“Singing” stone statue

  In the wilderness between the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt and the Valley of the Kings, there are two stone statues, built around the 14th and 5th century BC. People think that the prototype of the stone statue is a hero in Greek mythology-Mennon, so it is named Mennon Statue. The stone statue was famous all over the world for its “singing voice”. Everyone must be curious, how can a stone statue “sing”? As early as 27 BC, a major earthquake damaged certain parts of the stone statue. Since then, people have heard the stone statue “sing”. An ancient Greek geographer witnessed this scene, and wrote in his travel notes: Whenever sunrise, the stone statues will speak and even hum songs.
   Archaeologists have hypothesized that the “singing” may be caused by a combination of rising temperatures and evaporation of dew in the rock holes. However, this hypothesis will never be confirmed, because the stone statue has been “lost” for two thousand years. In 199 AD, the Roman emperor ordered people to repair the stone statues that were destroyed by earthquakes. Since then, the “singing” of the “stone statues” has ceased to exist.

  When human beings have enough understanding of themselves, they always think that they are alone in the vast universe, so they have been working on searching for intelligent life similar to themselves in space for many years, but there has been no result. Maybe we are all looking in the wrong direction?
  Although most areas on the earth have been explored by humans, and the world map is basically complete, there are still many places that humans cannot reach, let alone under the thick crust of the earth alone. We all know that the structure of the earth is divided into crust, mantle, and core from outside to inside, and the crust is the thinnest layer, which is equivalent to the skin of the earth. At present, human science and technology cannot penetrate the earth’s crust and explore the mantle. Therefore, the earth’s interior is a completely unknown world to us. So, in that mysterious area, will there be life? Or will there be “earth-centered people” who control wisdom and civilization?
   Enigmatic underground tunnels Keeper
   although still unable to determine whether the presence of the center of the earth people, but around the world there are a lot of unknown race witnessed the incident.
   Before and after World War II, scientists in the United States and Germany had planned geocentric explorations, trying to find “geocentric people” and “geocentric civilizations” ahead of each other. Why? According to legend, intelligent creatures living in the center of the earth discovered a large number of gems and rare minerals in the earth, and these are huge temptations for the United States and Germany.
   In 1942, American President Roosevelt received the shocking news from an expert who had returned from archeology in Mexico. It turned out that the archaeologists discovered a white-skinned Indian guarding an underground tunnel in Mexico! Subsequently, the US government quickly organized an expedition team to the local area for verification.
   When the expedition team traversed the local dense forest, they found these white-skinned Indians and were surrounded by them. The Indian guide along with the team communicated with these strange indigenous people and learned that they were descendants of Mayans called Canton. The Canton people have lived in this dense forest for generations, guarding the entrance of the underground tunnel.
   The news was soon learned by the famous German explorer von Daniken. He led a team to this dense forest, found the legendary underground tunnel, and ventured deep into it. In the tunnel, von Daniken found wide and straight passages and glazed walls, as well as many exquisite rock door openings and gates, a smoothly processed roof and a hall of more than 20,000 square meters, and Many ventilation shafts with an average length of 1.8 meters to 3.1 meters and a width of 80 cm appear at regular intervals. Because von Daniken refused to disclose more other discoveries, it was not known whether he met the “earth center man.”
   Has been repeatedly found traces of
   World War II, rumors about the mysterious “center of the earth” and to attract more people went to visit the country.
   In July 1960, an expedition team from Peru discovered an underground corridor under the Andes Mountains, 600 kilometers east of Lima. The underground corridor is 1,000 kilometers long and leads to Chile and Colombia. However, in order to protect the tunnel and wait for humans to master sufficient science and technology to develop it in the future, the Peruvian government closed the entrance of this underground tunnel and guarded it strictly. This place was later listed as a World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations.
   Later, Spanish archaeologist Antoine Fentos discovered a 50-kilometer underground corridor somewhere near Guatemala. The promenade has pointed arches, leading from the underground to Mexico.
   If these underground tunnels are only relics left by ancient humans, then the following “living” examples have left the scientific community at a loss as to how to explain them.
   In 1994, a shocking incident occurred in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, when the bodies of three suspected “earth-centered men” who had been crushed to death were found in a canal in the city. These “earth-centered men” are short in stature, about 3 feet tall, have complete limbs, and have unusually smooth skin.
   In 1972, traces of butterfly-shaped flying objects appeared on the top of Mount Shasta in the United States. This extinct volcano that had been silent for many years suddenly emitted a plume of smoke, accompanied by a large amount of sparks and bright light. Three college students saw 5 through telescopes. Tall white men with long curly hair, these white men quickly disappeared behind a rock under the crater.
   Based on this series of strange discoveries, scientists speculate that perhaps the mantle has not changed in billions of years, so it may become a place where life can exist for a long time.
   In fact, as early as 1946, the British scientist Wilkins concluded in the book “Mystery of Ancient South America” ​​that the underground tunnels opened and constructed by prehistoric civilizations were connected end to end, and there were many branches, which can run through Europe. , Asia, America, and Africa, and concluded that there are still “underground kingdoms” inside the earth. Wilkins’s point of view is based on the results of investigations around the world. Although it is more of a hypothesis and inference, it is well-founded and extremely tempting.
   So, is there really an underground civilization? If this “mystery” can be solved, it may have an unpredictable impact on the entire human civilization. In addition, is the “geocentric” an enemy or a friend? To what extent has their technology been developed, does it pose a threat to mankind? To whom does the endless treasures under the surface belong? This series of questions will follow