Ten sins of artificial intelligence

  No.10 causing massive unemployment
  in recent years, machines instead of people, has become a reality. This trend can be found in automobile manufacturing and self-service terminals.
  When the machine is equipped with artificial intelligence, it can automatically update, and the trend of human beings being replaced is intensified. This will cause a large number of unemployed workers to emerge, and only a few people will benefit from it, such as the manufacturers, users and upgraders of smart machines.
  No.9 into a moral dilemma
  if artificial intelligence to control a car carrying several passengers, traveling on the highway. Suddenly there is a sack of garbage on the road. What will the smart car do? Will it turn to avoid the garbage, hit the side and cause a car accident and hurt people? Or will it just hit the garbage? We all hope it is the latter.
  But what if the road is not a sack of garbage, but a sick dog or a baby? Will a smart car think that an animal is not worth saving, or that a baby is far less precious than the lives of a few passengers and hits it directly?
  If people drive, they can make the right decision right away, but if the car drives automatically, it is estimated that it will lead to tragedy. No matter how smart a machine is, there is always a gap between it and human beings, and it cannot make moral judgments!
  No.8 convenient hacking
  future of refrigerators, ovens, lights, automobiles, daily necessities will be networked. It is convenient for ourselves, and it is also convenient for hackers.
  Siri is an intelligent voice assistant for Apple’s iOS system. In the future, it will be condensed into a small box, connected to the network, working around the clock, automatic update, automatic recording, and save all your information. Once Siri is attacked by hackers, the consequences are very serious.
  Can you relax your mind when storing and protecting personal information by artificial intelligence?
  No.7 did not reduce the error
  initially thought that the human machine according to pre-programmed work programs, efficiency improvement, will not go wrong.
  In fact, the machine makes errors frequently, and the troubles caused by it are numerous. It mishears voice commands, it is indifferent, it misrecognizes commands, it overreacts, etc. This almost offsets the benefits of the machine.
  What’s more annoying, obviously something went wrong, it should be stopped immediately, but the machine is still running, and even continue to perform the next step! Because it didn’t realize that something went wrong, it was just executing the program. As long as the pre-programmed program is not interrupted, the machine will not stop, regardless of whether there is an error.
  No.6 error correction more difficult for
  people to make mistakes, and he can realize, it can be immediately corrected. “Knowing mistakes can be corrected
  , and there is nothing good.” The machine makes mistakes, and you don’t realize it. On the contrary, you need people to find the source of the mistakes. Re-check the program, browse the code, determine the root cause, write the patch program, check the patch again, update the patch, and sometimes the patch that needs the patch, and finally even lead to the overall upgrade of the program.
  Comparing the two, which is easier? Sit down! For people, there is only one word of warning: “Don’t make mistakes again, because…” For machines, correcting mistakes seems tedious and unworthy.
  No.5 anti servant main
  machine is to help people, intelligent machines to help people be more, but in fact it?
  If you have a robot at home, it stores your personal information and knows you well. You like beer, pizza, ice cream, order takeaway online. But the robot feels that these foods are unhealthy, and for your sake, they privately changed the menu on the Internet to carrots, lettuce, and cod liver oil.
  If you have skin allergies, you are afraid of sun exposure. The robot learns the weather forecast on the Internet, and it feels that the ultraviolet rays on sunny days are strong and it is not suitable for you to go out. For your sake, it locks you at home and never opens the door (the door and various devices at home are connected to the Internet). You can’t go to work, how do you deal with it? If your boss is also a robot, how can you explain it?
  No.4 Causes laziness and degeneration
  The purpose of manufacturing robots is to help humans and make them more comfortable and prosperous. For example, in life, the robot reminds at any time that when to take medicine and to what extent is just right to drink; the robot can also clean the courtyard and boil water for cooking. Humans either go shopping leisurely or focus on research and development, and do nothing else.
  In fact, the opposite is true. Humans are not more leisurely, but lazier, even degraded. The robot takes care of all the housework, cleaning, buying rice and meat, cooking rice and vegetables, etc. Humans stay at home and don’t go out, curl up on the sofa to watch TV, and play on their phones in bed.
  Nowadays, the younger generation participates less and less in outdoor activities, and they communicate with each other through mobile phones and the Internet. In the next step, they stay at home, lie on the bed, curl up on the sofa, move their lips to issue instructions, and smart machines take care of everything. But we are getting lazier and our body functions are getting degraded.
  No.3 end of human rebellion
  in the US sci-fi blockbuster “Terminator”, the awakening of artificial intelligence, to launch a nuclear war, control the machine, so the various uses of robots of various shapes and destroyed the bath steel robot, ubiquitous Skynet, etc., Run methodically; humans are in a very bad situation.
  The consequences of artificial intelligence coupled with weapons will be very serious. Putting guns on robots today is equivalent to digging a grave for humans in advance and playing the song of death until one day in the future, the machine will awaken.
  On the battlefield, robots reduce human casualties, but we cannot guarantee that the muzzle of robots will always face outwards. Human-made robot, robot learn to murder, saying it should be a “Jurassic Park”: “life will find their own way.”
  No. 2 alternative dominate humanity
  so often heard: the robot will occupy the earth, massacre, enslave humanity, Humans had no choice but to flee to the ground to survive, in the dark. Just like “The Matrix”, machines dominate the earth, and humans are either immersed in an ignorant but beautiful virtual world, or fight in the hard and cruel real world.
  However, what if artificial intelligence knows how to evolve, learn more human characteristics, and make itself more human-like?
  Robots understand emotions. With emotions such as anxiety, regret, depression, sarcasm, love, boredom, obscenity, happiness, etc., how is it different from humans? On earth, these robots will occupy a dominant position, replacing human beings.
  In the world of science fiction, Hal of “2001: A Space Odyssey” is outstanding, proficient in lip language, trying to control mankind; Marvin of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” suffers from depression, is paranoid and extremely nagging; “Flying out of the future” “Bender, who is addicted to alcohol like life, is selfish, and has a grumpy temper. There are more and more such robots, and there will be fewer and fewer footholds for human beings.
  No.1 demise of the human
  world ruled by robots, humans were destroyed, the day will come – this is the biggest disaster of artificial intelligence to bring human beings.
  The destruction of humans is simply because robots regard humans as the only obstacle to their evolution. Or maybe, the robot is implanted with a program to “protect the earth”, and it obeys orders, but regards humans as the greatest threat to the earth.
  No matter what the reason, at least the result is the same-human beings are eliminated, and human beings can’t know the reason. However, the only thing we know is that this is all caused by humans’ own mistakes.
  Humans should be vigilant, otherwise, in the future, only the soul may be left crying: “I knew this before, why bother!”