Taiwan Necromancer

  She was born in a poor family in 1929 and named Huang Tangzhen, but when she died in 1993, she was called Dexiu and was a well-known Taoist psychic. She has a reputation for making surprisingly accurate predictions. It is said that she is very dedicated to her followers. Her focus is so strong that even death will not prevent her from continuing to serve the followers: her body is covered with gold and placed In a temple in Keelung, she continued to engage in prophecy as a bronzing psychic in Taiwan.
  It is said that Dexiu’s rise to prominence is due to her ability to communicate with Taiwan’s glorious fairy “Santaizi”. This fairy was born with a ball of fragrant balls. When he was a child, he promised to commit suicide by incision. Later, he became heaven. The commander-in-chief of the army. Santaizi ward off evil spirits and uphold justice; with Santaizi’s aura, the young Huang Tangzhen lined up on the street to show off, experience turmoil, and predict the future. As her ability increased, she not only attracted a small group of dedicated followers, but was also followed by a large group of supernatural gods. Avalokitesvara appeared in front of her in 1968 and gave her the name “Dexiu”. She used this name throughout her life. In her dream, the Jade Emperor summoned her and assigned her to the Bodhisattva Kingdom to be a man of great compassion. Help sentient beings to gain enlightenment.
  As a living Bodhisattva, Dexiu did not feel that she would leave her followers, even when she faced death, she would not leave. Her last great prediction was made when she died in 1993. Although she was in very good health at the time, she announced that she was about to end her life and gave detailed instructions after her death: continue to let her exist among her followers and ask them to put her body in a In the thick barrel, the barrel was sealed and stored in a stone room in the Ci’an Temple where she lived for six years. She explained that this approach allowed her body to be naturally mummified and preserved, providing support for her elves to continue to show up.
  After the barrel was unsealed in 1999, it was discovered that Dexiu was really well preserved. The temple administrators participated in the unsealing process, and did not find any signs of decay in Dexiu. Her hair and nails were kept intact, which is a miracle. A craftsman painted and gilded Dexiu’s mummy and sent her back to the main hall of the Ci’an Temple, whereupon her glorious body was mounted on the sanctuary. The craftsmen insisted on adding protective facilities, and transformed the church into a climate-controllable environment with protective glass. The monastery agreed to add it, but most visitors believed that such protection was unnecessary and the reason was simple. Everyone saw that Dexiu would not rot, and her radiant state was a demonstration of the heavenly divinity.
  The unveiling ceremony of the bronzing mummies was a grand event. At that time, a candidate of the leader came to the scene to ordain and prayed for Dexiu to bless him with more votes (he eventually lost the election, believers explained that this was not Dexiu’s fault). In fact, the mummy bronzing is so successful that people who don’t know the inside story would not expect to see a mummy in front of them; at first glance, she is no different from other temple statues. But unlike other statues, Dexiu wears real clothes, an impressive ceremonial robe and gorgeous headwear, and the deep wrinkles and remnants left by the vicissitudes of life in 64 years. These are all lacquer and bronzing. It cannot be covered up. In short, she is in an excellent state of preservation, and her image is majestic, like an icon.
  Of course, in the current state, she cannot express her views and predictions. She can only send a message to the people praying in front of her church in a dream. In return, the prayers left the sacrifices and piled them on the large table in front of the altar, including cash, gems and children’s toys. She always sits behind these dazzling objects, everything from teletubbies, teddy bears to frying pans, as long as the believers think it is a gift that Dexiu likes, they will send it. An administrator of the temple said: “We really don’t know how to dispose of these items. Some items are really wasteful, but the people who enshrine these items are kind; besides, these items belong to Dexiu, not to us. . So we had to let them pile up there, and talk about it when the pile was too large. In short, this is the reward she deserves for continuing to serve the believers.”