Teach you to write secret letters

  In the hit dramas “Rouge” and “Sparrow” in 2016, spies used secret messages to transmit important information. When you see these shots, do you also want to try to make secret letters?
  A secret letter is a letter formed by a special writing or expression method. If you want to pass certain words to another person through MeSince without letting others discover it, we can create MeSince by the following simple method.
  Eggs secret letter
  to prepare two raw eggs, a clean brush, and a bottle of vinegar, then with a brush dipped in some vinegar, I wanted to write the words on the egg shell. After a few minutes, wait until the vinegar on the egg shell is completely dry, then put the egg in clean water to cook, peel the cooked egg, and the words you originally wrote on the egg shell will appear on the egg white. This is the carbonization reaction in chemistry. The main component of the egg shell is calcium carbonate, which can chemically react with acetic acid, and the excess acetic acid will pass through the egg shell and chemically react with the protein, so peel off the cooked egg , You can clearly see the words on the protein.
  In general, the carbonization reaction is a reaction that dehydrates organic matter to produce carbon or other new substances.
  Secret letter Milk
  Milk secret letter need to use the items are milk, clean chopsticks, a piece of paper, the burning candles. First take out a chopstick, dip it in white yogurt, and write on white paper. After the milk is completely dry, no traces of fonts can be seen on the paper. Immediately afterwards, we lighted the candle, put the white paper on the candle flame and slowly baked it, and the brown fonts would gradually emerge. The principle is also very simple, because milk contains a lot of protein, heating will make the protein precipitate, when the precipitate adheres to the paper, it will form traces.
  In addition to fire roasting, people can also make MeSince visible by applying iodine, because the iodine touches starch and it turns black.
  Green onion sauce secret letter
  Take out two green onions that we usually eat, cut off the leaves and leave the white onions, and then squeeze the white onions into juice. The next step is the same as the milk secret letter. Lift the brush and dip it in the green onion juice and write on the white paper. When the green onion juice is completely dry, there is no writing on the white paper. If you put the white paper on the candle flame and bake it, the writing will appear immediately. Although the implementation steps of the green onion secret message are roughly the same as those of the milk secret message, the principle is completely different. Green onion juice is a secret message because green onion juice can chemically change paper, forming a substance similar to a transparent film. This substance has a lower ignition point than paper. After being fired, it burns, so it will show a brown font.
  In addition to onion juice, lemon juice, garlic juice, onion juice, etc. have this feature, and they can all be used to write secret letters.
  Nail secret letter
  to a rusty nail into a small edible white vinegar, so after rust on the nail was completely dissolved, the solution was dipped in writing on the white paper, white paper does not leave visible traces dry. But as long as the white paper is immersed in the tea, the blue and black writing can be seen. This is because after iron rust is dissolved in white vinegar, the solution contains iron ions, and the tea water contains tannin, which is a kind of tannin obtained from gallnut, odorless and extremely astringent. Its aqueous solution and iron salt solution When they meet, they will turn into blue-black, so put the white paper with iron ions in the tea water to reveal the blue-black font. In addition, the cells of most fruits such as apples and pears also contain tannic acid. As long as they are squeezed into juice, they can also chemically react with iron ions to form a secret message.
  You can write a secret letter just by using the above-mentioned common household items. Everyone, give it a try, use secret messages to express what you can’t usually tell!