This is the hottest day of the dry season. In the last month we have not had any rain here. The crops are almost dry and the cows no longer produce milk. The rivers and streams have dried up. During the dry season, seven farmers have gone bankrupt before this season has passed.
  Every day, the husband and his brother are busy sending water to the farmland, which is a hard job. Later, they found a truck and drove to the nearby water supply plant to transport the water. But the strict rations are in short supply, and if it does not rain immediately, we will have no results.
  It was on this day that I learned a lesson that I would never forget, understood the true meaning of sharing, and witnessed the miracle.
  When I was cooking lunch for my husband and his brother in the kitchen, I saw my six-year-old son Billy walking towards the woods. He is not alive and kicking like a naive child, but walking solemnly. I can only see his back, but obviously he walked very cautiously, trying to keep it steady.
  Billy’s figure was hidden in the woods, and after a few minutes he ran out again and walked towards the house. I think he finished what he wanted to do and started to make sandwiches again. However, after a while, he came out again, walking at a slow pace, towards the established goal in the woods. He walked carefully into the woods, then ran back to the house, back and forth for an hour.
  In the end, I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and walked out of the kitchen quietly, following Billy. He is obviously doing important work and does not want his mother to supervise himself.
  Billy walked with both hands on his chest, being careful not to let the water in his hand spill out. Maybe he has a spoon in his little hand. He walked into the woods, and I approached him quietly. The branches and thorns slapped his small face, but he didn’t even think about avoiding it. He has more important goals.
  I moved closer, peering at Billy’s work, and then saw a magical scene. Several big deer appeared vaguely in front of him, and Billy walked straight towards them. I almost shouted out, trying to let him escape. A huge stag with delicate antlers approached, but the stag did not pose a threat to him. Even Billy knelt down, it didn’t move at all. I saw a little deer lying on the ground, obviously suffering from dehydration and heat stroke, trying to lift his head and lick the water in Billy’s hands.
  When the water was gone, Billy jumped up and ran back to the house. I hid behind a tree, followed him back home, and came to the tap where we had cut off the water. Billy turned the faucet to the maximum, and the water trickled out. He knelt there, letting the water drip slowly into the “cup” he held with his hands, and the sun shone on his little back. I understand that the week before, he was in trouble because of playing with water pipes, and he received a training, knowing that he cannot waste water. For this reason, he would not let me help him. It took twenty minutes for the water to drip before his hand was full.
  Billy stood up and began to turn slowly, and I was right in front of him. Tears filled his small eyes. “I’m not wasting.” He just said this. When he started to move around, I helped him, brought a small pot of water from the kitchen, and I asked him to take care of the deer. I didn’t follow, it was his job. I stood by the woods, watching the most beautiful heart I know, and working hard to save another life.
  The tears rolled down my face and landed on the ground. Suddenly other water droplets merged with the tear drops … more and more water droplets … I looked up at the sky, as if the sky was also proud of it, and wept when I was moved.
  Some people may say that this is a rare coincidence. There is no miracle at all, it will rain one day. I do n’t want to argue about it. I can only say that the rain that day saved our farm, just like a boy ’s behavior saved another life.