Space-time tunnel above the clouds

  About 160 kilometers northeast of Lima, the capital of Peru, about 4 kilometers high in the Andes Mountains, in the thin air above the clouds, lies a mysterious highland-Macavas, which is rarely known. , Is rarely seen by people, but the few people I saw were shocked by its mystery.
  Magical stone
  in the 50s of the last century, the Peruvian archaeologist Daniel Ruiz was stunned here.
  He saw that there were a lot of stone carvings on the high ground of about 5 square kilometers. Although he experienced the vicissitudes of the years, he still showed certain carving skills and artistic skills. There are 4 altars placed on the four basic positions of east, west, south, and north. Two huge toads are lying on the altar at the north end, facing the west. I don’t know what they mean. There are various animal stone sculptures scattered around the altar, including dogs, vultures, giant walruses, camels, lions, polar bears, American alligators, turtles, etc., and even prehistoric stegosaurus!
  In addition to animal stone sculptures, there are three stone sculptures that are particularly noticeable: one is a two-body sphinx, that is, two sphinxes are connected together like conjoined twins; there is also a huge human body The stone sculpture, its face stared at the sky eternally, that face looked like a human face on Mars. The other is an erected human head sculpture, about 10 meters high, carved from a large stone, standing on the edge of a cliff. What is peculiar is that as the sun moves, the facial contours of the human head sculpture will obviously change continuously: in the morning, it looks like a young man of about 20 years old, gazing curiously at the eastern sky; at noon, it resembles a world experience. The middle-aged man gazes into the distance wisely; when the sun sets in the afternoon, he becomes an old man of about 80 years old, looking at the sun that is about to set, as if he already knows the destiny.
  Many sculptures there use relief techniques, taking into account lighting and shadow effects. Some effects can be seen at a certain time of the day, and some effects can be seen on certain days of the year, such as the winter solstice and summer solstice. It is particularly noteworthy that the triangular ridges on the stegosaurus back use different stones from those used in the body. According to scientists’ tests, these ridges are glued together with a cement-like plaster, but they are not compatible with the plaster. The composition and age cannot be determined. It can be seen that the makers of stone sculptures possess superb skills and artistic level.
  So who carved them? What is the relationship between the sculptor and the ancient Egyptian sphinx? How did they know that the stegosaurus was like this billion years ago? These issues are unknown to the locals, and there are no related records and legends.
  Appalling floating away
  Eric and Edith is a local paranormal investigators, sometimes part-time tour guide, they both saw and heard wonderful things – people can walk in Marca gas floating high ground !
  Eric was responsible for picking up the Austrian explorers who had stayed in Macawas for a long time. When we met, Eric felt that the Austrian was going down the mountain too fast. After careful observation, Eric noticed that his feet were not touching the ground, and he was floating down about 10 cm above the ground! Eric went back to the tent alone in fright, but the Austrian didn’t seem to realize that he was floating down.
  Eric told Edith about this situation, and Edith didn’t believe it, even though she had heard of it before, there were strange forces at work on this mountain. But one day about a year later, Edith was in charge of picking up a curious tourist who had stayed there for a long time in Macawas Heights. At that time, Edith saw him standing on the huge turtle sculpture. When Edith waved, he jumped off the turtle’s back and floated towards Edith! Edith was so frightened that tears came out, and even now, she was afraid to bring up that scene.
  After that, something even more shocking to Edith happened. Edith and some explorers from Scotland came to Macawas. A young man was very curious. He left the camping site by himself and walked around. In the observation room, he saw a lady with long hair walking among the rocks, so Shouting and chasing, and approaching, I realized that the lady in front had no legs and was floating in the air! And she suddenly turned around and floated towards the young man, and there was a cat’s face under her long black hair! The young man was so frightened that he fainted. After everyone found him back, he was almost paralyzed, and his fear frightened everyone who went with him.
  Grotesque amazing night
  American magazine “adventure” of reporters Zherui Weill also personally visited Maca gas, to accompany him to go there with local villagers. It was September, and the daytime solar radiation in the Makawas Highlands was particularly severe, and people were easily sunburned. The night was very cold. Everyone was chatting around the campfire, but many people felt as if they were being watched. Weir visited the surroundings and found nothing unusual.
  It was late and everyone went to sleep in the tent. A female team member sticks her head outside the tent to admire the beautiful night. At about 1 o’clock in the morning, she saw a dazzling white light like a huge searchlight shining into the night sky, reflecting the place where they were camping. The strong light lasted for a while before it went out, and she quickly retracted her head into the tent with fear. About 30 minutes later, footsteps sounded outside, as if at least two people were walking near the tent. The people who were awakened by the footsteps thought who was urinating at night, but when they asked each other the next morning, they found that no one was up at night.
  Who visited the place where they camped?
  At about 2 o’clock in the morning, Weir’s CD player suddenly rang music, playing at maximum volume, and the music on both discs played simultaneously. Weir’s CD player can only play one disc at a time, and the switch of the CD player is usually locked to prevent bumps and vibrations. In shock, Weir listened to the music dumbly, feeling that the mysterious power was nearby. Soon afterwards, the music floated from inside Weir’s tent to outside, swayed for a while, over the cliff, and disappeared into the distance. Weir checked the CD player the next morning. It was still locked and could not be turned on automatically.
  The strangest thing is that at about 3 o’clock in the morning, Weir, who was awakened by the music, lay tiredly on the bunk and was about to sleep. Suddenly, he felt a bright amber light shining in front of him, overcoming his fear, he got up and looked around outside the tent, and found nothing, except that all the tent doors were open. After that, he only remembered that he was standing on a boulder overlooking Makawas, and the entire Makawas highlands were bathed in amber light. I can’t remember what happened after that.
  The next morning, Weir felt like he had a strange dream. But when he looked at the watch, he was stunned, because his watch was also an altimeter, a thermometer and a barometer. The altimeter showed that at 3:15 in the morning, Vail rose from a height of 4,000 meters to a height of 4,300 meters. , And then returned to an altitude of 4000 meters in 10 minutes. And it seems that everyone has such a strange dream, but the part that everyone remembers is different.
  Alien time or alien territory?
  Macawas is too weird. Everyone who has been here feels that their previous ideas have been strongly impacted, and there are many similar stories to tell. But why is Macawas so weird? Who was its former owner? What mysterious power is haunting it?
  Some extraordinary phenomenon researchers believe that in the area above the clouds surrounded by the tall mountains, there is a space-time tunnel leading to another space-time. When people enter Macawas, they unknowingly enter another space. The natural laws here The time and space in which we live will definitely be different. For example, the surrounding species (catface, sphinx, centaur, etc.), the passage of time, the feeling of space, the effect of gravity, and the spread of sound are different, maybe Will cause the above strange phenomenon. As for the civilization of this other time and space, of course, it is not necessarily inferior to us.
  UFO experts also believe that the mysterious power represented here is the work of aliens. Of course, the image of aliens must have the weird appearance of cat-faced people, and those ancient sculptures are of course their masterpieces. According to local people’s knowledge, huge flying saucers do often appear here, and they often stop at a place called “fortress” on the edge of the Makawas Highlands. It is a corridor and a small room made up of granite stones. The granite here is covered with granite. It was scorched, as if it had indeed been docked by something with huge energy. The villagers also said that the underground of Makavas is a complex cave, and there are underground temples in the cave. Maybe the monsters that are not like humans hide there.
  Some scientists believe that perhaps the magnetic field distribution here is rather weird, and its effect on the human brain can cause people to hallucinate.
  Does Macawas belong to a magical other time and space, or is it an alien territory? Or is it a weird magnetic field? Or are these storytellers deceiving people? There is no answer yet.