Right sadness

  The documentary “Earth of the World” has an episode that tells the story of a woman who is unsuitable for childbirth because of a disease and has passed away because she insisted on having a child. This matter has caused many discussions on the Internet. Some commented that the husband looked so indifferent; others said that because he couldn’t cry, he turned around and turned his back to the camera.

  Whenever there is tragic news, some netizens accuse the family members in the video: he does not seem to be sad at all. This will even trigger a series of malicious speculations. “Melon-eating people” are too capable of looking at pictures and speaking, and once they enter the camera, I am afraid that it is difficult to properly express the “right sadness” that everyone agrees on. Not to mention the powerful post-editing.
  When a loved one dies, whether to cry or to be strong is also a question often discussed in film and television works.
  In the American drama “Our Day”, the father rescued his daughter’s pet dog in the burning house, causing smoke to be inhaled into his lungs and died in the hospital. The mother was heartbroken, but decided to organize her emotions, control her expression, and face the children firmly. Pretending to be strong exhausted her energy, she became incapable of asking her daughter’s overeating and her son’s alcohol problems. The children mistakenly thought that her mother was “strong”, and no one cared about her feelings. She only wanted to indulge in grief and self-pity. Adults are always afraid to show their vulnerability, but impeccable is not necessarily the best performance.
  In the Korean drama “Please Answer 1988”, Deshan did not understand: Why did my grandmother pass away, and my dad can still sway the cup with the guests who came to express condolences? Are adults’ hearts harder? But when the guests were all gone and only Dad and his siblings were together, everyone cried and cried together. The true heart can only be revealed to one’s own people, and always be courteous and considerate in front of others, do a good job on the scene, and respond to the goodwill of others one by one. This is also Deshan’s understanding of “adult”. Recognizing this is an important step in her growth.
  Some people often accuse Xue Baochai of “Dream of Red Mansions” for being cold-blooded. She did not show surprise and sadness when she heard that Jin Chuantiaojing and Liu Xianglian became monks, and she could arrange other things in an orderly way-give her clothes to Jin Chuan Wrap, remind Xue Pan not to forget to arrange a banquet to thank the family and friends who have worked hard. Perhaps it is because she experienced the early death of her father, witnessed the cowardice of her mother and the willfulness of her brother, and cultivated the consciousness of the decision-maker. In a family, it is impossible for everyone to indulge their emotions arbitrarily. There must be someone in charge.
  When Zhang Yimou filmed “My Father and Mother”, there was a scene where the father died and Sun Honglei’s son went home to bereavement. Sun Honglei felt that he should be crying and grabbing the ground, but Zhang Yimou said: “You are the only college student in your village. It’s a cold day. Your mother is still frozen outside. All the people in the village are watching. You are the only son in your family. Man, should n’t he just persuade your mother to the house? ”Sun Honglei acted restraintly and did not impress people, because he did n’t act like a show, but acted like an ordinary person. same.
  Later, in “Incubation”, Yu Hongcheng played by Sun Honglei. After discovering that his lover Zuo Lan died, the reaction was vomiting. The inspiration for this performance also came from observing life. When people are sad and nervous, they do not necessarily cry. Those who often say that people are not sad enough without crying may be too naive and have too little experience.