Roaming and returning

In the past few years, the villagers of Gaotou Village have indeed had a better life than before.

Needless to say, food and clothing, married to a new daughter-in-law, the house built a two-story building, the average person has a car. Although there are no famous brands, the folks say that they can run. Others went to work in neighboring counties and ran business. They didn’t usually meet. On Saturday and Sunday, the car drove back and the village stopped. I have bought a new car, especially a good one, and it has become fashionable and lively in recent years. There was a string of firecrackers crackling for a while, and red confetti spilled from the alley. It was also a happy event to draw friends and relatives and put on a few tables to celebrate and buy a car.

Where did the folks earn money? Speaking of it, all in one breath, go to work outside chant. Growing land in the village, no way to get money.

Most of the people who went out of Gaotou Village were in the catering industry. It’s nice to say that the restaurant industry is actually just starting out, which is to go out and burn. Gaotou Village is in a river trough, where there are few people and the land can’t support people. People will find a way to go out, which makes them the first farmers to leave the country to find a way out. Most of the people who went out that year did not have the capital, so they took a small rolling stick and went out to set fire in large and small cities. In this business, just set up a chopping board and set up a stove. I bought noodles from the grain shop, rolled the dough into a round cake, put it in the hearth and cooked it. Making staple food is time-consuming and labor-intensive. This kind of very simple processing meets the needs of the people in the city. The profit from the fire is very low, but the demand cannot be kept up, so every day, all year round, the hard work is hard, or there is a much better income than farming. For several years, people in the river troughs in Gaotou Village have gone out to burn and support their families, so that this industry has had an influence throughout the country. There have been rumors for a while that all the large and medium-sized cities that eat white noodles in the north of the Yangtze River in China have the Fushui River Trough. This generation is burning. My folks, spreading a little bit, represent the farmer of this generation, and squeezed the hard shell of the Chinese city hard, and found their way of making a living in a small gap.

This biscuits was called fire in our area in the early years. Over the past few decades, I did not know who took the lead, and everyone called the cake. I remember when I was in Beijing in the early years, the local name was clearly defined. The baked round noodles, without sesame seeds, were called fire-burning, and sesame seeds were called sesame seeds. In this way, it’s better to call it fire, and it’s barely make sense to call biscuits. But folks now call it pie. On the big wall of the village, the big slogan “Fat cakes and sheep wealth” was painted. This change in title also implies decades of vicissitudes. A small shop spread all over the country and changed the name of a thing. I don’t know when, everyone calls it a pancake.

Unconsciously in the years, the small cakes are gradually growing up, and the small rolling stick and the earth stove gradually become gas stoves and electric cake pans. At this time, if you come to more than one chain store, you know that the catering industry is not only nice, but it has really become an industry.

Li Haichao in the village was in the township supply and marketing cooperatives. Haichao was a capable man in his early years. In the hands of the next generation, several sons can do it. The sons can’t go to school, but they are doing business. A few sons did not go to school early and went out to play pancakes. From the beginning, in Qingdao, after gaining a foothold, gradually accumulating capital and expanding the booth, he entered the chain catering industry. In the first ten years or so, they moved to Guizhou to expand the scale of the chain and contracted multiple sites in one stop. Currently in Guizhou, they can be regarded as a large-scale chain store with accumulated funds of tens of millions. Haichao’s youngest son and brother-in-law’s family are in Guizhou. They have not come back to the village for many years. The villagers in Gaotou Village have only heard some of their news.

The area around Gaotou Village has not grown any food for a long time. Pears and fruits have become a fruit industry zone and villagers have become fruit farmers. While growing pears, some households began to sell fruits. At the beginning, the car went back and forth, and a few back and forth, I understood that selling apples is more expensive than planting fruit trees! They have developed for many years, and they have learned to manage the scale of selling apples. My nephew Li Hangyuan and his daughter-in-law’s family are in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, and their family has opened more than 300 fruit stalls. The family-owned company is headquartered in Dongguan and has built a cold storage. It hires drivers and porters to provide distribution to various sales points. In the early years, they also went to the countryside to harvest apples and pears. In recent years, they have used information to facilitate their operations. With the great shift of the fruit industry, they have entered the sales link and become a new generation of fruit merchants. The siblings of this family, as well as the branches and leaves of their aunts and relatives, moved to Guangzhou. They also returned to the village when they were idle, to see the old courtyard.

Earlier out, there was the son-in-law of the social management team of the second team. They went to Guangzhou in the 1980s to work for Haojue Motorcycle Factory. There have been several ups and downs, and the motorcycle industry is also full of brands. The trade-offs have occurred, some have been eliminated, and some have come back. In this market, they have persistently persisted and become a high-end family business. Their relatives followed them to Southern China and rarely returned to the village.

The most enviable son in Gaotou Village is probably the son of a sizable number. The old family said “Chuo Chuo”, which refers to long, long and short, always means rich and rich. Everyone in the village calls it this way. My generation doesn’t know what his son’s name is. The young man graduated from Shanxi University, and the young man really loved to talk, and the villagers called the outside road not open, and could not afford to connect. Where did you go after graduation? In Taiyuan, state-owned enterprises did not win the job offer. There was no way out. When I saw a private enterprise recruiting workers, I simply gritted my teeth and went to the private enterprise. Who doesn’t want to go to a good unit? People don’t want us. We also don’t believe that there is no sprouting in the cracks of the stone, and the sand does not grow crops. After years of hard work, the young man has now become a middle-level cadre of the enterprise, with an annual salary of more than 1 million.

When private enterprises started, of course, there was no such high treatment. People come in when it is difficult to start a business.

If only ordinary private enterprises, this privately-owned enterprise is known as Huawei.

Who doesn’t want to enter Huawei in recent years? Gao Taucun graduated from Beihang University and Tsinghua University. They all went to find Chuo Chuo’s son and pulled him into Huawei through him. This young man who graduated from Shanxi University led a group of talents who graduated from famous universities. There is a small team in Gaotou Village like Huawei, who can think of it?

Gaotou Village also circulated a strange employment story. In the era of the agricultural society, Bi Yuesheng of the second team was the director of the village for many years. The villagers called him the old director. The old director’s grandson, Shanxi Agricultural University, graduated. Where should I go? The young man was a good student and a good party member in the college age. What a good chance to graduate to catch up with the provincial party committee to select cadres! The boy didn’t go. Nan Jianfu, director of the Cotton Institute of the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is from Gaotou Village. Seeing that the young man is outstanding, he mobilized him to come to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Not bad, the guy still refused. It’s all because the young man is in love with her, and the girl’s home is in Sulan.

Xulan County was poor and partial, so the young man followed his daughter-in-law to Sulan and assigned to the township government.

Sulan is poor and backward, but the guys in Gaotou Village are not good. Soon the secretary of the county party committee went to the countryside and took a fancy to the guy in Gaotou Village and transferred to the county. Hard areas have exercised for several years, and within a few years they have become deputy county magistrates.

The high-ranking people said, full of joy and pride. The young man is smart and capable, and he looks like a talent. Who doesn’t like it when he sees it? Where are they going to find? It’s strange not to promote.

A few of these out-going villagers left their hometowns through recruitment and examination. Their household registration has been transferred to their cities. In a strict sense, their generation is no longer Gaotou, Gaotou Village, but their “hometown”. A large number of migrants who are working outside the city have only one “temporary residence permit”, and their cities do not recognize their household registration status.

Only when the migrant workers are exceptionally good can they obtain the hukou of a local city and become local citizens. My cousin has been running pasta for many years in Xi’an and the business is good. They bought a house and registered their children in Xi’an as an investor. The children settled in Xi’an to attend school and became a new generation of Xi’an. They have not been home for many years, and their homes have been left to collapse. Regardless of locality and origin, they have recognized their citizenship in Xi’an. In my hometown, only after passing through the crumbling old house, I remembered that there was a family here.

Most of the rural people who operate abroad still run between the urban and rural areas. Despite the ups and downs in the city, they still only recognized themselves as Gaotou Village. From time to time, I have to come back and take a closer look at the land under my own feet, and relive the inseparable nostalgia in my early years.

Our third resident group in Gaotou Village is customarily called Beizhuang. There is a man named Zhuan Xing in Beizhuang, who sells cooked food such as sesame and fritters in Handan for two decades and gradually takes root. Except for the festival every year, his family did not return very much. Ten years ago, an idea broke out in Xingxing. He wanted to celebrate the 9th Chongyang Festival for the elderly in Beizhuang. On September 9th, he brought all the elderly over 60 years old in Beizhuang together. Everyone ate a dumpling together, and he paid all the expenses. So on September 9th, Beizhuang, Gaotou Village held a banquet, and there were more than 30 people over 60 years old in the whole village. In general, they could sit at five or six tables, plus the help of ten tables, everyone gathered together Together, they had a lively meal in the village.

The resurgence did not expect that the Liaoyuan blaze was formed during the first few years he brought. After our Beizhuang, front and back alleys began to follow suit. A team of Li Shijie opened a dental hospital in Xiong’an, Hebei. Private hospitals are booming, and he is also planning to return to his hometown. Li Shijie led a team and also started the Seniors Festival. One person ascended and led, and the whole village echoed. Follow, the four teams and five teams are all in control. In the past few years, every team in the village of Gaotou has led the organization. This ordinary festival of old age has become a compelling day in Gaotou.

After several years of actual practice, the senior citizens’ festival in Gaotou Village has formed the following modes of operation:

Every year on September 9th, we gather in the hometown of foreign workers to hold a banquet for the elderly.

A large household takes the lead in funding and advances a large amount of funds;

For business households abroad, everyone raises their own funds;

Purchase large accounts, prepare tables and chairs, cooking utensils, etc.;

Organize a team of volunteers to purchase food and processing services.

Every team in Gaotou Village was in action. Every September to September 9 in these years, the village’s old people’s banquet opened. The teams set up big red tents and set up banquets to invite the elderly in the village to take a seat and have a dumpling feast. The banquet was placed at the entrance of each team, one by one red tent stretched up, volunteers wore uniformly arranged yellow vests, in and out of the stream endlessly. People who don’t know the details think what grand social affairs are held in Gaotou Village. On September 9th of the previous year, more than 100 tables of dumplings were set up in Gaotou Village, and the streets and alleys were bustling with people. The county knew that this village opened a big banquet, known as “Thousands of Banquets”. “.

In Beizhuang, the leader is usually a couple of fun, and this year they donated 5,000 yuan.

In the first team, as usual, Li Shijie took the lead. This year he donated 8,000 yuan.

This group of people who are struggling outside is back in a hurry, and hastily returned, just for September 9. On this day, the villagers outside the village, outside the village, and thousands of miles away can have a chance to meet together. Whoever cares about the dumplings, who cares about the one hundred yuan and one thousand yuan, only for the four and five years of these years, it is not easy to meet each other, and it is a joy to have a reunion dinner.

In the Spring Festival of 2018, the new village committee in Gaotou Village held a new party, and everyone finally had a large-scale gathering to release nostalgia. On the first month of the year, the village committee decided to restore the traditional 25th ancient meeting of the first lunar month in Gaotou Village and have a large-scale social fire. Zhao Ping, former director of Guangong Winery in Gaotou Village, donated 50,000 yuan to invite the troupe to sing in the village. The aspiring youths of the teams like Zhuanxing, Li Shijie, and Nanxiyuan donated money to organize the teams to make trouble. Each team of the program rehearsed on their own. On the 25th day, they performed in the cultural square. During the period of the Republic of China, high social fires, blood stories, etc. used to be traditional folk performing arts activities in this area. It’s not easy to stop acting for many years and to make trouble at once. But this cannot stop the villagers’ enthusiasm. Each team has created their own floats, dressed up. The high lift was originally a unique folk recreational activity here. The iron shelves were used to arrange the organs, and the “White Snake Biography” and “Tian Nu San Hua” were placed in the air. The supporting iron shelf was hidden in the skirt, as if the white lady Xiaoqing Xu Xian was in In the air, the disputes were settled, and the fairies wandered helplessly in the air. Each team is “turning the bottom of the box”, looking for the old tricks that have been lost for many years. On the twenty-fifth day, the big salute on the cultural square roared, and the ground was suddenly shocked. The social fire teams of each team slowly came in. The Yangge side team, banging and drumming, but the village women were clumsy but Yangge twisted happily. On the podium, there are big speakers and sound scheduling. Team by team will come in for a special performance to be judged. “Seven Pinsame Sesame Officer” is here, the official hat and the robe, dressed as a clown, and the four bearers lifted tremblingly. The four masters and apprentices of “Xi Tian Jing Jing”, Sun Wukong played round and danced with a stick. A young man dressed as a clown, stripped off his shirt in cold weather, and only tied a red apron. As the banging drums twisted and jumped, there was a matchmaker in the women’s team who said kisses, red jacket and green pants, holding a pole A large three-foot-long cigarette case, a copper smoke pot sucked out a flame. The clown danced and suddenly grabbed the old matchmaker. The two harlequins fell on their backs and danced with a smile.

The community fire in Beizhuang is called a “single pole sedan.” A few feet long wooden pole, provoking a clown with a pointed head, wearing a top hat and writing two words: “greedy official”. It seems that this role must be a corrupt element. The single-rod sedan lifted up, and the people around came to tease. Are you a corrupt official? Quickly, how much did you embezzle? How many juniors do you have? The single-pole sedan suddenly became the object of the crowd’s laughter, and the crowd rushed in, and the sound of the playful laughter was boiling.

There was aerial photography above the square, and the sound of the venue echoed in Shino. The laughter of Gaotou Village spread wildly and spread all over the city and countryside. Come back every year, this is the place where the folks concentrate their joy.

There is no other place, no other world, can relax like the first month, play like this, make friends like this. I went back to my hometown, I didn’t do any work, I didn’t hurry up, I slept to three poles in the day and played mahjong until midnight at night. Of course, a small bet is also common.

At the end of the first month, leave.

Will these outsiders usually come back? There are times when I come back. Like Qingming, they came back to sacrifice their ancestors to the grave. The fruit tree has blossomed, the fruit has been planted, and I have come back to take a look and help pollinate and sparse flowers. Those who contracted to the school canteen will also come back during the winter and summer vacations, and go on vacation like students.

They came back, in front of the village committee, on both sides of the alley, lined up with food stalls, fried jelly, fried oil cake, lamb bubble, colorful, everything. As soon as they left, the food stalls swept away, leaving only empty streets. The village fell into boundless loneliness and desertion again.

Like migratory birds, come and go in a hurry. Sometimes it is a three-day and five-day holiday, and they don’t forget to come back and take a break. My folks, earning money outside again, once stopped, still do not forget to return to the village, vacation, visit, relax, reunite. Get close to your cropland and live in your old courtyard. Review the past nostalgia, warm the loneliness and indifference in a strange land.

If this group of peasants who leave their hometowns and villages asks where to settle in their old age? The answer is generally back to the village.

My elementary school classmates are old. The children looked at their inconvenience in life and bought a building in Yuncheng to let them enjoy the lively and comfortable city life. They soon moved to live in the city. What kind of city is this? They slept well at night, got up every morning, took a bus back to the village, and worked on their two acres of land. The sun was setting, and then we drove back to the city. For a few years, that house, that is, a place to sleep in their city.

Those in their 50s and older, they will always say that they will stop working after a few more years and come back to rest.

Young people in the countryside have been married these years and it has become popular to buy houses in the city. Buy a lot in the county, a building is hundreds of thousands smaller. Buy a house, transfer, renovate, place furniture, bedding, pots and pans, and then, lock the door, go out to work part-time, and go to a strange city, rent a small house and squeeze. Ask them why they bought a house? Can’t help it. The family said that when they come back in the future, they must have a place to live.

Or it is a choice after weighing, or there is depression in the heart, or helplessness, all kinds, all.

My companion busy children, leading two children to open restaurants in Beijing, build houses to buy cars, the income is enviable. A few years ago in the twelfth lunar month, their family was so happy that they decided to drive home. I pulled a cart of new year luggage and drove all the way, admiring the scenery of the North Country along the way. I wanted to walk away, stop when I wanted to go, go home, sightseeing, and feel uncomfortable. Speeding all the way, of course, also has the glory of returning home. In this way, he happily reached the high head and got off the bus. The busy child stretched his arms and legs uncomfortably, suddenly hemiplegic and could not move.

Busy child has been walking on a mobile wheelchair since then, and he has become a permanent resident in Gaotou Village. His wife has followed him in and out for seven or eight years.

Are you a good guy out of Gaotou Village, or are you just going back to the village to say nothing?

When I was young in the village, when I was young, I was called Ye when I saw someone in the alley. Now I can’t hold back, I’m old, and just watching, calling me more uncle. Most of the current situation in Gaotou Village is theirs, my nephew’s generation.

A nephew, his son vowed to go out, but it was not developed for several years. The son does not go home, nor does he talk to the family on the phone. After a few years, no one knew where he ran, whether he was dead or alive. The parents were scorching with their hearts and asked about their whereabouts. It was easy for someone to see the figure in Beijing and come back home. The old man just nodded, just like Li, just like Li. In a few years, the guy finally returned. Fei Xiang sang loudly, I was full of exhaustion, and my eyes were full of sour tears. I used to be full of enthusiasm, but I came back with an empty bag. The wind in my hometown, the clouds in my hometown, healed the wound for me, it was on the stage. Where is music all over here? Where is the light shining? Quietly, the fans came back and quietly fell to the ground. No one dared to ask him what he had done for many years and why he came back. His dad and dad didn’t dare to ask, quietly and overturned the house, asked someone to find the object, married a wife, and never went out to work again. No one knows what he was injured. Everyone knows he was injured. Without leaving, a new generation of farmers was born.

My cousin’s son, Li Hangyuan, took his son to decorate in Yuncheng in recent years, and he is also a wealthy household in the village. Last year, she fell on a ladder and broke her wrist. A small wound, repeated CT, after the operation, infusion of eight bottles per day, Hang Yuan said, whoever can bear, I pulled out the tube after half of the loss. A stainless steel screw that fixes the steel plate, a 500, Hang Yuan said, we are engaged in decoration, there are small stainless steel screws at home, I told the hospital, how much do you want to come to our house, a fifty cents. But this was no reason for him. Once he was discharged, he settled at 16,000. The New Rural Cooperative Medical Association, which has said it well, does not have to reimburse, but has to pay at its own expense.

His condition is good, what if he has no money? The new rural cooperative medical system can make a little effort, and to rely on yourself, you have to rely on yourself.

The cousin’s son originally opened a cake shop in Yinchuan. Business is not bad. After installing a light bulb and falling down, the knee bone was broken, and he had been lame in the village for two or three years, so the stall had to cross out.

They keep in mind that they belong to a group without labor protection. Wounded, only came back.

In 2007, I moved into a new community in Beijing. When I saw many small facades left on the streets around, I told my family, “Look, there will be someone in our village to open a shop within three months.” Sure enough, the east gate of the south gate opened two points respectively. They were all folks from our area. They sold cakes and steamed buns, and the business was booming. They posted four signature art characters on the door lintel glass: bian-min-main-food. A family of men and women squeezed at an oblique angle, a food case and a shelf, it could hardly turn around. Fortunately, there is hope to burn, the little rolling sticks jingle, their red faces are always flying. After a few years of operation, the small shop unexpectedly brought in money. Unexpectedly, Beijing began to clear the low-end industry. The street office of the police station came to the door and mobilized them to close the shop and leave Beijing. Where can I find a place to stand, and the family had to leave this desperate big city with disappointment.

In the confused night, the signboards of the stalls were still flashing, and they did not look back.

Things are impermanent, and they are often accidentally killed from the diagonal stabbing, making them unprepared.

The most tragic return I have heard is that of Uncle Yong’s grandson. The young man was playing pancakes in Linfen. The business was not so good and he couldn’t bear it anymore. He wanted to come back. The family reprimanded a few words. The child couldn’t bear it, put down the phone, stepped on the accelerator and drove to the Linzhou Bridge at the junction of Shanxi and Henan. A bridge dozens of meters high, the car stopped on the roadside, he plunged into the water of the Yellow River and never came back, leaving a man and a woman with two children. The traffic police called home to let the villagers pull. Going back to Gaotou Village can only be his cold bones.

Some people are happy and some are worried, some are successful and others are frustrated. Soaring straight up and earning enough money for a lifetime, of course. More people are still earning money to support their families. One bite counts, one year counts and one year counts. They are ready to close their business and go home. A stall that can last for several years is good business.

At this time you will understand that they are going home in a lively way, they donate money to make a fire in the village, they are arrogant to commemorate the ancestors to celebrate the festival, all this, not only because of their emotional sustenance, but also, they cleverly stay for themselves Got a back hand. This last base cannot be lost.

I thought how arrogant the guy out of Gaotou Village was. The descendants of this crop of people, facing the skyscrapers in the city, vowed viciously like Rasdigne faced Paris, Beijing, I fight with you. I fight with you in Shanghai. Xi’an, I fight with you. Among them, there is indeed love to win and win. Started a big company, became a big boss, lived a life in the city, and never returned to the village for life. However, most people still experienced hard work, and finally Mingjin recruited soldiers. In the thick night, the descendants of the crop people lost their senses and returned to their homes to accept them, returning to the reality of passionate and unsympathetic. What kind of greenhouse vegetable is worth millions a year, playing cotton becomes a rich man, and the income from planting potatoes is hundreds of millions. Gaotou village knows the return of this land, and no one believes that.

It is difficult to provide for the elderly in the countryside. However, it is their destiny to have hukou, to see a doctor, to enroll children and grandchildren, and to get back to life here.

Zhongtiao Mountain, still steely, Emeiling, still yellowish, between one mountain and one ridge, some people left, some left. There is scenery and loneliness, there is euphoria and sadness. Some of the people who went out were holding on hard, some were planning to return, and some were determined to return. Someone suddenly showed his face without knowing whereabouts. Someone just swore to leave, and suddenly came back. Most people, like migratory birds, walk in the spring and return in the cold winter. Between urban and rural areas, I do not know how long they will travel back and forth. This is the history of the village, the life history of the people in a village.

The crowd went out and every time they went out, Gaotou Village was like a father sending his daughter to marry. I have raised you for decades, and you just left with others. Many people don’t want you anymore, don’t make trouble, don’t be arrogant, don’t be afraid of disgust, you come back, I still support you.

An acre of land, low-rise houses, farm yards, scattered village schools, a pension of 108 yuan per month, and new rural cooperatives that do not work hard are always useful-the rice bowl is not big, there is a bottom, reliable.