Take you to watch the world cup

  World Cup (FIFA World Cup) that is the FIFA World Cup, the world’s highest honor, the highest standard, the highest gold content, the highest-profile football matches, with the Olympics and called the world’s two top sporting events, and even It is the world’s largest sports event with broadcast coverage exceeding the Olympics. It is the most sacred glory that every country in the world dreams of in the field of football. Which national football team can win the championship is the best in the world, and the whole world will be crazy about it.
  The World Cup is not only an honor for the team, but also a field for individual competition. The players who play well in the World Cup will be regarded as national heroes forever in the history of the country, so it also represents the ultimate dream of each football player.
  The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA member country (region) can send a representative team to register for this event. Of course, the winner is king. The Brazilian national men’s football team is currently the team that has won the most honors. It has won five World Cup titles and has retained the former World Cup Remitt Gold Cup permanently after winning the World Cup three times. The current World Cup is the Hercules Cup. Germany won the cup for the first time in 1974 and continues to use it today, all collectively known as the World Cup.
  The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the twentieth FIFA World Cup, held from June 13 to July 13, 2014 in 12 football stadiums in 12 cities in Brazil, with 32 teams from all over the world Will participate in the event, play 64 games and decide the champion team. This is the fifth time the World Cup has been held in South America since Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina in 1930, 1950, 1962 and 1978. It is the second time that Brazil has hosted the men’s football World Cup after 1950. The continent held in turn. Football has returned to its kingdom, and passionate Samba is also ready to release all the energy for it.
  In order to meet the needs of the majority of fans, Jiahua Tourism specially launched the “Take you to see the World Cup” special tourism project during the 2014 World Cup. No matter which team you are a supporter, Jiahua can take you to feel the charm of football on the spot, be in it, and cheer for your supporters!
  Unexpected Beauty-Outside the Arena
  Brazil is a multi-ethnic country with colorful cultural landscapes. In addition to football and samba, you can also visit three famous cities in Brazil: Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Friends who love nature, Amazon Forest, Iguazu Falls, etc. can not be missed.
  Brasilia: The youngest world human cultural heritage
  Brasilia is a milestone in the history of urban design. From the layout of residential areas and administrative areas to the symmetry of the building itself, it shows the harmonious design ideas of the city, and the government buildings show amazing The imagination is known as the “World Museum of Architectural Art”.
  Spend a day appreciating the city’s architectural art. First of all, admire the Capitol, which is composed of two buildings juxtaposed with an aisle in the middle, forming an “H” shape. “H” is the first letter of the Portuguese “human”, so this shape implies “people-oriented” and “humans dominate the world”.
  Then go to the nearby Sanquan Square, where visitors can’t see any monuments, but the colorful modernist buildings are amazing. These architectural designs are bold, light and elegant, and some of them also contain certain morals. In front of the two-storey presidential palace, a bronze statue of a pioneer in the capital with two spears standing side by side symbolizes the unity of the Brazilian people in defending the motherland. The Three Powers Square represents the three powers of the country and is called the nerve center of Brazil. It is impressive.
  Moving on to the Brasilia Cathedral, it is very different from the traditional European church. The main body of the church is located underground, and people enter and exit through the corridor. It does not have the usual high pointed roof. 16 parabolic pillars support the dome of the church, and the pillars are connected by a large piece of stained glass.
  Finally, he boarded the Brasilia TV Tower. The tower is 224 meters high, the world’s fourth-highest tower, 100 meters lower than the Paris Eiffel Tower, and weighs 378 tons. The tower observation deck is located at 75 meters and can accommodate 150 people. Visitors can take the elevator for free. Every weekend there is a handicraft market around the tower.
  Sao Paulo: Busy and lively, she is at the other end of the earth.
  Sao Paulo is Brazil and the largest city in South America. The climate is pleasant. The climate and temperature change little throughout the year, but the temperature difference between morning and night is large. “There are four seasons in one day”.
  St. Paul’s Catholic Cathedral is the most cathedral in South America. Completed in 1954, the towering Gothic architecture is magnificent, surrounded by pedestrian squares and shopping areas.
  Ibirapuera Park is located on the southern outskirts of São Paulo and covers an area of ​​1.6 million square meters. It has an artificial lake, group sculptures, and many museums. It is one of the most famous parks in the world.
  Dongfang Street is a place where many Japanese, Chinese, and Korean expatriates live. It has a distinct oriental cultural atmosphere, and there are many restaurants, shops, and travel agencies operated by the Chinese.
  Rio de Janeiro:
  the beaches of desire, the majestic Jesus statue, the passionate carnival, poverty and luxury coexist in the passionate carnival capital , “God spent six days creating the world, and on the seventh day, he created Rio.” Rio de Janeiro Located in southeastern Brazil, it was the capital of Brazil before 1960. Brazilians’ love for football is well-known all over the world. On the streets and beaches, there are groups of football teenagers everywhere. The Rio will proudly tell you that Zico, Ronaldo, Ronaldo Jr., Rivaldo, Romario, Bebeto, Zagalo, Tostang… all of these world-class stars come from Rio.
  Rio de Janeiro is home to the most famous museums in Brazil, with the largest library in Latin America, the largest football stadium in the world, and the largest park and botanical garden in the country. The Royal Palace in Boavista Park was opened as a national museum with a collection of more than 1 million pieces, the most precious of which is the world’s largest meteorite, weighing 5360 kilograms. There is also a collection of human skulls unearthed in 1975, with a history of more than 10,000 years. Rio de Janeiro also has the world’s largest football stadium in Marcana. Every major event, hundreds of thousands of spectators cheered like cheers all night.
  The sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro Beach are paved with black and white stones. The two most contrasting colors, without any modification or transition, are put together straightforwardly. This is the way of Rio. It does not welcome the golden mean and is only willing to accept the collision of the two poles. Interestingly, the result of this collision is not that one party destroyed or overwhelmed the other. Instead, the two sides were stunned together, inseparable and inseparable. To understand her, you can only feel it yourself!