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On Wednesday morning at about 11 a.m., the people of Flagstaff were startled by the blowing of the mill whistle, which at that time meant an alarm of some kind. Smoke was soon to be seen issuing from Old Town and in a few minutes the flames burst out, making a lively blaze.
A large number of people gathered on the spot, but all that could be done was to save as much of the contents of the buildings as possible. The buildings destroyed were an ice house, a dwelling house belonging to J. H. Prime, a small house belonging to Frank Beal, Mr. McLaughlin’s residence and a house belonging to G. A. Woods. All old and of little value. The fire is thought to have been started by sparks from a heavily laden A. & P. engine laboring up the steep grade nearby.Rifampicin Deutschland Free child clinics checked for

Jack Hopwood, who was poisoned by a centipede, is getting along slowly. His arm is still in horrible shape.
The weather this week is magnificent.
The local electric company is making an improvement in its arrangement of poles that is not only a good one, but which is very much appreciated by the public. Manager Herring has been repairing and replacing poles as needed, with new ones being placed in the alleys instead of the streets. Those in the streets will be removed. It adds much to the looks of the streets and is more convenient for the company.
The regular examination for a teachers’ State Certificate will be held at the office of the County Superintendent in the Court House at Flagstaff on Monday and Tuesday, June 3 and 4, 1912.
Henry Milbourne of Canyon Diablo was in Tuesday and reports that the stock is in fine condition there and that the range is in a most excellent condition.
Mrs. Lloyd Gilbert, state health department nurse, arrived Monday and will be here for several weeks in connection with eight free mobile child health clinics. They will be checking children before school is out for tuberculosis. With early diagnosis, permanent cure is almost assured.
Summer activities at Southwestern Forest Experimental Station in Fort Valley are getting into full swing. G. A. Pearson, Silviculturist, Bert R. Lexen, Junior Forester, and Miss Florence Carty, Clerk, have been here for a couple of weeks. The rest of the staff will be arriving soon.

Paving of the Babbitt railway spur across North San Francisco Street and through the alley between the new Federal Building and the Hotel Monte Vista is nearly complete. The Santa Fe railway company has laid new ties and 110-pound steel with extra inside guardrails across the street, so all is ready for pouring concrete.
Postmaster George Babbitt announces the appointment under Civil Service rules of Tom Mahoney, long-time employee of the Flagstaff Electric light Co., as fireman-laborer and Bert Landers, rancher east of town, as laborer for the new Federal Building. It was decided not to employ a half-time char man as the building will be heated by city steam.
H. 81 Fri. & Sat. L. 35 Thurs. No rain
After just over a year under construction, the blunt, towering aluminized dome and the squat auxiliary building for the U. S Navy’s new 60-inch eye on the universe is nearly complete. It’s located on a wooded knoll 5 miles west of town. This is the first time the Bureau of Yards and Docks has been involved in such an undertaking.
The Arizona Bank officially comes to Flagstaff on Monday. They will be temporarily occupying the former Arizona Daily Sun office at 111 E. Aspen that has been remodeled to accommodate them until their new million-dollar, five-story building at Agassiz and Birch is completed.
Flagstaff is to be the home of a new U. S. Customs Office specializing in the investigation of drug smuggling in the Southwest, where drug traffic is becoming increasingly difficult to control.