sang before. At that time, the situation was like a hanger from afar, looking for his life in a ruined site; and like a patient with amnesia, repeatedly confirming whether he was really walking from an indescribable miracle from.
  Of course I came out of the miracle, because the miracle continued until the next morning.
  Early in the morning, I was awakened by the sound of throbbing rain falling on the roof, and I got up. As soon as I pushed the window open, I saw an amazing sight: two people were standing outside the iron door downstairs, no one else, just The father and son on the boat yesterday. The son carried a bottle of white wine in his hand. Although his father held an umbrella, the umbrella was too broken to stop the rain, so both of them were already soaked with water.
  After a moment of shock, I quickly asked them why they came here to find me. Unexpectedly, my father answered me. Since I treated him as a brother, he should also treat me as a brother. According to the number of rites in their hometown, on New Year’s Day, the junior should bring gifts and kowtow to the elders. While I was alone, no one kowtowed me, so he took his son to kowtow me. During the talk, his son had knelt down on the wet ground and knocked me three heads in succession. After knocking, he put the bottle of liquor into the gap of the iron gate, then stood again and smiled at me.
  No one saw my trembling, and I really shivered. Ignorance and choking swallowed and wrapped me in turns, and I was dumbfounded, unable to say a word, until the father and son left. Looking at their backs getting smaller and smaller in the rain and fog, I don’t know if I should shout at them. Finally, there was a moment of stunnedness. As I woke up at the beginning of my dream, I picked up the liquor by the iron gate. After thinking and thinking, I opened the lid and drank—I already knew that my brother was empty He still brought this bottle of liquor on the morning of New Year’s Day, so drinking it means drinking the poverty and drinking the love that was born out of poverty.
  Years later, I can still clearly recall the day when I drank a full bottle of liquor: stumbled, but fluttering again. Although the iron door was locked, I did not feel resentful. As the saying goes, I do n’t know what can be forgiven, but I think everything in the world should be forgiven.
  Before nightfall, our guards came. After all, it ’s New Year ’s Day. They drank each individually. Maybe it ’s because the producer ’s phone still could n’t be connected. Or maybe it ’s just because they remembered their own destiny. All of them were indignantly angry, standing in the courtyard, right Insulted me and my “accomplices”. However, none of us came out to respond, so they insulted them for a while and then locked the iron door and went home for the New Year.
  Not long after the guards walked away, I heard someone call my name. I was in a trance for a little while, confused to open the window. First, the rain came, and then I saw my brethren in the rain: not only the father and son, but all the brethren came.
  I hurried downstairs to the iron gate. Unexpectedly, I hadn’t had time to speak. The head brother even told me that although the rain was still falling, the temperature was not so low. The Yellow River was thawing and it was almost ready for boating. There was a boat in the shipyard that was not damaged. They had discussed it and decided to take me across the river now to escape from this place, lest the guards would come tomorrow, and I would not be able to leave again.
  After listening to the head brother, I stood inside the iron gate, and a certain sense of confusion quickly struck. This sense of confusion almost made me suspect that I did not live in this world at all, nor live in a certain movie or a legendary novel, but live in the key points of all sentiments for thousands of years. But in a flash, the sparkle fire was coming. I looked at the black building behind me in the sparkle fire. Then I looked at the dumb brother in front of me. I did n’t know what to do except that I was more shocked than in the day. However, the freezing rain and the strong iron gates in the sky can prove that what is waiting for me is indeed the brother whom I only knew yesterday and died today. Between the brothers talking, the two strong men had crossed the iron gate, ran upstairs, picked up my luggage, and stood beside me, smiling at me without a word. At this time, I could no longer hesitate, and I climbed the iron gate three or two times.
  Unexpectedly, when a group of people were about to run up the banks of the Yellow River, the guards came, and they also called for more people, and they could hear their angry curses from afar. Subsequently, the curse was getting closer. They turned on the lights of motorcycles and minivans, and the lights came from far away, just like a group of lambs to be slaughtered. I stand among the brethren, look at this, then look at that. Now that things are here, I’m just like them, and I’m not in a panic. At this time, that the father and son went to the front of my body, my father told his son to take good care of me, said to me: “Good repairing of water, relax a bit.”
  A phrase he finished, even brothers together toward the bright lights I walked in the direction of the rise, leaving me and three or four others in place. At this time, the boy who gave me a sway persuaded me to rush to the embankment and the boat to cross the river. Of course I did not want to. I told him directly: “Now it’s a death. Since it’s a death, I can’t live my life.”
  Who knows, the teenager ran forward when he dragged me. I just wanted to break free, and the other brothers dragged me forward again. As he ran, the teenager said to me: “Knocked you too much, can’t leave you behind.”
  In this way, staggering all the way, but within a few minutes, we ran to the bank of the Yellow River. Before stopping for a while, the teenager pulled me into a metal boat. As soon as he entered the Yellow River, the teenager immediately sat on the bow of the boat and struck the ice with his oar. The ice shattered and our ship walked through the surrounding ice. Without going far, the ice layer disappeared and the water flow was not hurried, which seemed to herald a coming sunny day. But I didn’t say a word, curled up in the cabin, only to feel that I was a traitor.
  The young man at the bow of the boat sang: “Bull head and horse noodle stand on both sides, and we are escorted to the palace of the king of kings. It’s red in the grave … “The boy stopped and said to me,” Sing it. “I didn’t sing, but just looked back, but the darkness had completely shrouded the embankment I had just left, vaguely visible, only A layer of ice floating on the river. Obviously, I am farther and farther away from my brethren.
  At this moment, a song rang out from the vast darkness behind me, and with this one sentence, I stood up from the cabin, because it was not someone else who sang, it was the father of the teenager-I died brother. Now, he is back, and all the brethren who are with him are back. They all broke their throats and sent me off with singing. The song was both unexpected and heartbreaking, and even if there was evil spirits passing by, the song was enough to make it bow its head and plead guilty. If you get an electric shock! What are you waiting for? I also opened my throat and screamed with my brethren: “The fat meat in a body is hard-working and the spine is bent. You can listen to the scarlet flowers, your big brothers go, the sister Hanhua sits down, buddies is uprooted people; holding dry food eaten, people go out evil creature is dead, crimson flowers you listen, your brother man walking miles, liver flower sister sit shout, Elder brother who is away from home …… ”
  over and over Once again, sing again. Then start from the beginning, and sing it again …