Snow Mountain Fright 16 days

 Unexpected “lift” the buried car
  since the beginning of December, located in the northwestern US state of Oregon affected by cold spell, a fall snowstorm, snow accompanied by intermittent wind down nearly 20 days. Until December 22 before Christmas, the heavy snow finally stopped. The local weather station measured that the snow was at least 153 cm thick, which is very rare in the history of the state.
  The Blooms, who live in Donald Township, Merrion, Oregon, are a pair of ski lovers. After the weather cleared on December 22, the couple drove their snowmobiles to the professional ski park to find some excitement, but found that there were so many ski lovers there, they had no choice but to return.
  Just after noon the next day, the Blooms, the Remus father and daughter, and three other friends headed for De Chaster National Forest on four snowmobiles. These people laughed and chattered along the way, which was so exciting.
  Not far from entering the forest park, Bloom’s snowmobile was suddenly scratched by something, and almost lost control and tipped over, scaring the Blooms into sweat. The couple stopped the sled and found that what had almost overturned their sled just now was a black travel bag taken out of the snow by the blade of the sled. It was lying on the white snow, very eye-catching.
  Bloom went over to pick up the travel bag, found it had been frozen hard by the snow, and opened the zipper of the bag, leaving it empty. “Who threw it here? Could anyone come to this ghost place?” Bloom looked around curiously, seeing nothing but the white snowfield.
  ”What’s that?” his wife Joan cried suddenly. Bloom followed the direction of his wife’s fingers and saw a small bump on the snow where the sled brought out the bag. He walked over and kicked the snow, and unexpectedly found another piece of clothing. “Someone has really been here!” Bloom continued to dig with both hands. Suddenly, a piece of glass was exposed, shining white light in the sun, very dazzling. Bloom picked up another handful of snow with his hands: Oh my god, this is actually a car window, and a car is buried under the snow.
  Hearing the screams of the Blooms, several other companions stopped the sleigh and came around. Is there anyone in the car? Bloom kept his eyes on the car window a few centimeters thick and looked into the car, but because of a thick layer of frost on the glass in the car window, he could not see anything. A companion said that the owner may have left the car here and ran after seeing the heavy snow. Bloom shook his head: “Where will the owner run in such a heavy snow, besides, it is so cold, will he throw his clothes down? Something must have happened here, maybe the owner is still in the car.”
  Everyone Hearing it made sense, he shouted and banged on the car window desperately. After a minute, a miracle occurred: two dull knocks were heard from the window, and then a hand was placed on the window.
  Several skiers Seeing shocked: “! Oh my God, the car was really”
  save Christmas Carnival action in the
  snow in front of a Christmas carnival immediately become fierce urgency of rescue operations. Bloom and others have never encountered a situation of rescuing people from snow. The most urgent thing is to seek assistance from the police and medical units. Because Forest Park is located in a remote suburb and has no mobile phones, Bloom asked his wife, Remus and other 6 people to use their hands as tools to pull away the snow buried in the car door to save people. He stepped onto the sled and hurried to it. Look for rescuers in the town.
  It took Remus, Joan and others three hours to clean the snow blocking the car door with both hands. At this time, the police firefighters also arrived. Everyone opened the car door hurriedly and found a man lying on the driver’s seat in the car. What makes people feel incredible is that this man only wore a T-shirt on his upper body and no other cotton-padded clothes. His face was extremely pale, very ugly, his body temperature was terribly low, and even his hands were covered with frost.
  Joan immediately took off her pair of woolen socks and put them on the man’s hands. Someone also contributed a pair of woolen trousers and put them on him. The man behaved well, but he could no longer speak a sentence, muttered vaguely, and kept nodding to everyone.
  At this time, the rescue team’s helicopter also arrived, but it was unable to land in the forest. The rescue team had to put the man on a special stretcher, dragged it out of the forest with a snowmobile for more than 1,600 meters, and put it into the helicopter that had been waiting there.
  The man was quickly sent to St. Charles Medical Center for emergency treatment. After 3 days of emergency rescue, the man recovered quickly and was able to speak. Only then did people know that the man trapped in the snow turned out to be a soldier at the US Air Force Base.
  AWOL trapped in the snow
  that American soldiers were rescued man named Thomas Wade · Trout, then 29-year-old, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. In June 2000, he enlisted in the army, joined the Air Force, and served at the United States Air Force Base in Ellsworth, South Dakoda. He is a fueler at the base, responsible for driving fuel trucks and fueling fighter jets.
  On December 3, 2000, Thomas had a quarrel with his colleagues on personal issues at the base, and was criticized by his superiors. In a fit of anger, he left his post without authorization and drove his Mazda sports car to escape from the base and ran west. He drove through Utah, Colorado, and through the Rocky Mountains. After enjoying the beautiful scenery of California, on December 7th, he drove to De Chaster National Forest in the remote Oregon state of the northwestern United States.
  At this time the weather turned bad, and heavy wind and heavy snow hit Oregon. Thomas just drove along the logging road into the park, but he was trapped in the road by heavy snow, unable to move forward or back. He never expected that the difficulty would last for 16 days.
  After the car’s fuel ran out, the heating in the car was gone. Thomas only wore a T-shirt when he escaped from the base, and of course he couldn’t stand the cold weather. He touched his pocket, but fortunately there was a lighter. He got out of the car to find some dry wood, and used a lighter to light a small fire to keep warm. The wind was so strong that the fire was blown out from time to time. Thomas had to keep rekindling with a lighter until no sparks could be produced in the lighter. There is sparsely populated here, no one is seen for a long time, and at this time he is cold and hungry in the squally snow, Thomas decided to walk out of the forest alone. But after 3 days of dripping water, he was too weak. After walking a few steps, he was blown into the snow by the strong wind.
  Thomas struggled to get into the car, begging God to end this spooky weather soon, but the heavy snow still kept falling. Fortunately, Thomas found a few cans of orange juice, a small bottle of water and a small bag of almond chocolate in the car. This poor food became his only life-saving food. The blizzard still showed no signs of stopping, and Thomas, who was starving and freezing, thought of death. He tore off a piece of paper and wrote a suicide note to his parents in Florida: “I died of freezing and starvation. Please don’t let the forensic doctor come to autopsy and experience the cause of death. After I die, please cremate me. The ashes are the best. Sprinkled in Norway, because there was my motherland and hometown, where there are ice, sea and snow
  fields that I love deeply, and people I love deeply.” After writing his suicide note, Thomas waited quietly and waited for his death. Sitting in the driver’s seat watching the snow outside the window pile up day by day, he was helpless until the heavy snow completely buried his car. The car disappeared in the vast snowfield, no one knew what happened here.
  Santa Claus sent a life-saving messenger.
  On Friday, December 22, Thomas, who had been in the car for 15 days, was in a coma. He suddenly heard the sound of a snowmobile above his head in a daze. He was overjoyed when he was awakened: This is the life-saving messenger sent to me by Santa Claus, and I must seize the opportunity. However, he could no longer call for help.
  Thomas rolled down the car window, pushed aside the snow, and threw out his black travel bag, notebook and even the only precious warm clothing, hoping that the people above would find him. However, the sound of the sledge faded away, a gust of wind came, and the snow covered his car. Thomas was completely desperate.
  However, the sky is endless. Unexpectedly the next day, Bloom and his friends drove to the place where Thomas was buried and found his trace.
  According to the hospital, Thomas was severely dehydrated when he was rescued. His original weight of 79 kg lost 9 kg. His body was on the verge of extremely dangerous low temperature, and his hands and feet were severely frostbited. He could survive 16 days after being trapped in snow. This is an unprecedented miracle.