Soaring into the sky, the reindeer rescued me from accidental escape

  In May 2005, I made a special trip to interview several Hope Primary Schools located deep in the Greater Xing’an Mountains, preparing to make a special report for a newspaper office in Genhe City, Inner Mongolia. I am more familiar with the situation there, and first arrived at the village of Doraguma by car. In the village there was Wenkutu, a compatriot of Oroqen I knew when I came here, and he welcomed me warmly. There is no decent road going further, only the local reindeer.
  Speaking of reindeer, perhaps most of my friends are still relatively unfamiliar. They are a specialty of Daxing’an Mountains. More than a thousand years ago, they were still haunting the dense forest, and later they were domesticated by the Oroqen people. They look strange, with a horse-like head, a donkey-like body, and broad hooves like a cow. They are commonly known as the “Three Not Elephants.” Reindeer are docile, able to carry heavy objects and travel long distances, making them a rare and good helper for mankind. The Oroqen people also have a peculiar attitude towards them. They don’t usually limit their freedom, so they restock them to nearby mountains, and they come as soon as they need to whistle, showing the closeness of their relationship. Perhaps because of this, many functions of the reindeer are not degraded, they are extremely agile and full of agility. The “big horn” reindeer raised by Wenkutu is particularly psychic. I used to ride it when I visited here for interviews. I am already very familiar with it. It didn’t have a name before, because I saw its bifurcated horns so big, so I called it, and it seemed to be happy.
  Wenkutu understood my thoughts very well and called Dajiao that afternoon. Dajiao remembered me, and screamed excitedly all the way. It hasn’t changed much, it’s still so tall and strong, its gray-brown fur is shiny, and its big eyes seem to be able to speak. I stroked its neck for a long time.
  The next morning, I packed up the photographic equipment and other related items, put them on the big horn, said goodbye to Wenkuto, and rode on the big horn and set off. I had to walk seven to eight miles in the middle of the mountain road, just to be on the safe side, I brought a shotgun. Big Horn has a strong bearing capacity and is good at climbing mountains. It is a piece of cake for me. The scenery of the forest sea is deep and beautiful, the more inaccessible, the more amazed me.
  Suddenly, Big Horn made an urgent cry to call the police-there is enemy in front! I was busy waiting, looking forward. It turned out that there was a big wild boar in the bush tens of meters away, and the mane on its back was vividly visible. It also found us and looked very nervous. Wild boars are extremely reproductive and there are quite a lot of them in the local area. Sometimes they will rush out of the forest to destroy crops and cause serious damage.
  I felt that I should kill the villagers, so I slowly took off the shotgun behind my back, pressed the bullet, and fired a shot at the wild boar. With a “bang” gunshot, blood suddenly appeared on its back. This guy was stunned for a few seconds, and then rushed towards us with a sudden “Oh”!
  I fired another shot in a hurry, but didn’t hit the boar at all. It’s devastating, rushing unstoppably! It was half-hidden and half-revealed just now, and now it’s all exposed, it’s actually twice as large as the largest domestic pig, more than two meters long! The pig’s head is disproportionately large, the mouth is long and pointed, and the two fangs are white, like sharp machetes. I think of the words of the hunter: Don’t hunt wild boars easily. If you can’t kill it with a single shot, it will kill you!
  Fortunately, Big Horn has been on the battlefield for a long time, so I was not scared, so I turned around and ran. It originally ran quite fast, but it was obviously a bit worse than the wild boar that was almost crazy. Seeing that the wild boar chased the back of his ass, the situation was extremely critical! Big Horn was very clever, and came a sharp turn. The wild boar’s reaction was half a beat slow and was thrown away.
  When the big corner turned sharply again, I was so nervous that I fell off all of a sudden and rolled a few times. I have lived such a big life, and I have never planted such a big somersault. If it weren’t for the thick pine needles on the ground, I would have fallen into shock. My eyes were staring at Venus, but my mind was still awake. I knew that there was a urging ghost coming afterwards. It could chew me up in a few bites…
  There was a thick-mouthed tree next to me . I didn’t even think about it.” “Suddenly” just climb up. My tree-climbing skills are very average, but at that time I performed at a super level, and I climbed five or six meters in a few strokes. Now the wild boar can’t bite me, unless it can also climb trees. I hugged the tree trunk tightly, breathing heavily, and felt a dull pain in my arm and wrist. It turned out that I was scratched by the bark. My face hurts too, I wiped it just now, I lost my gun early.
  I hadn’t settled for a minute, when I felt the trunk tremble violently, and my body shook. Looking down, it turned out that the wild boar was hitting the trunk with his body. It is estimated that the big horn attracted the attention of the wild boar just now, and wanted to draw it away, but it couldn’t catch up with the big horn, so he came back to take the tree and breathe. It has a rough skin and thick flesh, and it has the unstoppable brute force. This tree is not thick, it will not take long depending on the situation, it will be broken, and then I will not be able to escape!
  At this critical juncture, Big Horn ran back like a gust of wind. It could have escaped by itself, but ventured back to save me. I was moved, and at the same time I believed that Big Horn must be able to drive away the wild boar.
  Taking advantage of the wild boar’s preparation, Big Horn used its hard prong tip to push the wild boar’s butt fiercely. Because the place was soft and plunged deeper, the wild boar screamed in pain, jumped up and ran to the side. But it just went around in a circle, did not escape, and rushed towards the big horns in angrily. Usually even the tiger makes it three points. At this moment, a deer dares to use force with it. Can it not become angry?
  Big Horn seemed to know that as soon as it left, the wild boar would hit the tree again, so he didn’t escape, or even moved, just standing there. Seeing that the wild boar was about to hit it like a tank. Danger! When I saw this, I cried out. However, Dajiao suddenly jumped more than one meter high, and the wild boar whizzed under it. fantastic!
  The wild boar dashed forward more than ten meters before stopping. It must feel inexplicable. How did it knock down the opponent? Looking back, it flew into a rage, and then slammed back in a vicious manner. This guy looked stupid, but he was actually pretty good. He immediately got the hang of it. Instead of rushing and rushing, he swung his sharp fangs to meet the big horns. Although the big horn has hard horns, its horns can only be used for head-on collisions and cannot be used as a flexible weapon. Besides, it is only a herbivore. How can it be compared with the wild boar that is not afraid of the sky? Under the wild boar’s torrential pursuit, it quickly fell into a disadvantage.
  I was in a tree, and there was nothing I could do to worry about Big Horn. Suddenly, the wild boar roared and jumped up sharply, his fangs pierced into the belly of Big Horn! Big Horn jumped up and avoided. Unexpectedly, the hoof of the wild boar sticks to the ground, and then it swings its head again. The big horns can’t avoid it, and the hind legs are cut.
  The blood flowing out stimulated the wild boar’s wildness even more. It screamed and rushed towards the big horns, and the big horns reddened their eyes. They threw their lives to compete with it, and the dazzling and tragic fight began. But after only a few minutes, I suddenly found that both sides of the fighting had stopped, pricked up their ears and listened to something, completely forgetting the fight. After a while, the wild boar snorted, fled, and soon disappeared. Big Horn quickly ran under the tree, wagging his tail, and calling out, asking me to go down immediately.
  The wild boar just ran away, have we all gone? It’s weird, like a dream. Will there be a more terrifying enemy coming? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be dangerous for me to go down? I hesitated and refused to go down. Suddenly feel the wind is a little hot, strange! Immediately after hearing a faint strange noise, I looked against the wind, a few hundred meters away, a wall of fire was burning to the sky-a forest fire! Oh my God!
  Right now is the time when the sky is dry and things are dry, which can easily cause forest fires. Once those flammable Chinese pine catch fire, they will immediately burn the neighboring trees, and the fire will spread rapidly. But today there was a strong wind, and the fire was surging like a flash flood, and the trees that were clearly far away from the fire fell on the ground. The wall of fire is several miles wide and forms the most violent “canopy fire”. The head of the fire flies on the top of the tree and moves quickly, and it will burn in a short time!