Silkworm and spider

There are two kinds of animals that can spin silk in the world of tiny insects. They spin silk and both describe their beautiful state of mind. After the silkworm spun silk into a cocoon, it turned its body into it and made a dream of “being able to get in and out”; after the spider spun silk into a web, it kept its body outside and set a strategy of “be able to advance and retreat”. All made detailed calculations for their leisurely life experience.

Spiders are carnivores, and they are tough when they move. From east to west, from the horizontal, every thread they pull kills others. Choose a well-ventilated patio, or between the beautiful flowers and dead branches, to occupy the position of the must pass, and to lay a net, not afraid that you will not send it to the door. The plan is set, even if the autumn wind repeatedly scratches the net, he will do it again gloomily and patiently, knowing that most of the people who endure are cruel guys. Countless, complacent about it.

The silkworm is a vegetarian, and his temperament is frugal. When he eats mulberry leaves, he sweeps along the edge of the leaf. Even a little bit of leaf debris is reluctant to waste. It is called “nibbles”. It is by nature not to conceal others, but only cares about its own growth and degeneration, how to turn the rough mulberry leaves into fine and tough silk, and turn the bloated body into a pupa and a flying moth. It is not like a spider that can be enjoyed today. It only talks about the realism of the present pain and happiness. Silkworm is the dream of all looking forward to the future and idealizing the butterfly.

But for some reason, poets throughout the ages have sympathized with spiders and ridiculed silkworms: some people looked at the “web sparseness” and “web density”, saying that the webs formed by spiders are sparse, and the webs formed by spring silkworms are dense. I didn’t expect silk wool to be used to protect the cold and warm of others! On the contrary, no one picks the nets, so you have the enjoyment of hunting game. The so-called “Densely weaving can not be upper body, nets often get food”, is really unexpected. The densely calculated nets are empty. It is not as sparse as the sparse nets, which seems to be there and there is no food, and the food is endless!

Another poet looks at “vomiting up” and “hidden abdomen”. The same is true for the belly “full of economy”, the spring silkworms vomit out, and they will stop until they die; while the spider needs to vomit as much as possible, and the belly will always remain full. It’s full, it’s unpredictable, and it’s hard to tell the length. The silkworm that vomits up freely is doomed to a tragic end, while the spider that hides its belly comes and goes freely and is always a winner. Isn’t the poet Hao Jing criticized like this: “When you make a cocoon, you don’t need to give it up. Who is the poor for your hard work? It is better to be full of silk in the belly of the spider, linking the eaves with the painting column!” He thinks that silkworms are not as smart as spiders.

Some people look from the perspective of “hiding” instead of “mistakenly”, and they have spent countless ways to manage, only to hide their own body, but the world does not allow anyone to retreat. Those who retreat should find a hiding place. Holes are also very difficult. The idea of ​​retreating from Tibet can only be “mistakenly”. When I think I “successfully” retreat, I am thrown into the fire. Perhaps the world is really an astrologer of the weak and the strong. That’s why Cao Yanchun has the pity of “throwing into the hot water for ten days without looking back and laughing at the spider”.

However, I still sympathize with silkworms. I was thrown into the ding bell, but Qingnuan belonged to others. Even if it turned out to be like this, I have no regrets, because silkworms have dreams of growing wings on their bodies, and dreams can be dreamed. , The dream itself is worth the price of all suffering, better than the one who only knows to stay in a dark corner, deceive people with neon colored spider silks, just want to take advantage of others, and do not know how many evil things have been done in a lifetime without dreams. Reality guys, silkworms live a lot more meaningful! Isn’t it?