Thank you every ordinary passenger in life

  In the fifth year of writing, I looked at the dazzling and pile of magazines and newspapers in the bookcase. I opened one after another. Every moment of my thoughts was soaked in the pages, and the fresh faces of a group of people were also engraved. . They are like the poplars in the Gobi Desert, guarding the frontier growing in the wind and sand, and guarding my tortuous path of writing.
  On an evening two years ago, as dusk approached, I walked into the mail room in the northeast corner of the basketball court. On the magnificent campus, this mail room succumbed to a withered grass, and the dark weeds around it added here. A bit desolate. I gently pushed open the shabby wooden door, interspersed with the creaking sounds between the doors, a girl was burying her head at the desk full of letters, and looked at me with a frightened and even puzzled look. “Classmates, hello. Is there any sample of me?” I was eager to pick up the paper, and broke the embarrassment for a moment with a rush of voice. For my immediate question, she apparently had a terror of terror, and she froze for two seconds. She asked me what my name was, which department and what major. When the words fell, she began to toss and turn in the dusty letters. Regrettably, after a while of being busy, I couldn’t find my sample. At her request, I left a series of personal information that can be accurately located, such as my name, contact number, QQ number, etc. She generously agreed to help me pay attention to the sample publication and will notify me to collect it.
  Two weeks later, the girl sent me a sample magazine to arrive in the mail room through QQ. After receiving the information, I agreed with her to pick up the sample journal and sincerely thanked her. These step-by-step procedures became an ordinary trivial matter in campus life in the next two years. Between the girl and me, for the sake of the sample publication, strangers who have never known each other have become acquaintances with several connections.
  The sample magazine arrived at my hand from various corners of the motherland after many rounds of circulation through various packages. The girl in the mail room became the last relay to send the sample magazine. Her work should have been ordinary, and it became extraordinary because of my sudden intrusion.
  Near graduation, I went to the sampling journal for the last time. The road from the dormitory to the delivery room was two years away. It seemed to be full of ordinary love on the way, which witnessed the muddy and difficult road of my writing. In the delivery room of less than 30 square meters, the girl handed over the stacked sample magazine and remittance and handed it to me. With a smile on her face, she said, “This is probably the last sample magazine for you. Now, happy graduation. Keep writing and continue along this path. “At
  the end of the semester, the girl will enter her senior year and face the choice of life. The work in the mail room will come to an end. I still don’t know who her last name is, and I don’t know which college or major she is a student. Perhaps she has always lit up this extraordinary road with ordinary. The bright light that lit in her heart supported me for a long time.
  In the winter of 2016, a heavy snow storm swept the entire city of Hefei unpreparedly, and winter snow blocked the idea of ​​people traveling outdoors. After school at noon, I hid in the warm air-conditioned room of the dormitory. Compared with the cold killing outside the window, I became the closest friend with comfort and ease.
  Chewing the fragrant rice in my mouth, immersed in the intense plot of the TV drama, eating until I was happy, I suddenly remembered the message that suddenly broke into the mobile phone during class. Following the string of numbers left on the message, I gently pressed the dial key, and the voice of a heavy, hoarse middle-aged woman came from the end of the phone and filled my ears. An hour later, time quietly burrowed into the cold cracks in the surface. I suddenly remembered the courier I hadn’t waited for, and hurriedly asked again to that number. This time, there was a little more impatient emotion in my words The voice over the phone was obviously more anxious than me.
  Ten minutes later, the phone rang again, and I ran downstairs. Due to heavy snow, more than a dozen couriers flocked in the lobby on the first floor of the dormitory. I was anxiously looking for the face with the postal express in a dozen strange faces. Soon, the figure in the corner entered my eye socket. At the moment when I stepped forward to ask, a fat and vicissitudes face suddenly cast an inexplicable guilt towards me. Unexpectedly, she bowed halfway to me, and I was sorry that the cool breeze that pierced through the hall pierced the heart instantly, causing a chill in the bottom of her heart. I suddenly wanted to lift her with both hands and told her it was okay. It was only at that moment that I stood there stiffly, thinking for a long time, until the back of this middle-aged woman disappeared in the snow with the rolling bicycle wheels.
  The winter is snow-capped and the snow does not reach the knees. When people choose to keep warm in the house, the back on the bicycle is shuttled through the streets of the city, conveying special warmth.
  Gallop is a long road in writing. Every sample publication held in the palm of the hand bears the efforts and efforts of many people. While holding joy, it is necessary to remember every moment of your own thoughts flying, and also remember those who stick to one side. People who have worked hard to provide you with great results.