Ten fallacies about aging

  Around aging, there are many unreliable opinions and even fallacies circulating in the society. Among them, the following 10 wrong opinions are most likely to be believed.
  1. weight loss difficulty increase with age,
  with the aging of the body, metabolism slows down, but not the difficulties encountered in the process of weight loss will therefore be attributed to age. If your diet is not low-fat or low-calorie, weight loss will naturally face difficulties. Low-sodium diet can reduce the difficulty of weight loss, and some prescription drugs taken by the elderly are often related to weight gain.
  2. Excessive use of hair products can cause hair loss,
  excessive use of hair products such as gel, mousse, hair wax can cause hair to become brittle and sticky, but does not cause hair loss. The growth of hair depends on the hair follicles. Hair products will not penetrate deep into the scalp and will not affect hair growth. But in order to have healthy hair, it is recommended that people minimize the amount of hairdressing products when they have a satisfactory hairstyle.
  3. hair loss genes with the mother
  whether a person will grow older and hair loss depends on his genes, but think of hair loss and the mother’s genes is wrong. Although the risk of baldness is related to genetics, in order to find the real cause, you need to check the genealogy of both parents instead of blaming the mother for the reason.
  4. The above fifty people are the best low-intensity exercise
  any form of exercise are beneficial to health, a hundred times stronger than the lazy sitting front of the TV. For people over the age of 50, many people worry that high-intensity exercise will cause damage to the body. In fact, it is actually more likely to damage your health if you don’t exercise, because fitness can improve the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems and help prevent heart disease and other diseases. , Such as diabetes, etc., while also helping to lose weight.
  5. Dietary supplements can delay aging
  The United States invests billions of dollars every year to promote health supplements sold in the market, turning them into the so-called “spring of youth.” However, scientific research has found that any supplement that claims to be able to delay aging lacks strong evidence support, and there is no connection between large intake of vitamins, enzymes and other supplements and promotion of health. In addition to the questionable effectiveness, the safety of taking many supplements regularly is also doubtful. In order to ensure that the body takes in all the nutrients it needs, you need to improve the quality of food instead of relying on supplements.
  6. muscle loss is inevitable
  widely believed, once in the 40 years of age, muscle loss will be more obvious, it is an inevitable phenomenon. Canadian scientists conducted a study comparing middle-aged and elderly people aged 53 to 75 who regularly exercise with sedentary people of the same age group. The results found that the activity of muscle cells in people who exercise regularly is equivalent to that of young men in their 20s. Studies have shown that muscle loss after the age of 40 is more related to a sedentary lifestyle than aging.
  7. winter without having to use sunscreen
  even on cloudy days, UV radiation can reach the Earth and then pierce our skin and cause premature aging. Compared with summer, ultraviolet rays in other seasons should arouse our attention. To prevent skin cancer, people should use SPF 30 sunscreen every day, including rainy and cloudy days.
  8. The skin of white persons aged faster
  So far, doctors and scientists have not yet found any solid evidence of skin aging faster than white people of dark skin people. The darker the skin, the more melanin in the body. As the skin ages, the risk of sunburn increases. Whiter skin tends to be drier and more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin is very pale, you should use hydrating and sunscreen products, and wear a sun hat when you go out.
  9. Moisturizing products can reverse skin aging
  Scientists have found that there is no skin care product that can make our skin “time travel” and return to its young state. What even the best hydrating products and plasma can do is to accelerate cell turnover, make the surface skin look fresh and moisturized, and give people a younger look. In addition, hydrating products can lubricate the skin, replenish moisture, reduce dryness, reduce facial wrinkles and make the fine lines around the eyes less obvious.
  10. Genes determine the rate of aging
  -related issues of aging was undoubtedly one of the biggest fallacy, “the rate of aging is largely determined by genes.” Although genes inherited from parents can affect the tissues in the body, external factors can have a huge impact during the aging process. This is good news, which means that we can control our body through our own efforts to make ourselves look younger. In order to reduce the damage to the body caused by environmental factors related to aging, we should reduce the time of direct exposure to the sun, maintain a balanced diet, strengthen exercise, and reduce exposure to pollutants.